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Protechmanize Solutions Pvt Ltd

Protechmanize Solutions Pvt Ltd: A CYBER-SUCCESS STORY

Growth and recognition are the two main ingredients in the success of any start-up. Protechmanize Solutions, in its just two years in the start-up industry since its inception in 2018, has redefined success for the entrepreneurial world. Established by Mr. Hakimuddin Wadlawala, Protechmanize Solutions is on its way to become an internationally recognized CyberSecurity Company and a leader in its field through its top quality services.

Company Overview Protechmanize Solutions Pvt. Ltd. is an Information Technology product and services company, established by Mr. Hakimuddin Wadlawala in March 2018 in Mumbai, India. A CyberSecurity company predominantly into servicing, Protechmanize Solutions also complements these services with security products that the customers need. Protechmanize provides services such as Endpoint Security, EDR, Web Content Filtering, Web Application Firewalls (WAF), Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) and Web Content Filtering. Additionally, it offers Secure Access Solutions, Privilege Access Management, Patch Management, Vulnerability Assistance, Cloud Hosted Secure Solutions, Microsoft Cloud Adoption support, Technical Support Centre.

The servicing portfolio at Protechmanize Solutions is divided into three verticals:

  • Consulting
  • Implementing
  • Sustenance

The cybersecurity firm has made a name for itself in the field of CyberSecurity, Information Technology, and IT Security & Software Development. It has its footprint all across India, with a forty-people team and the Best CyberSecurity Company Award-2019, already in its pocket.

Known for being one of the best incident-response teams for the customers during their time of crisis, Protechmanize stands up to the name Mr. Wadlawala created for it. It is a pro-technology company, that ‘humanizes’ the technological services in order to ‘protect’ its clients from all kinds of cyber threats.

With customer retention of a hundred percent, the company has proved the faith customers have in it by showing an astonishing growth both in terms of revenue and employees. The company not just generated 3cr revenue in the first year, it doubled it in its second year. The growth has been a thrilling hundred percent in terms of revenue as well as employees, with the number of team members reaching forty.

Awards and Achievements

Apart from its popularity among its clients, the company has been recognized by the experts in the field for the high standard of its services and its growth. Some of the awards the Protechmanize Solutions team bagged are:

Best Cyber Security Start-Up of the Year – 2019: Protechmanize Solutions Pvt Ltd awarded as “Best Cyber Security Start-up of the Year (2019)” by the CISO Leadership Awards for its exceptional contribution on providing services for Cyber Security Consulting, Implementing and Sustenance.

Cofounders Town: Protechmanize Solution, for its quality services and an amazing entrepreneurial journey, was featured in the magazine, CoFounders Town.

10 Most Promising Multi-Factor Authentication Solution Providers – 2019: In conversation with CIO Insider team on “Tailored Consulting, Implementing and Sustenance approach for SEBI & RBI regulated companies” by Hakimuddin Wadlawala.

INFOSEC MAESTROS AWARDS 2018: An award that recognizes the contribution a CISO gives to strengthen the security porter of an organization. Mr. Hakimuddin Wadlawala received an award as a CISO in 2018.

Adding to its Success

Adding to its success and recognition, Protechmanize came up with its own product for raising phishing awareness campaign.

Phishing Awareness Training: According to Protechmanize, Phishing awareness training starts with educating employees on why phishing is harmful, and empowering them to detect and report phishing attempts. Through their phishing software and their phishing awareness training, it provides the client’s company an easy-to-use platform for employees.

Monitoring: To raise phishing security awareness to the highest levels, their phishing training has a monitoring feature. Monitoring the results of phishing awareness training not only identifies users who need further training but those who are reliable detectors of phishing. Post-training, many users will report more potential threats to security teams. After prioritizing Solutions reports of possible phishing, security teams can respond to real threats faster.

E-Learning: With their training platform each of the client’s users gain access to their own portal to take online courses at times convenient to them. This minimizes disruptions in the user’s productivity. The training portal is mobile-friendly, allowing users to take the training on any device.

Apart from helping their clients by raising awareness against phishing and providing them the means to do so, the CyberSecurity firm has taken steps to keep their innovative streak going. The company recently came up with providing customers tools for API Testing. API Testing or Application Programming Interface Testing is a type of software testing that performs verification directly at the API level. It is a part of integration testing that determines whether the APIs meet the testers’ expectations of functionality, reliability, performance, and security. Testing the core, code-level functionality of an application provides an early evaluation of its overall build strength before running GUI tests.

One of the major reasons attributed to the continuous growth of the company is the free hand it provides its employees. The unrestricted exposure to all the employees to go up and beyond their roles and responsibilities, go the extra mile to provide services and learn new things, has led to a workplace environment that fosters growth and development at individual as well as at the company level. The company has a selective staff dedicated to writing up security articles and focusing on research and development.

The performance review of the employees is bundled up with mandatory training and certification programs to keep employees apprised and updated about certification and security required from the industry perspective.

With Mr. Hakim’s insistence at being approachable to people, being vocal about any issues that arise, and sharing feedback whenever necessary, the company is growing from within, and not just from the outside.

Their genuinity is marked by their customer’s unceasing reliance on the company’s services. The company is proliferating solely through word-of-mouth marketing. The services they provide encourage the customers to refer them within their network, allowing Protechmanize to invest the least in marketing and advertising and instead focus on providing even better services to the clients.

Their Vision

Protechmanize Solutions also conscientiously involves itself in CSR. A percentage of the company’s profits are donated to old age homes and people in need. Mr. Hakim has also established a training institute for ethical hacking in order to empower the younger generation and help drive things better in future.

To continue on the path of success Protechmanize Solutions has created for itself, the CyberSecurity firm has plans to expand the business and reach outside India, and bring up the number of employees to a hundred. Mr. Hakim has further plans for Protechmanize Solutions to launch its own products, and carry on its mission to provide its customers security from various threats.


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