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Nothing Technical About It

Nothing Technical About It

It would be an understatement to say that our world changed during the two years of the COVID-19 pandemic. At work, most people stretched their boundaries – whether they were braving the pandemic and going to the office every day, or they were balancing the home and work while working from home. Working hours were redefined, new policies were introduced, and the world discovered new ways to keep businesses running. Many companies took the first step towards digital transformation and felt the need to bring digitization to more parts of the business.

In most cases, the team that kept working nonstop behind the scenes to ensure that this sudden shift to a majorly digitized way of working, was the team handling Information Technology (IT) for the companies.  For HiDocDr., a one-of-a-kind online networking platform powered by artificial intelligence that connects doctors globally, the team members who work on information technology and web developmentare integral to their performance.

As is their policy with the rest of the employees in the company, it has always been important for HiDocDr. to keep this team motivated, engaged, inspired, and most importantly, happy. And over the years, this focus on the well-being of employees has continued to make newcomers feel as comfortable within the company as their older counterparts.

Sonali Bhoite who has recently joined the team as a PHP developer mentions, “In this short period I have realized that HiDocDr. is founded on the principles of positivity, creativity, and hard work. What makes me happy is that the people here are very supportive and approachable. This is especially helpful when we are trying to learn new things and get better at our work. I love that our projects are always interesting, and we’re given different tasks daily. Most importantly, it’s always fun!”

There’s ShambhaviShambai, who agrees with Sonali on the fun part. The new Web Developer at the company says, “We enjoy ourselves a lot. I think having fun at work is a key element of employee happiness. A sense of joy helps people to have a more positive mindset, enjoy higher levels of well-being and better mental health.”

The organization could not agree more. Focusing on their employee’s mental wellness is as important to the company as it is to the employees themselves. Belonging to the health sector, they understand the importance of mental health and the role the workplace plays in their employees’ well-being. Therefore, much effort goes into ensuring that employees feel cared for, have a sense of belonging, and are recognized for their hard work.

Aishwarya Murdeshwar, Project Manager, reiterates this when she shares, “HiDocDr. is a good place to work especially for freshers or for someone who wants to restart their career. It is also suitable for people who thrive on the recognition of their talent or are ambitious to take their careers to new heights. The organization provides wide exposure to the area of medicine and creates a platform for people to work with bright minds in the industry. I enjoy the team spirit displayed by my colleagues. The icing on the cake is that the management is open to suggestions and the range of employee benefits shows how much it cares for its employees.”

Knowledge is power. And for HiDocDr. it is a prerogative to empower their employees with an atmosphere that promotes the learning culture. This has led to it becoming a preferred organization for freshers to start their careers with. The company policy aligns with the famous saying by Sir Richard Branson – “Train people well enough so they can leave. Treat them well enough so they don’t want to.”

Echoing this, Nishant PV, a Flutter Developer, says, “HiDoc Dr is one of the best companies to start your career with. The organization is filled with helpful colleagues and provides great working conditions. I like the fact that this company helps me grow professionally and personally.”

PHP Developer Pratiksha elaborates by adding, “This company gives us every opportunity to make our careers matter. It is a great place to learn new things because the management cares about their employees and provides ample opportunities to explore our skills and expand our knowledge.”

Unlike the field of Information Technology, which is highly specialized, HiDocDr. feels that there is nothing technical about ensuring that it provides all its employees with a place to work that is joyful, encourages learning, and explores their creativity. For them, growing together is a part of their vision.

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