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Opulence Global: Introducing a space of fascinating business opportunities for potential entrepreneurs

Opulence Global: Introducing a space of fascinating business opportunities for potential entrepreneurs

The year 2020 has only been about the COVID-19 crisis and its aftermath. As the global econ-crisis continues, entrepreneurs are speculating low-cost business ideas to sustain the repercussions of this global pandemic. Addressing the plights of the burgeoning entrepreneurs, the Founder of Opulence Global, Ramin Mesgarlou has become a torchbearer who is leading their present to a better tomorrow. Well-reckoned as a hall of fame author, the bigwig has also been featured as ‘Master Networker’ by Networking Times on the release of his book- The Forensic Networker. Ramin discovered the true art of direct selling long before he laid the foundation of Opulence Global, in 2005.

As an MLM industry expert with three decades of enriched experience, Ramin has devised a highly-productive system, to benefit people via excellent health, beauty and fashion deliverables. Being a humanitarian, the magnate was moved by the turmoil entrepreneurs go through to achieve an affluent lifestyle, despite toiling away day and night. His sheer endeavours are inclined to ensure social impact with his expertise and professional acumen.

“Any average individual can become a 24/7 cash machine without any prior experience in the field. Even amid the challenging time of the global pandemic, when millions of people have lost their jobs and are struggling to stay afloat, Opulence Global’s partners set across 204 countries and territories have experienced record sales and revenues.” quotes Ramin.

The company at a glance
The brainchild of Ramin Mesgarlou, Opulence Global, is a leading direct sale and MLM enterprise specialized in offerings fashion, beauty and health products. Ensuring a global presence, the company has a headquarter located in Richmond Hill, Canada and main workstations in Manila, Philippines, Asia along with a distribution centre in Singapore and Mexico. The organisation’s motive is to render a high-performing product portfolio that coincides with the current market trends and tech- services. The team’s dedication, remarkable services and pro-active approach to being prepared for unprecedented challenges- have granted them with universal success and a loyal client base including 350+ celebrities – from Hollywood, Bollywood, and Nollywood, who have walked the red carpet several times.

Availing the opportunities to live an ‘Opulent life’
Amidst the swirling storm of COVID-19 pandemic, numerous SMEs put their operations to halt due to lack of business resiliency and back-up strategy. But Opulence Global forged ahead with the belief- “If you have the WILL, we have the WAY to live an Opulent life.”

In the year 2018 only, Ramin foresaw the mushrooming global issues- Health & Job Security. To establish a system that is adeptly resilient towards unforeseen threats, Opulence Global launched a groundbreaking system- SAFEHOME revolution that introduced one- of- its- kind Online Shopping platform. Making a difference to the raising unemployability quotient, SAFEHOME, laced with an avant-grande software, attracts clients from all across the globe and presents an unimaginable opportunity to an individual to earn a five-figure income by working remotely.

In a constant practice to leave no partner behind, the organisation avidly strives to sync with the desideratum of an average individual by ensuring home-based business opportunity.  Being the MLM legend, Ramin has been the leading light who devised a robust tech strategy and a unique compensation approach to developing this exclusive product. The company has primarily converged its focus towards serving home entrepreneurs and elite-buyers aka VIP shoppers, rather than entertaining the megacorps. Offering a win-win scenario to its members in terms of prosperity and safety, Opulence Global has put forth the best training program in the MLM industry that is known as ‘The Forensic Networker’.

Opulence Global prefers to be an independent corporation that refrains itself from any sort of partnership. In lieu of this, it has collaborated with courier companies like FedEx, DHL, and others to deliver the 2-4 days fulfilment promise anywhere in the world. Regarding the efficiency of its business operations, the company accredits its stable in-house IT team that efficiently performs alterations or adjustments as per the client’s needs. When multiple e-commerce platforms were struggling to keep up with the ‘new normal’ scenario, the company’s efficiency was still the same even amidst the subsequent nationwide lockdowns, and none of its VIP shoppers has ever refrained from on-time deliveries. In this regard, the Senior Vice President and Chief Designer at Opulence Global, Sanaz Hooman asserts that they take precautionary measures for unforeseen challenges in advance. To sync with the Founder quote-“only the paranoid survive, the team ensures modifications and inventions of relevant products.

 “Taking prudent steps in advance also helped us to avoid shortage of any products including our highly desired, immune-boosting high-performance antioxidant product, the Fountain of Life, and our soon-to-be-released microbe cleansing moisturizer. Our preparedness has led to record sales in 2020, during the worldwide lockdown while generating record incomes for our brand partners globally”, continues Sanaz.

Glimpses of its best-in-class products
What keeps Opulence Global stay ahead of the curve is its ideology- “If it exists, make it better, if it doesn’t exist, CREATE IT.”

Innovation is the crux to ensure a competitive edge, and the company well-recognized this notion. In addition to availing multiple opportunities for budding entrepreneurs, Opulence Global displays an ingenious series of exceptional fashion, beauty and healthcare products that effectively resonate with today’s pressing demand.

