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ODIC: Revolutionising the brushing experience

ODIC: Revolutionising the brushing experience

In January 2021, ProcMart launched its subsidiary brand Odic aimed at revolutionizing the brushing experience for the Indian demographic. Determined to provide with unmatched brushing routine based on Sonic Technology, Odic was born. The brand has been launched with its prime motive to raise awareness about oral care and hygiene, and to instill good brushing habits among the users.

The Oral Care market in India is set to expand through innovation in dental products and oral health awareness. Odic intends to expand its peripherals in the Indian subcontinent with rampant consumer awareness campaigns on dental hygiene and oral care. Being one of the largest growing dental markets in the world, Odic eyes the potential market prospect with consumers making choices to include changes in their brushing routines.

Oral Care Market Overview
According to Statista, the Oral Care segment is projected to reach US$1,784.3m in 2021. The market is expected to grow annually by 8.6% (CAGR 2021-2025). In this, the key product categories include- toothpaste, dental floss, mouthwash, whitening strips, various types of toothbrushes (Manual, electric, sonic), mouth fresheners, teeth whitening kits. Etc.

Experts in dental health have found out that oral health is considered secondary to general health by Indians. Indians are also increasingly shifting away from the conventional fiber-rich diet to sugar and synthetic diet with rising modernization, which is one of the highest contributing factors for tooth decay. All these risk factors contribute to a poor oral hygiene, as stated by National oral health policy.

The launch and features
Odic is announcing the national availability of advanced Sonic Toothbrush in India early this year 2021; aiming at providing an innovative solution towards building good oral hygiene. Odic’s Sonic technology gives you the cleaning experience that will change the way you brush forever. With advanced technology, the users can access 4 different brushing modes catering to their different dental needs namely; white mode, massage mode, gentle mode, and deep clean mode. Odic aims to give the ultimate oral health experience to its users and change the way our brushing routine works.

Odic Smart Sonic Toothbrush comes with various features that caters to users with different needs. Automatic pause after every 30 seconds makes sure that your mouth’s every quadrant is cleaned and a dentist-approved 2-minute timer makes sure that the user won’t over/underbrush. Making the experience personalized is what makes Odic unique from other products on the market, with different brushing modes one can switch easily between the need of the hour. “It’s like a small dentist visit except that you aren’t” says a user.

The Sonic Toothbrush Kit is an all-in-one oral care experience designed to provide an honest and effective brushing ritual. Under the subscription, it offers a fresh bread and toothpaste delivered at your doorstep every 90 days. It aims to instill an advanced brushing habit that is not only is enjoyable but caters to the user’s different needs which sometimes demands extra attention.

The Company also offers the Odic Toothpaste which is a vegan, charcoal-based and ayurvedic, that cleanses, reduces inflammation, and soothes your teeth and gums without the use of harsh chemicals or synthetic additives. The replacement charcoal brush heads are designed to reach deeper and give a better cleaning, the flexible nature of the brush-heads also makes the brushing experience comfortable and makes sure that the user has an enhanced, cleaner experience.

With the Subscription Plan, Odic offers a Lifetime Warranty specially designed while keeping in mind the user’s interests and their unique rights. Moreover, Odic is driven towards sustainability and supports plastic-free packaging.


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