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Pacific BPO

Pacific BPO, An Access Healthcare Company

An indescribable and formidable healthcare outsourcing company in India

An advancing dominion of Technology and Digitization has given a tremendous boom to the emerging companies in the contemporary entrepreneurial world. Consequently, this has paved a path for a multitude of industries and organizations in various domains to emerge. This results in a rapid increase of customers, which has drastically enhanced the support system requirement by a number of superlative organizations.

To render an impeccable and stupendous support to the leading companies, Business Process Outsourcing industry came into existence. In the commercial realm, Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) unit has a significant role, which cannot be nullified.

BPOs are providing excellent outsourcing services to various domains. They have stretched their horizons in the field of Human Resource, IT, Finance &Accounting, etc., and provide a great aid to the evolving companies.

For the solid foundation of organization’s roots, and for its expansion of services, BPOs offer a colossal helping hand. Their responsibilities are extended to provide an outstanding support and outsourcing services.

To render help and support to the healthcare domain, one such incredible organization exists which is Pacific BPO. Pacific BPO has reached the apex with its phenomenal support and services to the clients. The man who has laid stone of this top-notch and renowned organization is Kumar Shwetabh.

Insights of the Ace Organization

Pacific BPO is the part of Dallas Texas based Access Healthcare that acquired Pacific BPO in August 2018; however, Pacific continues to operate as an independent company being led by Kumar Shwetabh, under the umbrella of Access Healthcare.

Pacific was incorporated in 2010 to provide revenue cycle management outsourcing services to hospitals, healthcare providers and third party medical coding and billing companies of the United States. Right from the time of its incorporation, Pacific is focused towards serving its clients by providing low-risk, best quality, scalable, reliable, transparent, and cost effective revenue cycle management outsourcing services.

In the pastnine years, Pacific has established itself as one of the most trusted, end to end healthcare outsourcing companies operating from India and the United States of America. As of today, Pacific has more than twenty-three hundredfull time employees providing medical coding, coding audits, demographics/charge entry, payment posting, AR management, and analytics services to US based hospitals, physician groups and third-party medical coding and billing companies.

In last nine years, Pacific has won a number of awards and recognitions for its outstanding achievements including Global Services Top 100 Company Award, Inc. 500 II 5000 award for two consecutive years which are 2012 and 2013, India Times BPO awards, etc. As per Inc. 500 II 5000 listing for year 2013, Pacific was America’s 645th fastest growing privately held company among all the companies and 53rd fastest growing privately held company among healthcare companies.

It has also been awarded as 12th fastest growing privately held company in Philadelphia area and 1st in Delaware.

Pacific is a SOC II Type II (SSAE 16) certified company. Pacific is also an ISO9001:2008 and ISO27001 certified organization. It fully complies with all requirements of HIPAA and HITECH act and operates out of highly secured, state of the art 3 service delivery centers in India (two in Noida and one in Trivandrum). Apart from these India based service delivery centers, the company also has a service delivery office in New Jersey, United States.

Pacific is a profitable and privately held company with zero debt, zero liability, and healthy cash reserves to provide capital for future growth.

Today, Pacific is a grand organization, big enough to manage large and complex healthcare outsourcing engagements; and it has retained its ability to provide customized service delivery to suit the unique requirements of its clients.

Pacific works for more than 5,000 hospitals and healthcare providers through 35+clients; many of them are the top-notch hospitals of the world. The client list includes one among the top 3 hospitals of the US which is world- renowned for its medical inventions, fortune 500 companies, 2 of the biggesthospitals of US North-East, some of the largest and most advanced EMR/PM system companies of the United States, and many more.

To make sure that client develops an unbreakable faith in the company; Pacific follows three core values which are honesty, integrity and impeccable service delivery to clients. These three mantras are the part of the basic DNA of the organization.

Talking about its commendable workforce, it has more than twenty-three hundred people working in Pacific across all the locations. Pacific BPO has a world class team which consists of stupendous talented, knowledgeable and highly proficient employees.

Pacific’s CEO, Kumar Shwetabh says, “Most of the individuals from the management team have been working with me for more than a decade; and we understand each other, our strengths and weaknesses pretty well which helps me deploy the right talent for right work.”

To maximize the efficiency and positivity among the staff, the company regularly conducts refresher trainings. Along with it, the company always ensures that its employees maintain a healthy work-life balance. Additionally, to appreciate the strenuous efforts and contribution of star employees and reward those who are performing outstandingly well, Pacific BPO has an efficient monthly performance based incentive system.

