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REIN Digital: For A Digital Brand Image That Stands Out

REIN Digital: For A Digital Brand Image That Stands Out

Written by Kriti Anand

“Authenticity, honesty, and personal voice underlie much of what’s successful on the Web.” – Rick Levine

Today, with the entire world having moved online, digital marketing has become a vital aspect of survival for companies in the corporate world. With the significance it has gained in such a short time, it becomes essential for brands to trust their prospects with digital marketing agencies that are guaranteed to deliver satisfactory results. In its years of service, REIN Digital has proved itself to be one such organization without a doubt.

Company Overview
REIN Digital, an outcome-oriented premium digital marketing agency, provides a wide range of SEO and paid marketing services, ranging from Facebook ads, Google ads, and programmatic ads to affiliate marketing. It also offers content services, website development and UI/UX interface design.

Owing to its team of skilled experts with decades of experience, REIN is the go-to digital marketing agency for its clientele, which includes certain series B funded organizations and a number of startups. The company acquires new clients solely through referrals from existing clients or through indirect references, proving its trustworthiness and merit. It abstains from the cold-call model for acquisition and focuses on enhancing the quality of its services to satisfy clients to gain new ones. With referrals and references, mutual trust comes pre-established as well.

REIN’s approach is the major factor that distinguishes it from its competitors. Even though there exist a number of organizations that provide similar services, REIN stands out due to its result-driven approach. The mantra the team at REIN goes by is “under-commit and over-achieve”. If they promise X to the client at the time of onboarding, they do not step back unless they have executed a better Y. Its astounding success is a result of this commitment to delivering beyond the client’s expectations.

The company has unmatched expertise in SEO and paid marketing, and it stays ahead of the competition curve by utilizing all the relevant and related knowledge around these. The game plan of REIN is number-based, to further help clients quantify its promises. All of this clubbed with the persistent, well-read team is what gives REIN Digital its competitive edge.

The entire process REIN undertakes when it comes to services and value derivation is data-driven and number-based. For every paid project the company takes up, they ensure that they set accurate expectations for the clients by performing A/B testing of campaigns. Based on certain factors, they decide where to invest or target the same to get better ROI. This gives the team the ability to commit to the clients in advance with reasonable outlooks.

In terms of SEO services, the forecast is typically drawn over a period of months and eventually measured against the actually achieved results.

The Inception Story
REIN Digital began as a one-woman show when Reeta Gautam, the Co-Founder, started this venture. She used to take care of all the activities and operational requirements herself, having decided to invest in hiring costs only after she was more certain of the processes. Eventually, some interns and more projects came along, bubbling down to the team of professionals that they are today.

Reeta holds a PG Diploma in Journalism from the Indian Institute of Mass Communication, New Delhi. She started her career in Digital Marketing in 2015, dreaming of starting her own venture from the beginning. The challenges in the entrepreneurial venture, the effort and time running the operations smoothly took, exceeded her expectations, but she ploughed on, and has brought REIN Digital on the path of success through sheer determination. She says, “… you need to be there for your company like you would for your baby – ‘always there’ – especially when you just start out.”

While she was figuring out a viable action plan, she insisted on taking care of everything on her own, establishing a sound foundation for her company. As she got more certain of the entrepreneurial process, she learned to delegate, and started allocating responsibilities. She decided to focus more on her personal strength, on-boarding new clients, and put in dedicated resources for day to day execution.

Keeping Up With The Times
The entire COVID crisis has worked wonders not only for REIN Digital but for the Digital Marketing industry in general. Most organizations did not fully realize the potential of digital marketing earlier and rather shied from investing in it pre-COVID. But post-COVID, the world went digital and so did the subsequent requirement of agencies like REIN. The company successfully acquired the clients they had been in touch with before the crisis only recently.

To stay in stride with the growing demand, it has become vital to evolve with technology and shift with the trends. Keeping oneself educated and updated is the only key to be aligned with the present day and its requirements. REIN uses in-house tools that help the company with the optimization of ads on various platforms. Also, for Search Engine Optimization, the team at REIN ensures that they always stay at the top of their game in terms of self-educating themselves with Google’s ever-evolving requirements and algorithms alike.

There is no growing in the marketing industry without innovation and creativity. REIN’s approach of self-education clubbed with essential risk-taking and experimenting has thus taken it ahead of the curve. They try and experiment as much as possible, not only with the paid client project but also on their level, which helps determine the hero or the winner of the game.

Future Endeavours
The company has already made its mark in the digital marketing industry by having worked with big, series B funded organizations from the UK and the US. Performing beyond the expectations of its clients, REIN Digital is set to spread its wings further in the future.

Currently planning on setting up a team in the US and the UK to efficiently tackle and boost the aspect of sales, REIN is also focused on improving its core strength: delivering quality results that really matter. The company is particular about the clients they take on, preferring to work with those that have a long-term vision and an invincible focus with regard to where they want to be.

Parting Words from Reeta:
“The one basic thing all aspiring entrepreneurs need to understand is that there never will be a standardized recipe to success. Even when I started off, I spent much time watching random TED talks and reading articles from the better-known or better-experienced. Doing so does help one prepare better for what could come their way. However, in the end, it is all about what you learn from your experiences, how you overcome your hurdles, and the amount of faith, the effort that you instill in your organizational endeavors. A little piece of closing advice: if you are ever confused about choosing the easier way or the highway- always take the highway!”


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