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R Systems

R Systems

A Pioneer In Value Creation And Trusted Partner In Software Product Engineering

Software products have immense potential to alter our lives by enhancing connectivity, accessibility to information, and transforming various sectors, especially in terms of the future. In the past, these software products have redefined communication, offering instant global connectivity, while also democratizing access to education through online resources and remote learning. We know that IT innovations like telemedicine and data analytics have improved diagnoses and patient care and who knows what marvels it could create in the future.

In creating such a huge impact, organizations like R Systems have added substantial value in changing lives with their software product engineering services portfolio. Owing to this, they have grabbed global reputation and witnessed grand business success. We happened to organize a one-on-one interaction with the CEO and MD of the company, Nitesh Bansal, who walked us through different aspects of their business, their outlook, and their impact in creating value for clients, investors, employees and communities alike.

Company Overview

R Systems stands as a prominent digital product engineering company recognized for its design and development of software products, platforms, and digital solutions, empowering clients to enhance revenues and operational efficiencies. Their expertise spans Product engineering, DevOps, Cloud, Data, AI, and CX, catering to major players in high-tech sectors like ISVs, SaaS, and Internet companies, along with telecom, media, finance, manufacturing, and health industries.

Leveraging automation proficiency in RPA and No-Code-Low-Code platforms, they aid enterprises in reaching their OKRs, digitalizing value chains, and offering BPaaS solutions. Collaborations with renowned software vendors such as AWS, Google, Salesforce, Microsoft, Boomi, UiPath, among others, enable the creation of domainspecific solutions, accelerating time-to-value and ensuring superior customer experiences.

With over three decades of innovation and applied R&D, R Systems boasts a team of 4300+ tech experts across India and Eastern Europe, leveraging cutting-edge technology stacks in cloud, automation, AI, ML, analytics, and mixed reality. Committed to corporate social responsibility, their initiatives focus on education, health, and community development, impacting societies positively. Operating from 18 development centers and 25 offices across North America, Europe, and the Asia Pacific, R Systems continues to expand its global presence.

The objectives

As per Nitesh, their mission is to lead independent software vendors (ISVs) and enterprises into creating humancentric experiences through purposeful digital engineering. They have been helping their clients build products and platforms all the way from embedded software to cloud-native systems.

Through their domain-specific services, they assist clients in harnessing the potential of AI, Automation, Cloud, Data, and Analytics. The goal is to facilitate the continual digitization of their value chain, enhanced operational efficiency and drive the growth of their clients.

Spearheading industrial change

Throughout its three-decade history of serving a great number of clients, R Systems has witnessed big transformations within the software engineering and IT services industry. This period has seen immense global shifts towards embracing automation, artificial intelligence (AI), and the Internet of Things (IoT), fundamentally altering the dynamics of technology interaction for businesses and consumers.

The widespread adoption of cloud computing has played a pivotal role in accelerating these advancements, simplifying infrastructure scalability, and significantly reducing computing costs. This evolution in computing infrastructure has enabled us to tackle barriers that existed until now empowering the scalability of tech-driven customer experiences on a larger scale.

Amidst these transformative shifts, R Systems has engaged with clients and industry partners, collaborating to navigate and harness these technological revolutions, actively contributing to and experiencing the incredible journey of this digital transformation.

A few of the worthy mentions that the key official found worth mentioning are as follows:

Automation: Their trajectory in automation has streamlined various business processes, leading to enhanced efficiency and reduced human error. For example, robotic process automation (RPA) in banking operations, accelerated transaction processing times with exceptional CX.

• Artificial Intelligence (AI): AI has revolutionized the way they approach problemsolving and decision-making. A notable use case is in the healthcare sector, where AI algorithms improve patient diagnosis accuracy and treatment personalization.

• Machine-to-Machine Communication with IoT: The integration of IoT has transformed industries by enabling real-time data collection and analysis. In the manufacturing sector, IoT solutions help factories increase their production efficiency through predictive maintenance and real-time monitoring.