The topmost priority of this organization is to create an environment of acceptance and respect. Henceforth, here employees are treated with great fairness and respect. Pacific truly believes in the open-door policy under which each of its employees has a direct access to even the CEO of the company.

Kumar Shwetabh, the CEO states, “We consider Pacific not just as a company but also as a family and each of our employees is a family member to all of us. We want our employees to feel that this company belongs to each one of them, and this sense of belongingness keeps our employees motivated.”

The company has created an atmosphere of ‘working with fun and enthusiasm’. There are many interesting fun activities which are conducted by Human Resource Department to keep its exemplary workforce energized. Adding on, one or two Fridays of every month are categorized as Fun Fridays when one or the other event is organized in which entire company participates.

The company on a regular basis to keep the spirits of its employees alive and vigorous conducts flash dance activities, team parties and town hall meetings. Once in a year, an exquisite annual party is organized for the employees, which is considered among the best annual parties of this industry by its employees.

An edge over the peers

Pacific is one of the very few Indian based Healthcare Outsourcing companies thatwork directly for hospitals and physicians whilstmany other healthcare BPOs work through third party intermediaries of the US.

It provides a distinctive edge to Pacific BPO over many of its rivals because the company understands the direct healthcare market better which many of its rivals lack. Deeper understanding of the direct market enables to provide a more solid service delivery to its customers.

Secondly, entire management team of Pacific BPO including its CEO, Kumar Shwetabh has grown through the ranks. This gives the management team a very deep understanding of service delivery from all aspects and at all levels. Henceforth, it is quite a differentiating factor.

Pacific BPO is working quite hard and continuously to synchronize with the latest requirements of the US healthcare market. In the contemporary market, US healthcare is ever changing with new regulations, new rules, and new laws changing the market dynamics at all times; on the same notion, Pacific BPO is also continually reinventing itself to meet the latest regulations and rules of this market to stay ahead of the curve, which is a big advantage for the company.

A learning period of Crosses

An ace entrepreneur once said, “To climb the Everest without walking on the odds can’t be possible. The secret to acquire a colossal success is to accept each challenge amidst and learn from it.”

Pacific BPO too faced its own share of challenges during its journey to success. The biggest challenge for Pacific BPO during the initial phase was how to convince the client to trust a new and novice company for commencing a business with it. The organizationwas small, and relatively unknown.

On top of this, US healthcare industry is one of the most regulated industry of the US and winning the trust of US healthcare-based clients is never a child’s play. Fortunately, Pacific BPO was associated with some very prestigious clients since its inception, and these formidable clients were extremely happy and content with impeccable service delivery of the company. Their strong referral of Pacific’s outstanding service delivery helped the company a lot to penetrate deeper into this market.

Besides, the reputation of an honest go-getter and the trust which its CEO, Kumar Shwetabh had developed with the clients was also a big help to the company to get more referrals and add more business. Another big challenge for Pacific BPO was to hire apotential workforce to work with the company. The company was quite small so obviously, its prospective employees had some degree of hesitation in joining the company.

Fortunately, Pacific’s ace CEO- Kumar Shwetabh had contributed a multitude of years in this industry, and he had an extremely strong network of people. He used his personal charm and influence to convince the best talent to join Pacific, thus, creating an excellent team from the inception of the company. Most of this team, which started Pacific BPO, is still the part of Pacific BPO even after 9 years, which is very rare in BPO industry where attrition rate is among the highest.

The visionary CEO of Pacific, Kumar Shwetabh knew from the very beginning that running a very tight ship financially while focusing on quality of service delivery will be key to company’s success. He boot strapped during initial days of Pacific BPO and that’s the reason because of which company never required any outside financing to either sustain its operations or for future growth. Pacific BPO was totally a self-fundedorganization which is very rare for a fast-growing company like Pacific BPO.

Being a small and struggling organization,during initial days, the only way to impress a client was to provide an impeccable service delivery. Right from the top management to the junior most employees, the focus was towards service delivery.

“Struggling days also taught us that the management cannot be done only from the board rooms but even the top management must wet their feet and dirty their hands to ensure the quality of service delivery.” These lines told to Business Connect correspondent by Kumar Shwetabh, CEO of Pacific BPO is the ultimate truth in operations management for any organization.

