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Nithara Coffee

Nithara Coffee


India is mostly known as a tea-drinking nation, with the southern regions of the country accounting for the majority of ‘Kaapi’ consumption. With time, coffee integrated itself into our way of life. Consumers began relying on coffee growers, roasters, and retailers in addition to high-end luxury coffee shops. Nithara Coffee has its name etched as one of those few pioneers who paved the way for the expansion of coffee cultivation in India and contributed to its growth.

Ideated as a brand preparing the finest quality coffee powder with the highest level of freshness in a fantastic selection of coffees, they benefited from the success of their long history of coffee production and their strong connections. By securing a niche in the market, Nithara has, in a short period of time, made headlines in the industry.

Nithara Coffee is the brainchild of an experienced and dynamic visionary leader, B. Nitish Harihar. Heis dedicated, charismatic, and continuously engaged in practices that foster success. Behind Nithara’s exemplary success is B. Nitish Harihar, who believes in creating an excellent team and turning each employee working at Nithara into a highflyer.

But before we dive into his phenomenal success story and business venture in detail, we need to get started at the grass-roots level. Sri R. P. Sarathy, the maternal grandfather of Nitish, was a significant pioneer in the coffee industry and serves as an example for him. In addition to making a significant contribution to the coffee industry, Sri Sarathy had also moved into the flour milling, spinning, and educational institution industries. He had such in-depth knowledge of coffee that individuals from all over sought his advice on every facet of coffee manufacturing, which set him apart from the other industry pioneers.

The way Nitish’s parents, Sri R. Badri Prasad and Smt. B. Jayashree oversees every aspect of the estates in Chikmagalur and is a significant factor in Nithara’s resounding success. The entire Nithara team has a thorough understanding of coffee, starting with the early phases of its growth and development, thanks to its extensive expertise in coffee growing and cultivation. As the company’s founder, Nitish Harihar looks for new market opportunities and takes action to increase its presence there as well. He also brings several perspectives to the growth process.

With all his wide spectrum of business acumen, Nitish studied the intricacies of business operations and worked tirelessly to turn them into huge successes. Restructuring the coffee business with past business experience has created entirely new levels of creativity. Let’s start this unique narrative with Nithara’s introduction.

Nithara, An Evolving Empire in Quality Coffee Blends

The Sanskrit word “Nithara” means “deeply rooted” and stands for its core values of quality, consistency, and service. Nithara Coffee is committed to producing the highest quality coffee powder using its “deep-rooted” knowledge in coffee cultivation, harvest, curing, roasting, and blending!

“At Nithara Coffee, we get our coffee from award-winning estates of our own as well as from other renowned estates in the southern highlands of India, including Kushalnagar, Chikmagalur, and Wayanad. We have invested in top-of-the-line, imported roasting equipment and grinders that are used to process roasted coffee and powder, says the organization’s founder.

This assures that the coffee powder’s quality throughout roasting and grinding is uncompromised. All year long, customers consistently demand the same calibre of coffee powder, and Nithara, prioritising client demands over everything else, makes every effort to satisfy their needs and desires

Nithara’s Differentiating Factors: Revolutionizing the Coffee Market

Blending in with the crowd is never on Nithara’s agenda. With an understanding of the complexities involved, Nithara has successfully positioned itself in a distinguished position in the industry. Here are the key differentiating factors:

Instant Delivery: To ensure that the coffee is fresh, fragrant, and delicious, the product is delivered to the consumer in the shortest amount of time possible. The establishment of several stores in and around Tamil Nadu is primarily motivated by this.

Optimal Quality: The most important aspect of the production process that the brand maintains, is quality. Nitish talks through its products, from upholding quality in the acquisition of raw coffee beans and quality in processing equipment to ensuring quality in processing methods and, ultimately, quality in service.

Quality Control: They don’t keep too many finished goods on hand. To ensure that the consumer’s experience when drinking coffee is at its best, they have introduced creative techniques that are exclusive to them, including strict quality control measures which ensure that the standards of quality are met.

A Leader’s Response to the Industry Evolution

Constantly vigilant to ensure that the customer is happy with the coffee! The coffee industry has traditionally placed a premium on quality. The consumer’s understanding of the various factors affecting coffee quality has increased. As a result, the filter coffee business has seen several diverse spinoffs, including single-origin coffees and made-to-order coffees.

Quality-focused coffee has experienced a strong turn in this market. The company gets numerous consumers these days who want their coffee blends made according to their specifications or formula. The best course of action, according to Nitish, is to tailormake each customer’s coffee after learning what they are looking for. Nithara always has the basic blends that they advise beginners to try if they are new to coffee.

