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Petrokens Engineering and Services Private Limited

Petrokens Engineering: Creating Exceptional Engineering Solutions In The Wide Variety Of Industrial Sectors.

What are the top 5 things you look for when you are considering the services of an Engineering Consulting Firm?

  1. To get a solution to all your industrial needs. Whether you are looking for a whole design or want to customize an existing facility. The team should be equipped to deal with any project.
  2. The firm must offer experience, reliability, innovation, and integrity.
  3. Their competence in the industry must ensure that they have the right expertise to customize your design to attain every last bit of execution and to ensure that it will meet service requirements.
  4. Their result-orientated practices must ensure that the delivery of a suitable output that rightly considers project constraints.
  5. And they must provide a competitive edge to the clients to obtain the absolute best design.

Knowing your client’s expectations, setting goals, meeting their needs, delivering on time is the crux for any business. Introducing you to the team of Petrokens that makes the commitment to understand the way your product creates a positive impact in the lives of the users, and actively seeks out opportunities to maximize those benefits.

Petrokens Engineering and Services Pvt Ltd is a Chennai based ISO 9001:2015 Certified best-in-class integrated engineering consultancy solutions provider. The company offers a full range of engineering services from end-to-end complete solutions in Engineering design to MEP design, Project management consultancy, Specialized technical services, Risk management, and Technical staffing, with a diversified end-market exposure across Oil & Gas, Power, and Industrial Sectors.

Petrokens serves global oil & gas operators and EPC companies. It has targeted overseas markets for jointly exploring opportunities in-order to execute oil and gas projects. There is also an established strategic alliance with local partners in Malaysia, Vietnam, Myanmar, Oman, UAE, and Kuwait.

The company offers its clients highly specialized solutions to develop or enhance their asset’s performance over its entire life cycle. It also delivers a broad range of services and whole of life solutions for diverse industries, providing the clients with access to world-leading sustainable and innovative technologies.

Sources of Petrokens Competitive Advantage

Petrokens provides multi-disciplinary design engineering and consulting services in conceptual/feasibility studies. The firm’s capabilities comprise of Process, Piping, Civil, Structural, Mechanical, Electrical, Instruments, and Controls with HSE. The company offers complete cost-effective solutions from concept to commissioning, establishing the difference between Petrokens and its competitors.

The unique in-house design engineering services gives customizable options to the clients for their project. Combining flexibility with innovation and complete solutions, the experience for the client is curated with excellence and showcases uncompromised quality. The team is dedicated to delivering solutions to the client’s requirements across every phase of the project. It may vary from the concept, development to simulation, detailed design to validation and optimization tasks.

The team of Petrokens comprises an experienced and passionate group of project managers, engineers, and designers.

As an amazing feat, every client they have worked for has been a part of their team with a strong connection throughout.

Yes, there are challenges, but the team with the attitude of growth mindset carries the arrows of problem-solving in its arsenal to meet the challenges with solutions. Petrokens is a one-stop source for Conceptual Design, FEED, Detailed Engineering, Commissioning and Debottlenecking solutions. With an experienced technical team and multinational exposure to execute the job and capable of handling accelerated project schedules are unique features that differentiate Petrokens from others.

“Petrokens is a one-stop solution for all clients and we are a professionally managed company. We have a dedicated team working on projects to deliver it on time ensuring quality, safety, and integrity. This gives an edge among peers and competitors.”

The Making of Petrokens

Since its inception, the company had a clear vision and strategic business plan. This changed the pace of the operations, helping in overcoming the challenges at the early stages of the business. Petrokens entered the oil and gas market when the crude oil price was the lowest. The founders saw it as an opportunity and targeted customers looking for affordable solutions.

Dynamics of challenges faced by the company.

Challenges in Engineering come from uncertain conditions prevailing to change in oil prices and an industry-wide staff shortage. The requirement for skilled engineers has been realized as an unending necessity in the industry since technology is developing rapidly. One has to align themselves to meet the end-users’ requirements. It’s at the hands of the engineering sector to sustain many crucial aspects of day-to-day lives.

Here’s a short extract of the conversation we had with the key officials Mr G. Murali, C.E.O and Mr Jeyaraj. S, C.T.O from Petrokens.

In terms of your market, what do you feel the future holds for entrepreneurs?

Understanding its position in the market, we derive the scale needed to cut costs and remain competitive. We believe that the oil and gas sector is likely to be dynamic over the next few years. Hence, the ability to assess and accurately value potential targets faster than the competition will be critical. In this sector, prices are said to be on the recovering stage. Still, most oil giants are cautious about new initiatives with major capital expenditures. Many MNCs are still figuring out the essence of the cost issue. Likewise, this has proven difficult for the firm to distinguish real threats from – new competition, challenging bidding procedures and risk-sharing arrangements. We realize that the industry has dramatically changed and looking for cost-effective solutions. Hence, we are better equipped to compete.

How necessary do you feel is it to keep your employees content, how do you ensure it?

We started small with two people. Still, we are growing, along with growth, challenges are also growing. However, every day we think about how we can serve our clients the best way. Our team is passionate about the work and that keeps us moving. We are adding our client base every month and repeat orders are also motivating us to excel further.

We have created an employee-friendly environment for our staff. We provide equal opportunity to everyone and always welcome suggestions. We conduct various training programs to hone their technical as well as soft skills.

How are you giving back to society?

A lot of people suffered during the Chennai Monsoon floods. We stepped up and offered our help to the extent we could to the needy people in flood-affected areas.

What are the achievements and milestones of the company?

What does the future hold for the company?

We have tied up with global oil companies and EPC companies. In the future, we are planning to concentrate on the Africa continent.

Final Thoughts

Petrokens runs its business by living those values ​​of social accountability and economic efficiency which it is built on, counting forever on the dedication of its staff and inclusive dialogue with all clients. Petrokens works in compliance with certain essential principles and ethical values ​​forming the crux of the corporate strategy.


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