• Data Computing and Analytics: The ability to process and leverage vast amounts of data has been a game-changer. For instance, in retail, data analytics tools provide insights that help businesses personalize customer experiences, increasing their NPS.

• Cloud: Cloud is no longer just an infrastructure layer, but an entire development platform with native tools that enable ISVs and enterprises to build scalable and function rich platforms and products. Engineering expertise to develop these cloud native products, SaaS platforms, migrate from on-prem models and integrate new revenue streams is the backbone of the digital revolution.

R&D alignment

The most noticeable aspect is their steady focus on R&D. At the heart of their operations lies a profound understanding of the significance of Research and Development (R&D) in continually generating value. However, their approach to R&D differs from that of typical product organizations. While product organizations engage in primary research to create new technologies, R System’s focus revolves around what they term ‘Applied R&D’ through secondary research.

The company doesn’t strive to invent new technologies, but to master their practical application in solving real-world issues. This necessitates a thorough comprehension of business domains and customer use cases, allowing them to leverage the latest technologies efficiently.

Consistently, they craft domain-specific solutions, reference architectures, tools, frameworks, and accelerators, underscoring their dedication to achieving the shortest time-to-value.

Moreover, aligned with their emphasis on Applied R&D, they’ve established specialized innovation labs dedicated to exploring emerging domains like cloud technologies, AI, generative AI, and customer experience (CX/UX).

They have recently announced a tie up with IIT Delhi to create a joint center for research and innovation on Applied AI and Gen AI – with the objective of Shaping Next Gen customer experiences with AI excellence. These specialized labs are highly devoted to uncovering the potential of emerging technologies, granting clients a competitive edge in their respective industries.

The leadership philosophy

“Leadership is about creating more leaders, not followers.” Nitesh revealed that this belief was inculcated in him by one of the greatest leaders and modern visionaries of the country, Mr. N.R. Narayana Murthy. Mr. Murthy has famously said that “if longevity is the best index to measure a company, a basic requirement is the ability of the corporation to generate new and new leaders.” Nitesh believes that leadership is inherently rooted in a dedication to achieving excellence and relentlessly striving for elevated standards. He further added that meticulous attention to even the smallest details holds immense significance in the pursuit of excellence.

Within leadership, the choices are quite clear – either assemble and nurture a team that embraces and upholds these elevated standards or risk the descent into mediocrity. Consequently, he perceives that the evolution of the former hinges on setting an example for the team. Witnessing team members adopt similar approaches upon observing these practices is deeply gratifying, significantly enhancing the overall quality of work.

A reflective Nitesh shared that ‘leadership isn’t a destination but a lifelong journey’. More significantly, it’s a journey ripe with the potential to glean leadership attributes from every encounter, regardless of an individual’s position or title.

Furthermore, establishing a standard of excellence goes beyond his personal commitment; it revolves around building a culture where this dedication is collectively shared. He advocates inspiring and nurturing more leaders, not just amassing followers.

The cultural principles

From the helm, Nitesh shares a distinct culture that propels R Systems forward. There are six foundational pillars that form the essence of a resilient and thriving work environment at the company. These pillars transcend theoretical concepts, embodying living values that guide every facet of the organization.

At its core lies an unwavering focus on client centricity, where the organization consistently exceeds client expectations, cultivating enduring relationships and ensuring utmost satisfaction.

Collaboration is revered as a catalyst for innovation, encouraging an open exchange of ideas to continually enhance value delivery.

Also, recognizing the rapid pace of technological evolution, R Systems invests significantly in lifelong learning, offering diverse developmental opportunities to keep its workforce at the forefront of advancements.

Their culture also promotes continuous improvement, nurturing a mindset that values experimentation, risk-taking, and learning from failures.

Embracing ‘Quality by Design’ principles ensures that quality permeates every operational stage, delivering outputs that meet the company’s stringent benchmarks.

