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With the arrival of technological innovations such as smart devices, advanced digital platforms and innovative cellular technology, the concept of like ‘earn, save and learn’ has become a popular trend. Picxele, is a young and cutting-edge android platform that gives students an opportunity to work for brands, promote them and earn handsome returns from it, by leveraging on GigEconomy.

This unique approach helps in creating better engagement between them, offering students Part/Full-Time Internships, Marketing Campaigns, Discounted Codes or Offers also Jobs, all under one roof. Picxele utilizes distinctive micro-level marketing while keeping the roots into traditional marketing. This helps in building a significant presence amongst the targeted audience and in the market through college students.

Picxele was brought into the spotlight to help the student community of India earn and learn. Students get to explore an ocean of opportunities ranging from Marketing Campaigns to Full-time/part-time Job or Internship and a whole lot more. To be specific, Picxele is built upon three distinct features:

  • Quests: Tasks and campaigns for students and brands to work and earn regularly.
  • Offers: Cashbacks and Coupons from Multiple Brands. Students can save money while shopping from there favourite websites.
  • Careers: Full-Time Job/Internship openings listed by the Company for Brands.

In this everchanging marketing scenario, it is essential to innovate to emerging trends whilst sticking roots to the traditional framework. Picxele’s comprehensive model builds transparency and dependency between brands and students. Brands are provided with campaigns tailored to their goals and aspired outreach. Its transparent and lucrative setup further builds a cohesiveness between micro and macro level marketing and bring brands more close to their customers.

Rishav Agarwal, a 24-year-old innovator, is the mastermind behind Picxele. Since his 2nd year in College, Rishav got extensively intrigued, by the importance and opportunities in the marketing sphere. He started researching on it and found a huge void between the two, because of which they weren’t able to meet their goals. Earning in college days is a significant challenge. Students often opt for job opportunities while studying, which divulge their direction and creates an imbalance in their career. Rishav says, Since we are into the millennial generation, users prefer things to be at their fingertips, the students incline towards three important pillars Learn, Earn and Save”. He understood that to thrive in this golden digital era, easy accessibility and unified approach are the keys to setting up those pillars.

With that in mind, he launched INTEGER Innovation – A startup venture where Rishav collected work from brands, concluded them through students and paid them a stipend after the campaign ran successfully. This gave him in-depth enlightenment, and in the next year, he registered his firm as Floatex Marketing Solutions Pvt. Ltd. However, with time, the quantity of work increased and new brands kept coming on board. Furthermore, the manual framework for engaging students was becoming increasingly difficult to manage. This challenge eventually initiated the idea of Picxele app to make the operations more smooth and streamlined for students.

Digital advancements have largely influenced business practices, shifting most of the work on a remote setup. This transition is a huge opportunity where GigWorkers and Students can work Part-time for Brands and complete there goals based on the requirements. Picxele addresses this opportunity through its commission-based Business Model. They seek a reasonable price from brands, for the work delivered, by the GigWorkers and the Students and they pay ahead to the users while keeping their margin.

To be more precise, The Company analyses the brand’s requirements, and devise a customized plan and then send it to the students and gig workers. Afterwards, the work is sent for approval and rewards are provided accordingly. Also, as the entire business floats online, the Company ensures Gigworkers are equipped, with proper knowledge of the work. In scenarios, where the work requires hiring trained students, the Company scrutinizes interested candidates and provide them with the required training to ensure successful completion of work. They also have a very holistic work culture barreled, with flexible working hours and comfortable deadlines. This helps, in building a wholesome environment and increases dedication towards the work.

Commitment to real-time delivery and emphasis on customer-centricity are the two prime features that keep Picxele in the trending zone. Every service provided to brands are outcome-guaranteed and are accomplished within the deadline. Quests performed by students are approved within 24-48 hours so that they keep seeing money added in their Picxele Wallet and later they can redeem it. Lastly, Students and GigWorkers opting for Internships are initially shortlisted, by the Company and live status of their application (Rejected, Under Process or Shortlisted) is displayed on the app.

The qualified set of services have attracted a progressive amount of clients from the B2C segment that includes Pharmeasy, Cushy, Spartan Poker, Credicxo, Flutin, mCaffeine, Learneca, StudySid, Yocket, SnapStore, etc. These brands approach with their day-to-day branding operations, Picxele meets their targets evidently.

The monstrosity caused by Covid-19 has created significant volatility in the market and affected Companies from all verticals. Nonetheless, sitting on the digital platform gave Picxele an upper hand. The entire team of Picxele worked meticulously and kept the focus on onboarded brands, to ensure an autonomous flow of campaigns. Simultaneously, they stayed in touch with brands, so that there is no shortage of Gigs to run on the platform.

On the other hand, no team member was cut-off moreover – 2 new members, were added. Picxele provided Marketing Internships remotely to 1000 + Students who were unemployed or sitting idle. Also, they scaled users of Picxele from 20K to 40K via students by extensive promotion.

Within a year of inception, Picxele has created a major breakthrough in digital branding. They have achieved several milestones along the way, which are examples of their forte. Within a year they have upscaled to 45K users. They attained the entire last financial year turnover in the last 6 months, which is one of their proudest achievement.

Alongside, they helped 1000+ Interns complete WFH Marketing internship at Picxele. They have grown into a brand – trustworthy and competent in every sense, welcomed new brands and accomplished timely services. They are associated, with 100+ brands of which 20% have been a partner, for a very long time. Around 5000 Monthly active GigWorkers on platform performings gigs vigorously. To end with, they have evolved from a bootstrapped business to becoming profitable and having revenues in Crore.

Picxele is growing at a lucrative pace and aiming to build a leading presence within the next – 2 years. By March 2021, the brand is willing to attain 100K users and bring new features in the app. Also, they are aiming to bring more brands under their umbrella and expand their team on tech and marketeers side. They are also working on raising Angel round to leverage the growth. Within the next 2 years, they are aiming to surpass revenues at a rate of 2X.

“Entrepreneurship is not a hit or trial, it is only yes or no. Go for it if the desire comes from your heart, but if it does never have second thoughts”.  Rishav Agarwal  



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