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Petals Professionals Services

Petals Professionals: Portraying Ex-IM Excellence on the path to prosperity

The Most Acclaimed Consulting Firm-IMPEX to Watch out- 2024

We are aware of the fact that as a significant contributor to increased Foreign Direct Investment, the EX-IM (Export-Import) business presents substantial potential for individuals, organizations, and countries to prosper financially. However, venturing into the export or import business of goods or services is a challenging endeavour.

Navigating through the documentation, shipping procedures, and intricate processes involved in transferring products/services is akin to navigating a labyrinth of compliances. Companies must obtain various approvals and registrations with entities such as the Reserve Bank of India, Customs Department, Central Excise, Goods & Service Tax Department (GST), and Foreign Trade Department (DGFT), among others.

Emergence of a pioneering venture

To maximize returns on investment for clients, Petals Professional Services has assembled a team of specialists with first-hand practical knowledge of every aspect of the business. Established in 1996 by the visionary Mr. Vijay Shah, Petals Professional Services (PPS) offers comprehensive consulting services for export/import businesses worldwide. The company specializes in the food and merchandise sectors, along with Engg., Pharma, and Chemicals….

The brain behind the venture

Vijay Shah is the Founder of Petals Professional Services(PPS) and emphasizes the complexity of government rules and policies and the need for competitive professional assistance in their efficient implementation. He states, “Understanding this challenge faced by clients, we transitioned from providing solely advisory services to offering full-fledged consultancy services at Petals.

Our focus is on providing 360-degree services, assuming full responsibility for executing orders for exports as well as imports within the parameters prescribed by government policies while ensuring quality services. The standout feature of PPS is how we stand by our clients every step of the way, virtually representing them to various departments. It’s like having a virtual office tailored to their needs.

The Expertise

PPS not only advises clients but also extends services until the completion of tasks by working closely with clients as a virtual in-house team. Vijay emphasizes, “PPS is the one-stop shop for every issue related to importing or exporting business.

We collaborate closely with clients from order placement to payment realization, and even assist in obtaining export incentives where applicable.” The company’s consultancy assignments cover various aspects, including pre-primary registration of new establishments, preparation of pre-shipment documentation, post-shipment follow-up, customs documentation, cargo supervision, and many more.

The project execution process

Vijay Shah elaborates on PPS’s unique project execution approach, stating, “Our experienced team deals with each project with a tailor-made approach. We conduct thorough research to understand the problem before proposing solutions within the policy framework, considering future consequences and needs.” PPS’s commitment to learning, innovation, modern infrastructure, and up-to-date domain knowledge has led to its recognition as the First ISO-certified company in the Foreign Trade Consultancy Field, among other accolades.

Creating brighter future prospects

Since its inception, Petals Professional Services has experienced continuous growth, expanding its client base and winning numerous awards globally. In the upcoming year, the company aims to adopt futuristic standard processes aligned with global requirements and integrate new technologies like advanced internet broadband facilities and Artificial Intelligence for enhanced communication.

With a promising outlook, Petals Professional Services is poised for a brighter future, planning to introduce special services like data support and cost assistance in the EX-IM vertical, and extending communication lines to operate 24/7.  PPS handles and represent to all govt. department inclusive of DGFT< CUSTOMS< RBI< GST< EPC etc.

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