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Quintesstial Media & Marketing

Quintesstial Media & Marketing: Leading Digital Marketing Firm With Gamut of Services

Lately, Digital Marketing has become one of the most dependable mediums to attract probable clients. We see almost every industry find digital platforms fruitful irrespective of their nature of the work. Today we are going to talk about a prominent Digital Marketing firm which has carved a niche in the market.

Quintesstial Media & Marketing (OPC) is a leading full-service Digital Marketing Agency based in Pune. Nowadays businesses big or small need more than mere marketing. At Quintesstial Media & Marketing, it offers a creative approach crafted by its team of specialists committed to delivering big results for the clients.

It has a wide array of services starting from digital marketing consulting and strategy solutions to managing the entire brand presence. It can handle everything from building an SEO-friendly website to creating comprehensive digital marketing campaigns, including SEO, email marketing, mobile marketing, content development and marketing, social media consulting, graphic & media designing, brand development & trademark registrations.

It believes in providing end to end branding solutions, hence offers entire brand development solutions starting from name development, logo designing, corporate stationaries, brand strategy, communication designs, website development, marketing campaigns (digital, social media & direct mail), video magazines, promotional videos & more.


We asked Farheen Shaikh, founder of the company, about the conceptualization of the firm. She says, “It all started with exploring my creativity & attempting something new. Designing visual graphics & websites was something that came natural & the idea of having a website to showcase my work always fascinated me since my school days. Gradually I was inspired by the idea of doing my thing with conviction without getting influenced by the external world. I wanted the freedom of running my own business & making my own brand and thus the idea of having a website designing company popped that gradually converted to a full-fledged digital marketing company today.”

At Quintesstial Media & Marketing, it passionately believes in ‘Crafting Brand Stories’ for it believes every brand has a story to tell. It must not be only about marketing instead it is about the whole experience, creativity and engagement with the client and their target audience. It understands businesses need more than an agency or a marketing team so it makes sure to be proactive and consistent with how it interacts with the clients to solve their digital needs.

Every startup founder knows from the outset that there are going to be obstacles. Within days after setting up her first office space and spending about a major part of her savings, she had to move out from the space overnight since the landlady couldn’t approve of her business only because they were not happy with the interiors. “So not only I was left with a complete setup of office furniture but also had the pressure of looking out for a new space immediately with very limited savings”, says Ms Shaikh.


This was the time when her mentor’s golden words motivated her – “when you do something so deliberately & with conviction, you are bound to achieve it.” Today after 3 years starting from a rented space to now owning her own office space with efficient & dedicated teammates, Quintesstial Media & Marketing has come a long way marking its presence in the industry.

It utilizes all the services it offers to not only better understand the process but to make sure it’s tried and true. Quintesstial Media & Marketing is more than a digital marketing agency to its clients seeking for result-oriented online promotions of their businesses. It provides and implements a successful marketing strategy across the web, online ads, and social media.

In less than 4 years, it has worked with clients in varied business categories to produce some insane results, from a 200% increase in traffic (with a reduced bounce rate), a 95% occupancy goal, higher SEO-rankings, generating leads and effective business collaboration for clients. The list of clients varies from different industries right from automation, health care, food, movies to music production & budding names in the fashion industry.

As a digital marketing agency, it strives to understand the client’s business goals first then all decisions are made with those goals in mind. It fathoms that time is money in business so it sets realistic deadlines (for itself and for the clients) and sticks to them. It communicates constantly with the clients to give updates as it progresses and gets projects launched by the agreed launch date.

Today technology is changing the way we do business and has made its impact on digital marketing as well. Platforms like Snapchat, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube and Facebook are the best channels for social media advertising. Quintesstial Media & Marketing keeps itself updated with the changing needs.

Based on the client requirements & keeping up with the market’s pace, it offers varied creative solutions like video magazines, brand campaigns, motion posters, launch videos that has proved a great way for customer retention & engagement. It has adapted conversational marketing as a model for engaging customers in real-time capturing their needs, and intuitive connecting them with brands.

Talking about the work environment, in Quintesstial Media & Marketing, work is fun. It values a sense of humor and hangout together with teammates. The idea is to have a positive and supportive environment and take care of its employees.


  • Quintesstial Media & Marketing has been nominated for India 500 startup Awards 2019
  • Exclusive Magazine & look book design for celebrities and fashion brands
  • Celebrity Fan Management
  • Promotional campaigns for fashion brands in Dubai, London & Germany
  • Editorials for international fashion magazines (London Fashion Week)
  • Campaign management for a fashion brand in Fashion & dance, Hanover in collaboration with GIBC
  • Brand development and Trademark registration for health care and automation brands
  • Digital partner for films promotion


Farheen Shaikh, Founder & Creative Director at Quintesstial Media & Marketing (OPC)

With over 10 years of experience in designing and marketing, Farheen is an ambitious entrepreneur with a passion for creativity and exploring new arenas. She is the inspiration and driving force behind Quintesstial Media and Marketing. With her unmatched creativity and strong business sense, she has made her presence in the industry. She began her career as a graphic designer which gradually transformed into a website designer and various digital marketing roles.

Being an MBA graduate in Digital marketing, her passion led her to found Quintesstial Media and Marketing, helping customers get easy and creative solutions for their brands. At Quintesstial Media and Marketing she is responsible for all the creative decisions and oversees all marketing, Public Relations and strategic development initiatives.

In addition to her creativity and marketing skills, she has a keen interest in poetry and music. Combining her love for poetry and music with her constant zeal for doing something new every time inspired her to write and produce ‘Rehnuma’ a fan anthem which has now more than 1 lakh views on YouTube


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