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QUALITAS GLOBAL:  Ensuring World Class Services In Data Annotation & Mobile Games QA

With the progression of cutting-edge technologies, services and products in every domain have now been revolutionized. Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Automation amongst many other industries are now growing with a terrific boom. Processes are getting automated to minimize human intervention in the near future. One such outstanding company, in the same arena that has created a magnificent impact in Ground Truth, Data Annotation and Machine Learning services is QUALITAS GLOBAL.

Details Of The Company

Qualitas Global was founded by Neville Patel in August 2014. The entrepreneur of this company has a creative approach and firmly believes in quality work along with consistency in progress. Neville is a strategic thinker and a technocrat. Being a visionary, his phenomenal growth mindset is a valuable asset to the company.

With offices across Europe and major customers across the globe, Qualitas Global specializes in Image Tracking, Data Annotation and Video Analytics for Machine Learning in verticals like Automated Vehicles, Sports, Drones, Retail, Security & Surveillance, and Medical Annotations, etc.

helping Automobile software manufacturers, Sports team owners, coaches and managers, Security for Retail as well as Government agencies, etc. in facial recognition, license plate recognition, athletes performance analysis, monitoring vehicles and traffic regulations to name a few. Qualitas Global is also well known in the industry for premium Quality Assurance of Mobile & PC Video Games & for the development of Mobile Games, Apps & Software.

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With a large team of highly skilled professionals, Qualitas Global has successfully completed several international projects for clients ranging from start-ups to Fortune 5 companies. With motivated, passionate, scalable and highly trained professionals working as an extension of the customers’ in-house team, they clearly understand the clients’ product delivery cycle & commit themselves to meet their deadlines, ensuring strict quality & security standards.

Working as a strategic partner to their customers, they provide cost-effective 24 X 7 support. This round-the clock quality service makes them ensure, that they fulfill the requirements with utmost dedication and precision while providing great service to their customers.

Standing Apart From The Rest

QUALITAS GLOBAL works on core values and ethics. Honesty and Integrity are the pillars on which the company stands. Neville Patel shared with the Business Connect Magazine that he only promises what can be delivered with quality. He does not believe in making false promises and assurances to his international clients. This work principle has been the resolute strength and the reason for the major success of Qualitas Global worldwide, in which the company takes pride.

The company has created a difference in the market as the ethics have played a pivotal role for the company to stand apart from competitors in the similar business space.

Ensuring Unbreakable Faith

Qualitas Global ensures Quality work to its clientele. The company has been providing its services to trillion-dollar companies since about half a decade. This reflects the trust value of their clients within a short span of time. The company pays utmost heed towards providing quality work accurately and meeting deadlines. Being detail oriented and accurate while delivering is their forte.

Skilled Workforce

The workforce in the company is skilled and holds a commendable expertise in the technical realm. Mr. Neville Patel, the visionary CEO of Qualitas Global, interviews everyone personally, before they join the company. Apart from maintaining work ethics and high productivity, the company also organizes fun filled quarterly events and parties, to keep the employees motivated and rejuvenated!

Even after creating such an indelible and impressive mark in the industry, Mr. Neville Patel believes in constantly striving for excellence and aims to achieve greater heights in the time to come! Well, the sky is the limit! With a goal-driven and an ambitious team, QUALITAS GLOBAL is all set to soar higher

“We promise what we can deliver to our clients with supernal quality.”


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