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PEMS Engineering Consultants Pvt. Ltd.

PEMS Engineering Consultants Pvt. Ltd.

Tapping the Growth in Infrastructure Development Since 1993, PEMS Engineering Aims to Deliver “World-class Consulting”

India’s engineering and consulting services market has gained global standards and offers a wide range of facilities for challenging, multifaceted, and large projects. The expanding number of consultants charging for their invaluable expertise and experience is unmistakable evidence of their impressive capacity to succeed on an international scale.

One such enterprise that has a successful track record of more than two decades in a variety of civil infrastructure projects, including rail infrastructure, tunnel and underground engineering, structural engineering industrial projects, rural and urban infrastructure, and hydropower, is PEMS Engineering Consultants Pvt. Ltd. With its dedicated team of in-house experts, the firm is adding value across various sectors of infrastructure with its engineering services like design, project management, and guiding clients in implementing projects from concept to reality.

An Overlay of the Company

Leveraging unique techniques to bridge multiple gaps in engineering consulting, PEMS embarked on a journey 30 years ago to accelerate infrastructure development in India and worldwide. The emergent firm has been headquartered in Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala, and aspires to be a global engineering consultancy organisation that adopts the best engineering methodologies and delivers superior, affordable, and integrated solutions while adhering to implementation management by related codes and standards.

PEMS is renowned for focusing on domains where they find opportunities before they evolve. PEMS, accordingly, started off with initiatives related to hydropower and transportation infrastructure. Later, they turned their focus to tunnels, and today, mobility and digital engineering are on their radars. In the engineering sector, they have been entering a particular field before others try to penetrate it, which is only achievable with intensive coordination efforts and concept selling.

As it involves risks, many may not venture and would like to wait for one person to take the risks and come out successful, mainly due to the Indian system of working. The ISO-certified consulting firm (ISO 9001:2015) is further planning to enter the digital space of managing infrastructure projects with real-time data.

Here is an overview of their service portfolio:

• Project management consultancy
• Construction management service
• Project consultation advisory
• Project audit services
• Design Engineering
• Disaster management
• Digital engineering
• Water engineering
• Architecture services
• Mobility


• Water
• Energy
• Road
• Railways
• Underground engineering
• Buildings
• Urban infrastructure

A Brief About the Dynamic Leader

M. Padmakumar, the managing director of PEMS, is a postgraduate structural engineer with more than 35 years of experience working on infrastructure projects in the civil engineering field. He is an accomplished leader with a wide range of specialities, focused on contract management and project management. The visionary leader had undertaken major projects in the areas of transportation, structures, water supply, and sanitation.

Prior to founding PEMS, M. Padmakumar worked in government project implementation organisations, mostly in the irrigation, energy, road, and railway sectors. Later, as a strategy, he joined employment assignments with private civil engineering contracting companies to understand and gain practical knowledge of ground-level reality. These two incredibly diverse treasures of knowledge inspired M. Padmakumar to consider launching an engineering consultancy.

Unique and Competitive Factors

PEMS has established its relevance globally and can persuade foreign individuals who are domain specialists in fields such as tunnels, water, transportation, trains, etc. Due to PEMS’s capacity to make choices quickly, highly competent people choose to work with the company. To remain competitive, the corporation has consistently changed its business model.

Once they realised they had reached a certain saturation point, they moved to diversify the business through acquisitions. In order to further their diversification, PEMS launched their digital branch last year. This has enabled the firm to maintain its position in the industry and keep its clientele. This also empowered the team to partner with foreign firms to try for bigger projects.

Swiftly Handling Intricacies

The ultimate goal of a consulting firm is to solve the challenges that clients face in implementing projects. The PEMS team deals with difficulties regularly as engineering consultants. A few examples include late payments, a shortage of Indian professionals, extremely cheap bid amounts to win the project, needless criteria for government bids, trained workers changing jobs, etc. The leadership team handled these problems effectively and made sure they did not have an impact on teamwork or business operations.

Insights on the Significance of R&D

M. Padmakumar asserts that research and development are major contributing factors in our business. All members of the workforce, from junior engineers to top executives, should be aware of the latest innovations happening in the industry. Although we have not made significant investments in research and development, we are close to opening a research facility where we intend to house research scholars and tech savvy young professionals to create cutting-edge new-age solutions.

Key Advantages of Tech Advancements in Infrastructure:

A Glance The world is going through a rapid transformation. This infrastructure industry experienced this transformation slowly until COVID-19. But after the pandemic, clients have considered implementing fast methods of data retrieval. There are several advantages to implementing new technologies in the infrastructure sector:

● Timely completion of projects
● Better data transparency
● Faster bill payments
● Less corruption
● Regular monitoring of workforce efficiency
● Fewer accidents
● Less project cost

Industry Evolutions Over the Years

The engineering consulting industry has grown significantly over the past three decades. To take advantage of the then-emerging enormous prospects in transportation, airports, seaports, buildings, power, etc., nearly all of the top global engineering consulting firms established offices in India.

The World Bank, ADB, IMF, JICA, and other organisations provided funding, and all of them attracted several foreign special expertise teams because India lacked the cutting-edge technological know-how required to carry out such infrastructure projects. India has used fewer foreigners as training facilities have expanded there over the years. As a result, this has created huge potential for Indian consultants like PEMS.

Milestones That Set Their Stone

PEMS was founded in 1993 and subsequently constituted as a private limited company in 2005. Since then, it has been taking on challenging assignments. Their initial foray was into roads, then they diversified into tunnels and railways. The firm has successfully acquired two firms specialising in rail and hydropower.

They first acquired M/s ECI Renewable Energy Pvt. Ltd. in 2013 for diversification in the renewable energy sector and, in 2015, entered the railway sector by acquiring an established railway company, Vogue Construction and Consultancy Pvt. Ltd. They could team up with a few large European companies to compete in the Indian market if they had these credentials. Since then, PEMS has contributed to numerous significant infrastructure projects and gained recognition on a worldwide level.

Future Endeavours

Unveiling the future outlook for PEMS, M. Padmakumar states, “We are planning to expand into a global consultancy organisation by focusing more on new-age technologies and engaging with policymakers. We have started the process of setting up our foreign offices in Sweden and the UAE. To enable us to achieve progress, we are building our technical team to provide timely, cost-effective solutions.

We are also planning to focus on new verticals such as architecture, mobility, infrastructure data management, etc.” By the year 2025, PEMS aims to boost revenue by 10 times, which is possible with the current expansion plan. Their future strategies also include entering the private sector to provide support in various aspects such as design, project management, value engineering, digital engineering, etc. They are currently transitioning from an Indian engineering firm to a large consulting firm.

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