He and his entire management team followed this philosophy in letter and spirit to make Pacific BPO one of the most successful healthcare BPO of India. Being a subject matter expert himself, Kumar used to spend most of his time on operations floor to help the service delivery team. While talking to some of his core management team, our correspondent found out that he is still seen on operations floor very often interacting with junior employees or doing random on-the-spot reviews.

Another learning for Pacific BPO was that the employees are the biggest assets for the organization, and under no circumstances, company should let any employee down. Creating a family like environment, where each of the employee develops a sense of belongingness for the company, was very critical for the success of Pacific.

Use of the latest Technology and surviving in the Competitive era

One of the prominent reasons that encouraged Kumar Shwetabh and his erstwhile partners, Naveen Trehan, Sanjay Drabu and Vivek Gaur to merge Pacific BPO with Access Healthcare, was need of the latest and cutting-edgetechnology. As told to Business Connect by Kumar, Access Healthcare has the most innovative technology of this industry with state-of-the-art automation tools and workflow systems. It also deploys more than thousand bots across different functions of healthcare BPO.

By its merger with Access Healthcare, Pacific BPO now has access to the cutting-edge technology of its parent company.

With help of Access Healthcare, Pacific BPO is getting big on automated workflow technology and soon company plans to start using the Artificial Intelligence tools also. Similarly, Big Data is playing anessential role in healthcare analytics.The company is adopting this as well to stay ahead of the curve.

When askedwhat motivates Kumar, he responded “Happy clients and happy employees always keep me motivated. When we win any new project, when we sign any new client, this is the most motivating for not only me but for all my employees.”

Kumar Shwetabh

Role Model in the entrepreneurial world and some inspiring books

The tycoon has been fortunate to get some of the best people to get mentored. In the beginning of his career, he was mentored by his ex-CEO Mr. Naveen Trehan who was an owner and CEO of his previous company Globerian. He learnt from him the basics of the business, how to manage P/L, business communication, deal negotiations, and many other things related to business.

But the most indispensable attribute he has learnt from him is how to be truthful in dealing with employees and clients, how to be compassionate in genuine way, and how to be humane in this cut throat corporate world.

After Pacific’s acquisition by Access Healthcare, Kumar is learning a lot from Mr. Anurag Jain who is Chairman of Access Healthcare. His vision about the business, the way he looks at the bigger picture, and then motivates the team to take steps to turn that bigger picture into a reality, is a great learning experience for Kumar.

On the societal fronts, Pacific is associated with an NGO called ‘Om Foundation’ which runs school for underprivileged children in Noida.

Books are the most selfless companions of homosapiens. They are the reservoirs of immense knowledge and creativity. The books, which have inspired Kumar, are:

The Art of Non-Conformityby Chris Guillebeau – This book truly teaches the readers how to be different from crowd and set their own rules in the entrepreneurial world.

Who moved my Cheese by Spencer Johnson – This is one of the best fables; the entrepreneur has read by so far.The novel makes us aware of ‘our personality type, and how our personality affects our businesses’.

Fantabulous Achievements and Milestones of the Company

Established in 2010, Pacific is relatively a new company in US Healthcare arena, but within 9 years of its inception, the organization has transcribed its name amongst the top-notch companies of India.

Inc. Magazine which choses 500 fastest growing privately held companies of America each year, honored Pacific BPO in its prestigious Inc. 500 list for 2 years in a row.

Apart from this, Pacific is honored by another notable business magazine as top 10 BPO companies and has been featured in Top 100 BPO company list of Global Services magazine.

The success story of Pacific BPO has been published a number of times in various trade magazines of India and the US. Pacific is also among the select few companies of Healthcare BPO industry to get coveted SOC certification.

Great Aspirations of the Company

The short-term plan of this splendid organization is to continue with the momentum of growth in US healthcare revenue cycle management area. A minimum 30% CAGR year over year is the target. Its short-term goal also includes fully integrating cutting-edge tools and technology of the parent company Access Healthcare to adopt automation, implement better workflow solutions, and overall achieve better operational efficiencies.

The long-term plan is to diversify in more areas of US healthcare by expanding its service delivery portfolio. Over next 24 months, the organization will be fully integrating with Access Healthcare, and in long term, the enterprise foresees itself as the global market leader in full service, end to end healthcare services company with a deep penetration in direct healthcare market.

A deep and powerful message to the readers of Business Connect by the man behind this great company, Kumar Shwetabh.

“Be compassionate, be truthful, work with integrity and honesty; don’t be averse to taking calculated risks and you will achieve the success you dream for.”

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