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There may not be another invention that shaped the town as much as the elevators. However, elevators are not just a single invention but a series of innovations tracking back for many decades and continuing into the future. Its ability to carry people to multistoried buildings has reformed the way we work, live, and travel. Without these being invented we would certainly not be living or working in skyscrapers. The density of already populated metropolitan cities would have been alarming. The invention of elevators has radically transformed the look and the style of cities. Interestingly, before the elevators were invented, the top floors were only reserved for low rent tenants.

Just imagine a world without elevators!! How would the patients be carried to the cabin upstairs in the hospitals? There would have been low story houses occupying the entire space of the town. How difficult it would be for older people to use the stairs to reach the top floor.

We bring you a story of one such company that has revolutionized the modern city of Kolkata over the decade through the best of elevator services.

Today Powercab is a popular name in Kolkata and West Bengal. The organization has supplied and installed more than 7500 lifts across the entire Eastern India Region and even in SAARC countries.


  • Powercab offers a range of manual and automatic lifts which include Collapsible Door Elevators, Manual Sliding Door Elevators, Manual Telescopic Door Elevators, Manual swing Door Elevators, and Centre Opening Automatic Door Elevators.
  • Considering the safety of its customers, the team designs elevators with power backup and with emergency lights and fans in case of a power failure.
  • Powercab lifts are controlled by a microprocessor system which is a pre-programmed control. These controls are equipped with VVVF Drive of Toshiba, Yaskawa, Fuji, etc. The safety circuits incorporated in the elevators are as per West Bengal lift Rules and Act and lS & BS standards.
  • Clients can also avail intercom facilities in elevators as per their requirements.
  • Powercab has the expertise and experienced engineers/supervisors to provide solutions to the various problems of different lift owners on their request.
  • The organization has dependable and reliable arrangements to receive breakdown service calls between 10 am to 6 pm and thereafter through the IVR system and by their Google Play Store app “Powercab LIFT”.
  • These lifts have a negligible breakdown with a maximum of 0.1% breakdowns per day as the team attends all breakdown calls received on the same day (t&c applied). Lift under Powercabs maintenance never came across any minor/major accident for the last 30 years.
  • With a one-year warranty/free service period, it offers lubricating the elevators, checking all safety circuits once a month.

“We are coming up with an innovation in the elevator industry too. We are coming up with a showroom in south Kolkata for elevators and their different parts where buyers can directly come and choose their product after seeing and judging. It’s for the first time in the elevator world where someone is coming up with an elevator showroom just like any other car dealership.” Says Anirban Sen (Director)


The company aims for a far bigger, better and technically equipped factory with every required modern machinery. Besides this, it also aims at retailing elevator products to other local companies of Kolkata and West Bengal. Powercab is working towards building all operating systems of lift cabin and landing controls by wireless systems. Besides this, it also aims to introduce a display of all fault finding error codes in all the landings and car panels and the control system. Some of the other plans include the advancement of elevator technology work towards building an elevator system that consumes very low units of electricity and to incorporate overload sensors in each lift.


  • Quality elevators and escalators.
  • same-day online maintenance support and backup team (t&c applied)
  • Highest safety standards.
  • Same day annual maintenance backup plan to customers at an affordable rate maintaining all the quality norms.
  • Automatic rescue devices in each lift.
  • The main attraction of the company is its connectivity between the clients and the team during the term of AMCs and the warranty period.
  • To provide better connectivity and avoid all chances of communication gap


An ISO 9001:2015 certified firm, Powercab has bagged numerous titles by organizations like the Institute of Economic Studies and other renowned bodies. Some of the awards received by Powercab include

  • Udyog Ratna Award – Industrial Development in West Bengal
  • TransWorld Gold Star award at New Delhi for Towers Highest Achievement in selling the product
  • Excellency Award for designing and production.
  • Gold Medal towards services and products.
  • Excellence award of extraordinary achievement-India’s development Current Scenario’ in Hyderabad
  • Rashtriya Pratibha Puraskar Awards in Kolkata for its unparalleled services

“In West Bengal, we have chief electrical inspectors’ office at the Directorate of Electricity which is under the power department board of Govt. of WB. This office assists all the lift manufactures and they certify the elevators after thorough inspections and then issue the license to operate the said elevators. Apart from the West Bengal lift Rules and Act we also follow lS and BS standard code of practice of elevator etc. We render free customer support for the first year after the installation of the elevator. We also provide Online and Offline same-day maintenance support. Firstly, we have an IVR system where we record breakdown calls, interact with the customer and scrutinize every single call to improve our services. Secondly, we note breakdown calls/ grievances, new lift inquiries, etc through our app “Powercab LIFT” which is available in Google Play Store. Customers can lodge breakdown calls and interact with us via online also through company generated client ID and password which is provided by the after-sales team after handing over of the elevator to the client. Our vision is to provide better care to our customers so that we can get better business. We hope that you will give your valued order to us, which will be executed by us with utmost care and speed.”


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