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Scrumptious food at nearby restaurants with sterling presentation and management makes our day. Restaurants need to update or adapt new styles in cuisines, menu, interiors, and presentation. But how? Restaurant Consultants simplify the process of starting restaurants; One Sprig Hospitality Consultants offer impeccable hospitality services and create a new restaurant concept with a team of professionals and experts.

Devbrat Bhardwaj is the Founder & Consultant and Pritam Das is the Co-founder and Chef of One Sprig Hospitality Consultants.

One Sprig Hospitality is a group of restaurant and hospitality specialists and professionals who understand the industry from blueprints to reality to the back of the house operations. They specialize in finding solutions for the clients and assist them to bring their Food Concept to Life from an outlet.

Incubated in the year 2016, the duo was fortunate to bag some exciting projects in the initial phase and have since then emerged as one of the preferred Consultants in this arena.

The services can be broadly categorized into three Major Categories:

  1. Conceptualization – Developing new restaurant concepts in sync with the vision of the clients with their team of experts while keeping market trends into consideration and sometimes thinking out of the box to create a new trend.
  2. Menu Planning and Recipe Development – Menu is the financial backbone of any restaurant business & a well-engineered menu leads to a great success story of any restaurant.
  3. Kitchen Planning and Designs detailed into Space allocation ergonomically for all the necessary equipment for supporting smooth restaurant operation, vendor suggestion, assistance in procurement of tools and equipment.
  4. Kitchen Equipment Selection as required for the kitchen & service-related equipment with the specification. They also help in the procurement process and if required they also suggest multiple vendors for a quotation.
  5. Human Resource Support, Recruitment, and Training –They help in the recruitment process for each and individual staff member. They assess the staff and conduct an interview and place the individuals as per the requirement in different departments.
  6. Food Styling and Photography – They help in individual food styling & food photography of the dishes on the menu. Photos are then used by their clients for websites, social media, and online and offline marketing.

They cater to the requirements of all Hospitality and service industry entrepreneurs for all business scale and are not restricted to any target audience. Be it a small Café, QSR, Food Truck, Swanky Gastro Brew Pub, Commercial Industrial Mega Kitchen, Food Manufacturing unit or a Fine Dining Speciality Restaurant or even a Food Retail or Online Cloud Kitchen.

Innovation and creativity drive the young and enthusiastic team. They believe in knowledge sharing and are not restricted to work only with in-house expertise. At times, they also bring in the expertise if required from their network of highly experienced professionals for the best possible solution. They have a firm belief that everyone works better together.

Since One Sprig Hospitality Consultants work with a major chunk of clients who are either first-time Food Entrepreneurs or who only got to know about them through their website or some reference. They work quite hard to inculcate mutual faith and clearly outline their scope of work and always deliver what they commit. One of the other ways is to respect their client’s time by pre-planning for any meeting and always arrive for the meeting as per the schedule.

They are totally committed to the Business Concept and thoroughly back their instinct and they constantly strive to scale heights in their domain. They would like to achieve this with a great depth of integrity whilst delivering unmatched value to their clients.

The enthusiasts Devbrat and Pritam strongly believe that a client always entrusts them with their dream of owning a restaurant along with a huge investment of their time and money. Thus, they keep reminding themselves of this great responsibility and always put in their best for the larger interest of the business with the highest level of honesty and sincerity, even though, at times it differs from their client’s expectation. They are incredibly playing the part of a consultant who puts themselves in the client’s shoes for a lasting positive impact on the business.


Technology is a true enabler. It expedites and induces a high level of efficiency and consistency to the whole gamut of One Sprig’s Operation to their client’s business. They extensively use technology to their advantage for an array of tasks. They use various online platforms to connect with prospective clients and generate leads.

Office Suite is quite helpful in organizing day-to-day business interactions with the Team and Clients. They also use CAD software for Kitchen Plan, Design and for rendering it in 3D. They also introduce to their clients to Restaurant Management System, POS platforms for smooth operation and online aggregators for additional channels of revenue.


They strongly believe in the notion that everyone should give back to society and are doing their bit sincerely. One of the key things their society is grappling with is joblessness. They through numerous projects are creating jobs avenues for young people. They train them and induct them to the F&B industry and provide them with a highly sustainable career. The beauty of the industry is that it accepts people with lower educational qualifications if they have the right attitude and hunger for personal growth.


One Sprig Hospitality Consultants would like to establish as one of the leading and sought-after Hospitality Consultant in the Country. They also have the ambition to spread their wings and take up the projects overseas. Aside, they would also like to penetrate Karnataka with their in-house Brand, The Kanteen Company and take it to the masses. They are quite positive about their growth and thus planning to strengthen the team by hiring talents and nurturing them to contribute to the future of Hospitality.

They have been getting the consistent backup of their clients and are also able to generate new leads through very positive word of mouth. They see this as their most indispensable achievement and are also recognized by various institutions and forums as one of the best Hospitality Consultants in India.

To motivate the young generation of the present times, Pritam Das states, “My tip to young people would be to keep things simple. Play to your strength, love what you do and back up your instinct. The most important thing is that learning should never stop.”

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