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Digital Marketing and Training: With Industry Experts At Webi7

Digital Marketing and Training: With Industry Experts At Webi7

Written by: Kriti Anand

Webi7: An Overview
A team of passionate, skilled, and creative digital marketers, Webi7 is more than just a digital marketing agency. The company works with its clients as their partner. Webi7 doesn’t consider it a success until their clients succeed. From brand engagement to revenues, Webi7 covers all aspects of digital marketing. The team is always searching for a new possibility to think differently, relentlessly seeking success for its clients.

Striving for excellence with its impeccable services and strong ethics, Webi7 works to enrich a brand, creating a foothold for the client in the digital world. Webi7 takes care of all of its client’s digital marketing needs, from full scale digital marketing strategy to planned execution and reporting.

The services provided by Webi7 include:

  • Digital Marketing Services
  • Website Designing Services
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Search Engine Marketing
  • PPC/Paid Ads
  • Mobile App Development Service
  • Content Marketing Service
  • Graphic Designing Service

On top of being one of the most-reputed digital marketing agencies, Webi7 is also an innovative organisation at its core. In the same innovative streak, it has launched the only digital marketing agency based training institute: Learn Digital Academy.

Learn Digital Academy
Learn Digital Academy, the education brand of Webi7 Digital Media, is a dedicated training institute that strives to fill the wide gap that exists in the digital marketing industry between education and practical knowledge. It offers a comprehensive learning experience involving training, certification, internships, and placements.

The institute is a skill development partner of Jain University and GoDaddy Academy. It is India’s only agency-based training institute with University Certifications and On-Campus Placements. Believing in quality education and value for money, the institute follows a strictly goal-oriented teaching curriculum through live projects and practical coursework, so that the students can see for themselves the results of putting relevant skills into practice.

Learn Digital Academy has a growing team of professionals ready to pave the way forward for career aspirants and just about anyone interested in learning new skills that are high in demand among the fastest-growing industries. Some of the courses provided by Learn Digital Academy are:

  • Digital Marketing Course
  • Graphic Designing Course
  • Data Science Course
  • Artificial Intelligence Course

The institute has industry-experienced trainers with a minimum of five to seven years of Industry experience. At Learn Digital Academy, the trainers actively participate in the client projects under Webi7, keeping themselves updated with the latest industry tools and techniques. This hands-on experience approach guarantees that the student becomes familiar with the updated training knowledge and techniques of the industry.

A popular skill-based organization, Learn Digital is a skill development partner of Jain University Centre for Skills. When a university chooses an academy as its skill development partner, it says a lot about the academy. At the academy, students get to learn practical aspects through live agency projects of the actual businesses. The academy organizes webinar marketing & self-development sessions from industry leaders & influencers, which adds to their exposure in the industry.

What Sets Them Apart
Webi7 has created a place for itself in the digital marketing industry through its dedication to providing the very best digital services to its clients. The company strives to guide businesses in creating an online presence and reaching out to the customers to register their brands in their minds.

In addition to its unmatched digital marketing strategies, the company is known for its sincerity and transparency towards its clients. Some factors that set Webi7 apart in the digital marketing industry:

Sincerity, Integrity And Credibility: The team at Webi7 endeavours to set realistic, achievable expectations for its clients, making sure that they are straightforward and transparent in the process. Focusing on what’s best for the client’s brand, they set their best foot forward for each of their customers.

Digital Marketing Abilities: There are a number of ad agencies providing digital marketing services, but Webi7 focuses solely on digital marketing services. They evolve along with the rapidly transforming industry and stay on top of what’s new and what works.

Cooperation And Teamwork: Webi7 works with their clients as a team. Their motto is great ideas can arise from just about anywhere, and nobody knows your business like you do.

Measurable KPIs: With a significant number of digital marketing channels in the industry and the marketplace constantly evolving, it becomes next to impossible to remain on track without having a solid strategy and ongoing optimization. Webi7 thus works with an outcome-oriented method that is measurably beneficial to its clients.

Just as Webi7 has set itself apart in the industry, its auxiliary, Learn Digital Academy too has unique propositions up its sleeve. It equips the learners with the skills necessary in their respective field, and educates them how to efficiently manage each of them. Being in an agency-based institute, the experience they gain from the Academy makes them industry ready.

The Academy provides an in-depth knowledge of the tools, techniques, and software used across all domains, and cultivates the students creativity and interest. It helps them learn how to create successful campaigns on various channels, use their creativity and problem-solving skills to present their best version to a client or a company. It also provides soft-skills training to make them a well-rounded professional and a great communicator.

