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“I started my career dreaming that I would work for big companies. Today many of these companies are my clients. So, never stop believing in yourself!”- Nitin Jain

Incorporated in 2017, India PR Distribution, India’s first PR portal that has both organic press release distribution and guaranteed publication feature, is successfully offering top-notch Press Release distribution services to businesses and professionals from India and Abroad under the hegemony of Nitin Jain, CEO, India PR Distribution.

The visionary leader crafted this comprehensive PR portfolio-equipped interactive media solutions that spread out a press release to English, Hindi, a regional newspaper, news channels, industry magazines, and other major Indian media outlets. His innovative approach of combining online and offline PR Distribution made the firm a pioneer in the field of online press release coverage as well as premium coverage through organic press release distribution.

Alumni of the prestigious Apeejay School Of Management, Nitin Jain holds an MBA degree in marketing and he also did a Bachelor of Business Administration from the same institution. In his 15 years of work experience in public relations and digital marketing, Nitin has worked on numerous projects from India and abroad, starting from end-to-end corporate communication strategy implementation, to digital marketing services. Today Nitin is renowned in the industry as the go-to man for tips on achieving great heights in the online arena.

The India PR Distribution was founded with the aim of providing quality Press Release Distribution services to clients in India and abroad. Before the launch of India PR Distribution, sending press releases to industry-related reporters was not available with any PR agency online. India PR Distribution bought this unique concept for the first time in the Indian market.

It was the First Indian PR agency to launch organic Press Release packages at such an economical cost. This innovative approach of combining online and offline PR Distribution made it a pioneer in the field of the online PR industry, and they could achieve impressive results for the clients.

Further, Nitin apprised, “Today many new agencies are looking to adopt a similar model and Many agencies have signed up with us for regular work. I feel India PR Distribution has helped open up Public relations avenues and Opportunities for a wide variety of audiences and organizations due to our Economical and effective packages.”

Since its inception, IPD has been a pioneer in digital press release Distribution and organic PR distribution. Within a short time, India PR Distribution became the best choice for press Release services in India due to its quality service and deliverables for a PR campaign.

They have different options and packages of press release campaigns. In those packages, they have a “Most Popular and Affordable” Organic Package, in which they will distribute the Press Release to major Indian newspapers, magazines, portals. But placements are not guaranteed in those premium portals. It depends on their editorial policies.

They also have a guaranteed premium publications plan wherein they provide fully Guaranteed publication in some of the top portals, newspapers, and TV channels. It is essential to mention here that all top publications have their editorial Policies, therefore only newsworthy press releases qualify for premium Publications.

It is essential to understand that each PR campaign is different and it needs individual attention. The team at IPD ensures that they give effectual attention to each of their clients and provide custom PR solutions based on their needs.

The IPD team comprises a well-defined Organization structure. They have Team Leads that report to Project Managers and Directors. Teams are divided into Marketing, Sales, Customer Service, and Media Outreach.

For any team to feel like a closed-knit unit, they need to be inspired and guided by common goals and principles. More importantly, each team member’s goals should align with the overall mission and vision of the Company. The management team at IPD aims at offering the best PR services while following ethical practices in business and customer service. As a leader, Nitin communicates this to all his team members through regular meetings and feedback initiatives.

Nitin believes in training and promoting internal talent. Managers undertake regular training sessions across all hierarchies of the organization so that everyone in the IPD team is conversant with the latest trends going on in their specific industry or fields.

Being in a creative field, the leading man believes that it is crucial to have a relaxed, semi-formal environment in the workplace. The firm has an open-door policy, and they conduct frequent meetings to explore creative ideas that team members share. This helps in creating a unifying relationship between the team.

Being in the tech field for more than 20 years, Nitin has always been a fan of using the latest technology in business operations. Nitin has implemented many systems in not only IPD but also the startups that he manages. He believes good systems can go a long way in ensuring success and profitability for any start-up or established business.

Since the PR industry is constantly evolving, the whole team keeps a close watch on the new and existing tools that we can use. However, they take care not to ‘automate’ Things too much so that their customers speak to an actual human in every interaction.

“For me, leadership is all about how you guide, monitor, and motivate your Team. A successful leader leads by example and sets the environment for a positive and contributing work environment. I have been lucky to be trained by one of the best mentors, Mr. Joseph Casper. He always taught me to hold ethics as my highest priority and I try to communicate the same to my team” shared Nitin when asked about his leadership style.

“I prefer an open communication channel with all my team members, and I like to spend my time with each of them rather than sitting in a closed-door cabin. I strongly feel that to achieve success, your team needs to be focused on common goals and objectives. It has always been my aim to align everyone in my team to these objectives to function as one cohesive unit”, he further added.

India PR Distribution has the distinct achievement of being awarded Top 25 Trusted PR Agency by a leading magazine last year. They have been featured in many top publications, both Indian and International. Earlier in his career, Nitin has also won some prestigious awards, including the WQC Star of quality.

India PR Distribution has made commendable progress in its client base. However, this is just the start of the journey, and Nitin and his team have some exciting plans for the future. These include adding more publications as our PR partners and introducing new service models for existing and new clients.

They are also planning to hire new talent from the industry they look forward to receiving their inputs and learning from their individual experiences to come up with more innovative Press release services.

Aspiring entrepreneurs see the success that others achieve but sometimes fail to see the struggle that goes behind this success. You need to be passionate, disciplined, and focused on your dreams if you want to make it big. Don’t be afraid to adapt and do course correction frequently. Stay away from the ‘shiny-object syndrome. Key Official Ayesha Rifat – PR Manager

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