Talking of Fashion, the organisation has established Canada’s largest award-winning direct sales fashion house-‘FERI’ that showcases the world’s finest fashion articles. With a gamut of fascinating products including jewellery, bags, wallets, shoes, and many other accessories, FERI has emerged as a reputed name in the Fashion industry. Its diverse range of unique designs has attained cosmopolitan popularity and many of its exclusive pieces have been worn by various celebrities at popular red-carpet events.

This exclusive fashion house is prominently celebrated for its FERI MOSH, a prestigious jewellery collection carved with a mission to beat the benchmarks of some luxurious brands and has been featured as the ‘Unimaginable ultra-luxury jewellery collection’ by an influential Canada Jewellers Magazine.

Having been documented in a film- Modern Legend that was adorned with two NY Film Platinum and Gold awards, FERI MOSH has evolved as a high-end jewellery brand. To this context, Sanaz elucidates, “High-end pieces of jewellery are not new to their CEO’s family, and rather they are one of the world’s largest and earliest ones, dating back to the 1100s. After years of what our Founder calls ‘blowing up gold’, we finally discovered a way to cast 21K gold diamond jewellery. This had NEVER been accomplished before and to this date by any other brand in the world. Our slogan for FERI MOSH Prestige collection is- ‘when the world’s luxury brands stop at 18K, we start at 19K and finish with 21K!’.”

Furthermore, Opulence Global has introduced an unparalleled anti-ageing skincare regiment- FERI Flawless. Here, the extensive range of products is backed with over 100 patents for the usage of superior quality raw materials in their formulations. The products are majorly captioned with the tagline- “Give us 5 minutes and we will turn back the clock 5 years!”- portraying their expertise in the respective sphere.

In terms of ensuring matchless health benefits, Opulence Global proposes the most powerful known anti-oxidant in the form of its pioneering natural healthcare product -‘Fountain of Life’ that revives user’s health with only 10 drops a day. The product is claimed to be nature’s most compelling source of lignans, extracted from the Norwegian Spruce. As a natural immunity booster, this revolutionary offering will provide the masses with the gift of better health and agility. Ten drops of this exclusive product contain the same concentration of lignans that is equivalent to the amount drawn from 1800 cups of apples or 510 cups of lettuce or 100 cups of tomatoes.

Most of the company’s revenue is derived from fashion and beauty products, but the COVID-19 crisis has enormously raised the demand for their healthcare products. In wake of contributing to the COVID-19 scenario, Opulence Global will soon introduce the latest pandemic protection kit that it believes will emerge as one of its top sellers.

Contribution towards the social upliftment
On the personal front, Ramin is a philanthropist who strives to make a difference for numerous underprivileged children across the globe who are even abstained from basic amenities of life. Opulence Global looks after a Kenya-based orphanage to ensure effortless access of basic essentialities to those children. Owing to the support from Opulence Global, the foster home has been able to build a greenhouse and grow vegetable for itself effectively.

Moreover, as a major part of its CSR activities, Opulence Global has extended its support to deal with the calamities such as drought and other natural disasters with personal sponsorships.

Even amid the swirling storms of COVID-19 pandemic, the company incessantly endorses the charity programs across the globe.

Work culture reflecting its core values
At Opulence Global, work culture is a reiteration of the steadfast philosophies proposed by Ramin. The organisation’s core values are unpretentious and simply speak of strength, persistence, security, transparency and wealth for all. Ramin firmly believes that evolving from our siloes is must to be a better version of ourselves- “If you are not getting better, you are getting worse.”

About the key driving force that keeps the team highly motivates, Sanaz reveals that their motivation is drawn from tens of thousands highly committed brand partners and one hundred thousand VIP shoppers. The team claims on providing the BEST domicile opportunities and products in e-commerce space to make a rapid and positive impact on the lives across the globe.

Future outlooks
As for their future ventures, Opulence Global maintains that their mission is “to create world-class products, led by a unique opportunity to unleash our Opulence Global Partners’ full potential, en route to living their opulent lifestyle.” While mentioning it, Sanaz says, “Our founder’s vision is to take the company to a billion dollar in sales and to create 1000 millionaires. And with our compensation plan pays out 70% in commissions, a billion in sales will payout 700 million in commissions every year. We know that with Opulence Global’s aggressive compensation plan, we can achieve that.”

Feather in the cap
In 15 years of its enthralling expedition of running a successful business and its exceptional contribution in the relevant space, Opulence Global has been admired and venerated across the globe. Testifying its roaring success, Opulence Global has been featured on the cover page of The American Business Journal by Warren Buffet. Moreover, it has bagged ‘The Luxury Designer of the year award’ by Viva International and been celebrated as the first-class inductee into the Network Marketing Hall of Fame. Opulence Global has also been nominated for ‘Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year’ Award and still in continuation to scale greater heights. –Sanaz Hooman


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