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Puravankara Limited: Offering a seamless integration of modern and traditional architecture; under the thought leadership of Amanda Puravankara, Director Provident Housing Limited

Puravankara Limited: Offering a seamless integration of modern and traditional architecture; under the thought leadership of Amanda Puravankara, Director Provident Housing Limited

Owning a house is every Indian’s big dream and it is one of the biggest financial investments one makes in their lifetime. Puravankara Limited takes the Indian dream one-step further by creating not just houses, but homes by weaving customer-centricity into the core of its brand essence and philosophy.

With this customer-centric approach, the brand is carving a niche for itself in building homes that meet all the requirements of today’s home buyers. Each project of Puravankara Limited and Provident brings its own uniqueness to the customers, which is what makes it special.

Puravankara Limited has not only set an example through their exemplary housing projects but is also very supportive of its employees who strive hard to build every Indian’s dream. Puravankara ensures gender parity at the workplace and encourages a work culture that motivates every employee to ideate and vocalises their thoughts. Ensuring a supportive environment for women, the brand also encourages women leadership and provides women employees with an opportunity to do what they do best.

Talking to us, Amanda Puravankara, Director Provident Housing Limited explains the philosophy, “To me, empowerment doesn’t mean one thing over another. Rather, it means to grant yourself the liberty to chase your joy.”

An overlay of the company

Headquartered in Bengaluru, Puravankara Limited commenced its commendable voyage 45 years ago in 1975. Puravankara Limited was an unambiguous vision and mission to synergise with the aspirations of millions of people to own a quality home, the company has emerged as one of India’s leading listed real estate company. In its robust journey of over four decades, the brand has completed 71 residential projects and commercial projects spanning 41 million square feet. Their intrinsic philosophy revolves around acknowledging the needs of their customers that has allowed them to grow strength to strength. Also, the insightful strategies of the management to create ‘WhatsApp groups’ to provide regular updates to the clients regarding the progress of the project activities was well received by the customers. Incorporating the post-sale customer engagement centre to address the grievances has bestowed them with prominence in the real estate industry.

The company has established two brands – Puravankara Limited (Luxury Housing brand) and Provident Housing Limited (Premium Affordable Housing brand). It is one of the first to own an independent brand for affordable housing in the Indian-real estate map. The firm has expanded its reach across the country by marking its footprints in cities like Bengaluru, Hyderabad, Chennai, Kochi, Coimbatore, Mangalore, Kolkata, Mumbai, Pune and Goa. They have also acquired an overseas presence in GCC and Sri Lanka. Being one of the first developers to secure FDI in real estates, they have bagged numerous accolades and awards.

Unveiling the entrepreneurial journey of the exemplary women leader- Amanda Puravankara

The Director of Provident Housing Limited, Amanda Puravankara wears the hat of ’30-under-30′ entrepreneur. Her exceptional leadership style has allowed the company to be the major player in the real estate industry. Post completing her undergraduate with Honours from the University Of Southampton, England, her first job was with a holistic healing Centre as she was keen to learn the ropes on her own, rather than the family business.

She has been involved in the business from an early age and has had the best education in Real Estate while interning every summer with Puravankara and shadowing her father, the Founder and Chairman of Puravankara Limited, Mr Ravi Puravankara. Coming from a business family, she has carved a niche for herself in the organization and has learned from her father that it is only hard work that gets you where you want to be. She understands the needs of the teeming millions and is aligned with Provident’s vision about providing people with their dream homes.

Amanda was instrumental in the organizational restructure the company underwent, in line with the strategy of being a lean well-run organization. Currently, she is involved in the end-to-end product development lifecycle, right from land acquisition, concept & design and market strategies. Under her aegis, Provident Housing has emerged out as a premium affordable real-estate brand in India.

Remising upon her initial entrepreneurial journey, Amanda elucidates, “As an individual, I like to push my boundaries when it comes to learning. My upbringing has included many dinner discussions about the business and opportunities. I have inherited my entrepreneurial ways from my passionate and visionary father; who is my mentor, continually helping me recognize my potential and prove myself.”

Amanda’s personal efforts are focussed to expand the horizons of the organisation while maintaining its reputation as a gender-neutral organisation. She ensures equality without any gender-biases by proffering equal employment opportunities to talented individuals. To her, it is quite heartening to witness today’s women break all the stereotypes regarding the career prospects in the real estate industry. Gradually, women are rising to the senior leadership positions not just in real-estate industry but other male-dominated arenas as well and being influential by serving the organisations with their heart and soul. In this respect, Amanda conveys, “When you find the power within yourself to pursue your joy or passion; the courage to continue in that journey despite challenges; you are empowered. It is encouraging to witness the world reorient itself with regard to the empowerment of women. Though the road is long and arduous; I am enthused by our resolve.

What is it they are doing right?

At Puravankara limited, the endeavours of the team converge to offer the customers a judicious mix of customisation, elegant aesthetics, world-class amenities and comfort. Today’s home-buyers are well-travelled and their tastes are accustomed to some of the world’s best architecture and services. Keeping these evolved choices in mind, Puravankara limited is looking at unique features that cater to the needs of the home buyer. They are one of the early adopters of technology in real estate – from construction to customer service.

Driven to create better homes for people, Puravankara Limited’s primary commitment has been in the residential space. With concepts of co-living, co-working and warehousing gaining momentum, Puravankara Limited has marked their entry in these domains and is set to offer the best with their decades of expertise. They believe that affordable housing and ‘Proptech’ will be extremely important to the fortunes of the Indian real estate industry, as these concepts have helped fill the gaps which previously existed in the real estate market.

With over four decades of domain expertise, Puravankara Limited has its pulse on the upcoming reality market trends and buyer sentiments, which is helping them stay ahead of the curve.

A token of advice from the phenomenal women dignitary

To all the women out there, here is a reminder ‘to be yourself’ in any scenario. As the world is transitioning for women, it is time to shed- the ideologies and restrictions that have acted as speed-breakers in the past.  Women empowerment is a boulevard of support in terms of infrastructure and societal structure for women to achieve milestones that are of significance to them.  The holistic development and progress of our country is a staggered and compromised effort without empowering our women and enforcing gender equality norms. The hope is for combined efforts to ensure an ecosystem to women where there is no fear of oppression, discrimination and exploitation.  With regard to the Real-Estate Industry, the domain is thriving with opportunity; having the appetite for the whole gamut of professionals.  I believe that hard work and enthusiasm is all the driving force you need; the industry is opening up to talent and ability without age-old gender biases. Today the real estate industry is poised and ready for more women in key and leadership positions.

Amanda Puravankara (Director of Provident Housing Limited)



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