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From tech to non-tech, product to service, or any other industry, we are all in an age of transformation. With the winds of change altering every aspect of business, leadership has come to be better understood. More precisely, more and more female leaders are being acknowledged for what they truly are: “agents of change.” India is not immune to the effects of these shifting dynamics.

The subcontinent is proud of a brigade of fearless female business luminaries that have inspired generations of women to dream big, believe in themselves and their capacity to drive impactful changes. Picturing and writing about the “women in charge” has always uniquely stimulated my mind. I have covered the stories of many bold women shattering stereotypes and setting the bar. Needless to point, each story has something more to add to this horizon.

My interest in this topic recently got me in touch with Ms. Piyali Dev, Director of T-MD Network Solutions. As she recounted her journey from claim expert to country director, I realized that becoming a business leader can be an uphill task, but those who are capable see it as a worthwhile challenge. Read on for a closer look at her journey.


The hat of leadership is a noble one, but it cannot remain noble unless the individual wearing it is innately strong, graceful, and dignified towards this obligation, coupled with skill and experience. A good leader looks into every concern with objectivity, integrity, and accessibility blended with boardroom skills and perseverance. This keeps the associated firm client-centric and time-efficient, which, ultimately, is their top obligation. The following notion reflects what Piyali’s leadership stands for.

Reaching the pinnacle, however, was a complete roller coaster ride. She started her professional tenure in 2013 and, in the following years, wore multiple hats at notable companies. The road was strewn with trials and missteps, but it shaped her into the leader she was destined to be. She has always believed in planning through the process, which keeps her on her toes.

“I appreciate the journey by trusting I have the wherewithal to accomplish any task I set my mind to, once my will and intention are firmly grounded,” she says. Her adaptable nature is also a silver lining to her growth. And when combined with her passion and skills, it aids her in creating a sustainable trajectory for her current firm. The inherent traits also make her a woman with liberal ideas and flamboyant taste. As a Country Director, she bases her leadership on a continual process of refinement, which propels her to victory—the achieving of goals accompanied by moral fortitude.


T-MD Network Solutions is a budding medical billing firm in the bustling metro of Kolkata. It was founded and is run under Town-MD Network, a well-known name in outpatient services in New Jersey, USA. It began in 2009 under the meticulous direction of Mr. Sam Rahat (CEO), an accomplished leader with a wealth of experience in healthcare management services.

T-MD Network Solutions offers a gamut of services, including Accounts Receivable (AR) and Revenue Cycle Management (RCM), Patient Contact, Health Information Management (HIM), and risk adjustment outsourcing for multiple surgical facilities, imaging facilities, and medical centers in the USA.

It also offers outpatient care, ranging from Urgent/Immediate Care, Ambulatory Surgical Care, Primary Care, Pain Management, Physical Medicine, Care, Ambulatory Surgical Care, Primary Care, Pain Management, Physical Medicine Rehab, Orthopedics, Diagnostic Imaging Services, and Laboratory Pharmacy Services. Like quality healthcare is the cornerstone of a healthcare facility, T-MD Network Solutions takes care of a facility’s financial health and sustainability. With Ms. Dev at the helm, the firm is carving a niche for best-in-class services in a secure, convenient, and friendly atmosphere at affordable price.

Since taking up the baton in 2019, her vision for T-MD Network Solutions has been simple—to create a company that values the time of its stakeholders and helps clients achieve their goals with the utmost dedication, commitment, and integrity while ensuring employees’ growth. After all, a happy team generates the best numbers. This is how she is setting a pitch for the company’s exponential growth.


Albeit the firm hasn’t quite had its big break, there are things to be proud of. First is the ability to stay in-speed with the market. Medical billing is an essential part of the healthcare system that colludes with patients, physicians, and health insurers to keep hospital costs to a minimum. The digital infusion has simplified things by allowing for paperless access and tracking medical records.

The firm is armed with the automation and innovation to facilitate eligibility checks, claims, and payments, ensuring maximized efficiency at minimum cost. Its services are HIPPA certified, which ensures the confidentiality of healthcare data. Secondly, the firm values people above all else. “During my professional tenure, I noticed that employees are not obligated to voice their opinions or be creative. “Instead, they are coerced into a fit-in-the-box culture, which ultimately hinders business growth,” says the Director.

As a change agent, she believes that a driven team working in a free-spirited setting yields better outcomes. As such, she takes an empathetic approach to keep employees on the right track and inspires a sense of ownership. This drives their creativity and innovative mindset, ultimately turning them into problem-solving individuals. The team is offered the opportunity to train on growth actuators like the ICD-10 coding, engage in forum discussions, conferences, seminars, and workshops. Having the right skills and resources is critical for a budding firm like theirs. It has assisted them in hiring several skilled talents from the sector over the last two years.


Ms. Dev’s struggle to rise to the position of leadership was taxing, but the road ahead was harder. First and foremost, promoting open corporate communication at all levels was difficult. This was followed by balancing risk and opportunity, examining operational, strategic, and financial risks to uncover opportunities. The complex relationship between the board and the rest of the firm was also difficult to untangle.

Despite the hardship, she has persevered by remaining open to learning and taking risks.“To me, avoiding risks as avoiding a gold mine surrounded by dynamite,” she asserts. The intrinsic ability allows her to assess the pros and cons of each scenario before decision-making. The way she handled the pandemic is a brilliant example of her abilities. Back in 2020, travel restrictions and remote work fueled isolation. Without end-to-end communication, lack of participation, and feedback, it was difficult to ensure a smooth and secure workflow.

Unwilling to give up, she dove into the foxhole while inspiring employees to follow suit. They worked on virtual mediums, and everyone was comfortable expressing concerns, challenges, and personal victories. The time allowed Ms. Dev to more deeply reflect on her sense of relatability, vision, curiosity, and motivation. Where most people would avoid taking chances, she is facing them head-on, giving the term “Risk” a positive spirit.


T-MD Network Solutions has been successfully sailing for more than ten years with a team of managers, team leaders, colleagues, and AR specialists. However, under Ms. Dev’s supervision, the firmis now taking a more specific course. In the years to come, she aspires to become a leader heading an ecosystem of stalwarts. This calls for assembling a creative team and establishing a committed setting for their advancement. As needs arise, bring specialists on board as well, and organize regular training sessions for everyone.

To ensure unfettered growth, it’s also crucial to limit and emphasize on eliminating shrinkage sources. Last but not least, she aspires to sustain a system of rewarding and inspiring employees. According to Piyali, “The combined approach improves individual and team results like clockwork.” In the end, she wants to “Lead by Example” to create a motivating work culture. Helping people better understand their roles will significantly enhance their overall performance.

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