When brewed, filter coffee requires more time and effort than instant coffee. But when it is freshly brewed and served, the filter coffee experience continues to be at its pinnacle. The industry is also starting to become more aware of many available brewing techniques sailable, including the Moka Pot, Aeropress, etc., which are a little different from the traditional method of making filter coffee using the stainless steel or brass South Indian filter.

These distinct brewing techniques have piqued customers’ interest in trying variously brewed coffee. Hence, as a coffee farmer and roaster, Nithara is constantly vigilant to ensure that the customer is happy with the coffee they are drinking.

The Exclusive Product Portfolio

Strongly positioned as a B2B and D2C brand in the market, Nithara sells coffee at wholesale prices to HoReCa (hotels, restaurants, and cafes) establishments as well as to customers directly through their physical branches located in select cities in Tamil Nadu, as well as through the e-shop on their website, The first is called “Superior/Signature Blends,” and it is roasted and blended specifically for retail customers, or people who make coffee at home.

Economical blends make up the second category of blends. These mixtures are mixed and roasted so that the decoction can be kept for a longer period of time and may cater to the hotel’s or restaurant’s needs. Nithara’s speciality is to tailor-make blends that are unique to hotels so that the coffee served remains unique to them.

India’s Coffee Market at a Glance

In the past, South Indian markets had a higher prevalence of coffee consumption than North Indian markets. Due to greater public awareness of coffee, it has been observed that consumption has increased over the past 20 years, especially in North India. The number of hotels, restaurants, and cafes serving liquid coffee is increasing in urban and rural locations.

In urban regions, numerous well-known companies are opening cafés that offer distinctive experiences for coffee connoisseurs. Similar to this, there are several coffee shops opening up in rural and semirural areas. All of these point to an increase in coffee awareness that encourages consumers to consistently drink more coffee.

Achievements and Accomplishments along the Way

Nithara works tirelessly to establish itself as the top coffee brand in the market, and this is supported by the numerous prestigious accolades that the company has received. Some of the notable ones are listed below:

• The Ramagiri Estate has been awarded “The Best Among the Arabicas—Bababudangiri Region” in the “Flavour of India—The Fine Cup Award 2012” Competition.
• The Krishnagiri Estate has been awarded “The Second Best Among the Arabicas—Bababudangiri Region” in the “Flavor of India— The Fine Cup Award 2011”
• The company Nithara Coffee was honoured with the “Food & Beverage Start-Up of the Year” award by Entrepreneur India in 2021.
• Economic Times has awarded the company as the “Emerging Startup of the Year” during its “ET Leadership Excellence Awards 2022.”

The Dedicated Team

The extensive expertise of Nitish’s grandfather and parents in coffee cultivation and growth has given the entire team a thorough understanding of coffee, beginning with the seeding stage. To ensure that the coffee grown there is of the highest quality, best practices are followed at the estate.

They follow the advice of some of the top coffee cup tasters to assess the quality of the coffee being farmed and purchased in order to guarantee that the coffee provided to the client is of high-grade standards. The dedicated members of Nithara’s production and sales teams uphold proper hygiene and standard operating procedures at all times to ensure the high standards of the goods and the service.

From the Founder’s Desk

Customers who drink filter coffee have a range of flavour preferences. In general, coffee should be balanced in terms of sweetness, sourness, and bitterness. Each customer may have different coffee taste preferences based on a variety of variables, including eating habits. People may prefer it robust or light. Some people might prefer it acidic, while others might prefer it bittersweet.

Therefore, it’s crucial to consider the type of residents there in terms of their eating habits and flavour preferences in order to purchase a blend set for a location, hotel, or café. For a hotel, we take the time to observe the types of visitors and the types of coffee they favour in terms of strength (coffee’s level of strength), taste, and flavour.

Keeping all this in mind, we design blends of coffee to cater to our customers’ needs uniquely. It is very important that we as coffee roasters/ suppliers are present in the market and constantly surveying the kind of coffee that is being consumed in the hotel/ area. As part of our service to the hotel industry, we have designed and crafted unique coffee blends for large hotel chains in Tamil Nadu in order to ensure that their coffee stand uniquely from readily available pre-blended coffee powders in the market.

Painting the Future Canvas of Nithara

Nithara Coffee’s future plans include expanding its presence across India, beginning in South India. This is carried out to ensure that the products are delivered to consumers in the shortest amount of time, which also maintains product quality.

They are expanding their production capabilities and sales force to make sure that customers may contact them to purchase coffee goods. Nitish is confident in the overall expansion of Nithara Coffee in the coming years, with a vision to offer the finest quality food items to clients worldwide.

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