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NextGen Life Sciences Pvt. Ltd.

NextGen Life Sciences Pvt. Ltd.: A credibly capable organization transforming business trends for innovative biological products

Science impacts many aspects of everyone’s life. Simply put, without it, we wouldn’t be enjoying many of the things that make our modern world possible. From the houses that we live in, the food that we eat, the cars that we drive, to our favorite electronic gadgets, science, and the technologies have spawned make our lives easier. Similarly, Life science is driven by constant curiosity and motivated to find the truth of innovative biological products and services.

In order to cater to the untapped opportunities in the industry, Dr. Nagma Abbasi (CEO & Founder) established NextGen Life Sciences Pvt. Ltd.  in 2014 with an objective to become a frontrunner in the distribution of innovative biological products and services for the Life science research and diagnostic market. Apart from that they also provide the complete solutions in Instrumentation, Reagents, Next Generation Sequencing Services, Bioinformatics, and customized solutions to Scientists and Researchers.

The company aims to deliver the right products of scientific needs in minimum possible time at the doorstep to facilitate research findings. The company is poised to become one-stop-solution cater to the research needs of scientists in the field of Molecular biology, Cell Biology, Immunology, Healthcare, Drug Development for and more.

The value that NextGen Life Science Creates

Dr. Nagma belongs to a family where she has always been taught to be an independent woman and work towards excellence.  She always has a love for science and creativity since her childhood.  Hereby, she became a researcher and a Biotech professional who prefers smartness.

She learned from the experiences, failures, and always updates herself about the worldly changes through reading. She worked with a difference and set an example for the future generation. She spends a decade working with Esteemed Research Institutes and leading Multinational companies in Life Sciences and Biotech industry.

Her journey can describe hitherto milestones as the bitter-sweet symphony, which helped her learn a lot and it’s a new experience every day so far. She took the workplace as her second home and worked hard towards the goal. It has been a journey with lots of ups and down’s in her path to where she is today. As an entrepreneur, she better equipped herself in Facing Challenges, Decision making, and Risk-taking capabilities.

Creating the change

The Biotechnology sector is one of the sunrise sectors in India. The Indian Biotech Industry’s share in the global market is about two percent, valued 11.6 billion in 2017 and is the third-largest in the Asia-Pacific region. The Indian government in the Union budget 2017-2018 has projected to increase the turnover of the Indian biotech industry to 100 billion USD.

“Champions keep playing until they get it right.” ~Billie Jean King

The government investments and initiatives like the ‘National IPR policy’ are helping their industry by promoting innovation, R&D, and entrepreneurship, also laying down processes to expedite IPR filings critical for the success of this sector. They aim to capture 30-35 percent of the Indian market by 2020.

Turning Hurdles into the opportunity

Balancing goals with inner peace is hard to achieve, but worth pursuing. Well, there is a lot of hurdles but Dr. Nagma says everyone in this world is struggling to achieve something. So she thinks her story is nothing different. She is just doing what she always wanted to do and which got her to what she is today. During the struggling days, she always got encouragement and support from her colleagues, family, and friends. The best protection any woman can have is courage and she runs herself on the mantra of risk-taking.

The adaptive framework

They have to adapt and improvise with the developing market to be one of the best. They worked very smart and hard and be well updated with the market. NexGen takes necessary actions to develop themselves according to market needs. They have maintained a long-term relationship without clients by rendering quality services-TAT (Turnaround Time) for the product deliveries by managing inventories.

They provide microanalysis for the basic needs of prime customers, addressing customer problems customers in time with the best possible solutions. In addition to that, they also have dedicated a team for customer satisfaction and feedback to look into the after-sales and service-related tasks.

Teamwork Makes the Dream Works

Employees are the skeleton structure of their company. They cannot run a company without them, their employees who have been working with them are like a second family to her. The employees have helped them to grow for what this company is today. To keep the content they ensure their team professional requirements are met and they are up to the mark.  They also provide a helping hand to the ones who are in need of it with all respect and companionship.

Insight-driven Women’s Participation

A woman is like a tea bag, you never know how strong she is until she gets in hot water. The Traditional cultural perception perceived the roles of women to be confined within the four walls of the house, but in modern times, with economic reforms, there is a transitional trend that is observed in terms of women’s participation in economic growth and women participation in business entities has been remarkable. India is termed as the second largest startup ecosystem in the world and is now expected to grow at around 10-12 percent.

“If your actions create a legacy that inspires others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, then, you are an excellent leader.” ~Dolly Parton

It is observed that 48 percent of the country’s population comprises of women, and it is impossible to think about economic growth without women as a fundamental driver.

Entrepreneurship is seen as a critical link between new knowledge and economic development as it facilitates the transfer of knowledge. The greater choices now available to women in the fields of employment have been the major driving force for their upheaval as bureaucrats, professionals, and executives. They have now begun to enter the fiercely in the competitive world of business and economic independence.

Working together to Achieve Greatness

An eminent organization committed to being the premier and a research-intensive life science company, NextGen Life Sciences is devotedly providing leading innovations and solutions for the present and future of the biotech world. NextGen Life Sciences is keen on transforming the modus operandi of research and future need for scientific discoveries and innovations.

NextGen Life Sciences has been featured as –

  • “Top 20 Best Life Science Start-Ups” by Silicon India Magazine.
  • “Startup of the Year 2018” by The CEO Magazine.
  • “Emerging Healthcare solution providers in 2019” by Insightscare Magazine.
  • “Top 10 Biotechnology Startups to Look in 2019” by Biotech Times.

Flourishing Future

They commit themselves to scientific rigor, unassailable ethics, and access to medical innovations for all. They are proud of who they are, what they do, and how to do it. “They are many, working as one, across functions, across companies, and across the world”. Their mission is to discover, delineate and deliver advanced products and services that save and progress lives across the world.

With its augmenting spectrum of products and solutions, NextGen Life sciences empower the mounting realm of research to solve complex analytical challenges in the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, academic, government, environmental and industrial research, and the clinical laboratory.

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