Workings of Webi7
The company’s clientele consists of players from multiple industries including Education Consultancies, Ecommerce Photographers, NGO’s, Co-Working Spaces, Investors, Interior Designing Companies, Real Estate Companies, Job Consultancies, Resorts and many more. Some recognized names among Webi7’s clients are Eagleburg and Eagleton Resorts, Samosa Singh, Horses Stable, KSteel and Technozappy.

The company has created and retained the faith of its customers over the years through its dedication to them and a commitment to go beyond their expectations. Its quality of services and post-delivery care have made it a favourite among its customers. It chooses to “overdeliver”, so the clients never find anything missing from the service, and instead are excited to gain more than they expected. This client-centric approach has led to the customers promoting them orally within their networks, resulting in word-of-the-mouth advertising, much-needed in this industry.

The Founder and CEO of Webi7 Digital Media, Nikhil Jhunjhunwala, has to be given due credit for the company’s ongoing success. He says, “What I can say from my experience is that never lose hope. Life is full of challenges, that too non-stop, so keep on fighting them, as that makes you stronger and energetic for the war ahead.”

 Nikhil has always found a role model in the business world in his father, Shri Damodar Jhunjhunwala. One of the best business minds Nikhil has ever encountered, he taught him that hard work is the only key to success, and all paths other than that are just short-term victories.

The Founder believes that for exposure to new ideas and modes of thinking, reading really adds value. Among his most loved all-time reads are:

The Art of War by Sun Tzu. It provides a logical and interesting approach to conflict and competition.

Guerrilla Marketing by Jay Conrad Levinson It touches upon the innovative approaches to marketing.

Ogilvy on Advertising by David Ogilvy. It focuses on optimizing campaign aesthetics and messaging.

The Lean Startup by Eric Ries. It focuses on the process training to develop and manage startups.

Nikhil states that the Internet has created a platform where organizations of any size could compete on the global stage. In such a world, building a global brand is a much more realistic goal than ever before. His vision is to create a better marketplace for required businesses, and make Webi7 the best in the industry.

“We live in a fast-paced, competitive world. Each one of us is trying to be a part of the rat race to win the top position and retain it for as long as possible. Relevance is not about just having a vision but having proper the information and guidance to drive that vision.“

As an organization, Webi7 always tries to add value to the society, either in its way of training financially struggling students through scholarships, or by supporting a business that supports the society or environment growth at a minimal cost.

Webi7 strives to promote better work life balance for both the genders, and provides equal opportunities for all. The anti-harassment policy in place at the company which is strictly implemented and followed ensures safety and trust for all the members of the team.

“Life has shown us multiple ups and downs. Some of them to be proud of, and some being failures to be ashamed of. The graph has taught me that life only goes up when you make it, and the moment you get stagnant, it doesn’t pause, it starts dropping.”

Growth, Milestones And Future Goals
The company has been showered with recognition and awards ever since its inception at the end of 2016. It was in February 2017 that the business model for Webi7 was created, and a couple months later the company started with just four people onboard. They began with taking startup projects from the market. The agency was registered by November of the same year, moving into their first office space, a co-working space, by December.

Observing the market requirement trends, Webi7 added to its service portfolio digital marketing training, shifted to a new office, and increased the team size to eight in March 2018. Within a year they were identified by a few top digital marketers in India and were added to their blogs as Top Digital Marketing Training Institute in Bangalore. In August 2019, they established another branch of Webi7.

The digital marketing agency became the Skill Development Partner of Jain University in September 2019, and could now support its students to get University Certifications and On-Campus Placements. In 2020 it became the Skill Development Partner of GoDaddy Academy.

Today the organization has been recognized by multiple platforms, and is expanding its services. It now provides Graphic Designing, Digital Marketing Services and Training, Data Science, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence.

A team of fifty market experts providing unmatched digital marketing services, Webi7 has received a number of accolades in its years of growth and expansion:

  • Just Dial Users Choice Award 2018
  • Digital Consultant of the Year 2019, by The CEO Magazine
  • Creative Company of the Year 2019, by The CEO Story
  • Institute of the Year for Digital Education 2020, by Business Connect Magazine
  • Awarded as Top 10 Digital Marketing Agencies in Bengaluru 2020 by Silicon India

Expansion is the prime dream of all entrepreneurs. Webi7 looks ahead to be among the best service providers in the industry, reaching out to the maximum number of people. Presently being in Bangalore, the company plans to extend its services to multiple tier I and tier II cities.

As a short term plan, the digital marketing agency is focusing on growing and acquiring a sustainable market share for the industry. As part of its long term goals, it envisions a significant growth for all of its clients, and to provide market-oriented courses to the students, setting them up with the needed market requirements for a meaningful career growth.

“Life is a non-stop race, there will be millions of hindrances, your only challenge is you: if you can win from it you are the sole winner.” Nishant Jhunjhunwala, CFO



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