Moreover, Nitesh’s leadership team emphasizes employee well-being, fostering a supportive workplace and a commitment to social responsibility, driving positive impacts within the broader community.

The roadmap to growth

Nitesh believes that in this evolving technical landscape and the increasing adoption of digital technologies like cloud, data, AI, and DevOps by customers, their capacity to comprehend industry intricacies emerges as a critical differentiator. Anchoring their future growth strategy revolves around an intensified vertical focus, marked by investments in acquiring domain expertise and expanding horizontal capabilities in emerging technology realms. He adds that the dual approach remains foundational to driving customer success.

Their go-to-market strategy is to go with a targeted concentration on specific verticals encompassing ISVs/technology, telecom, media, entertainment, healthcare, banking and financial services, manufacturing, logistics, and services. Simultaneously, the company prioritizes forging robust alliances and cultivating extensive proficiencies in cloud, DevOps, data, AI, embedded engineering, quality engineering, experience design, and enterprise applications integration services.

Furthermore, the company has expanded its footprint beyond a single location in India, extending to three prominent technology hubs in the Delhi NCR region, Pune, and Chennai. This geographical expansion, complemented by an increasing presence in Eastern Europe, strategically positions them to tap into a rich talent pool, particularly in domains such as deep learning, AI, and telecom. With respect to their growth trajectory, R Systems is planning to continuously invest in innovation labs and R&D centers, focusing on cloud technologies, AI, generative AI, and experience design.

Talking about future growth, Nitesh elucidated – “The infusion of support from Blackstone, now promoters of the company, has elevated its trajectory from a successful and ascending enterprise to one strapped with a jet engine for acceleration. Their experience building tech services organizations in the past serves as a catalyst, supporting an expedited focus on emerging technological domains, considered pivotal for the company’s expansion.”

Additionally, we are actively establishing centers of excellence and research hubs concentrated on Data and AI, reaffirming our commitment to forefront technological innovation. Demonstrating a commitment to multifaceted growth, the company has recently made a strategic acquisition of Velotio Technologies.

This move not only broadens our geographical reach but also enriches our proficiency in critical technologies, catering to both startup and enterprise clients within the product engineering domain. Along with that, R Systems is all set to embark on a trajectory involving a multifaceted approach to growth, delving into diverse domains such as captive operations, collaborative product and IP creation, and co-ownership models.”

Feathers in their cap

Throughout its rich history, R Systems has bagged numerous awards and recognitions that speak of its impact created so far. A few of the worthy mentions include:

• R Systems was recognized by Dun and Bradstreet as one among the top 500 value creators in India during the 2023
• R Systems was awarded the prestigious ‘Most Preferred Workplace in IT/ITES 2023’ by TeamMarksmen in partnership with India Today.
• Won the Rajiv Gandhi National Quality Award – 2011 in the “Large Scale Service Industry” category.
• R Systems International Ltd. received a ‘Special Commendation’ for ‘Golden Peacock Award for Excellence in Corporate Governance’ for the year 2014.
• Inc. 500 America’s Fastest – Growing Private Companies (three consecutive years).
• India Abroad – Ventures International 100.
• Enlisted in Sacramento Business Journal Fastest Growing Companies (four consecutive years).

The parting words from the visionary leader

Before concluding the conversation Nitesh conveyed, “To the readers of Business Connect, I humbly share my two cents based on our experiences: adapt to change, champion ethical leadership and bet on India.

In this exhilarating digital era, especially with AI becoming more mainstream, adaptability and continuous learning are essential skills. AI will never replace humans, but it certainly has the power to change the content of your job. We are at the cusp of a technological renaissance with AI at its heart, and it’s an incredibly exciting time to be part of this transformation.

As leaders, we’re continually learning and evolving. Leadership is not about having all the answers but about setting a high bar and encouraging others to reach it with us. It’s about creating a culture where every individual can become a leader in their own right. This approach builds a collaborative environment where continuous improvement and dedication to excellence become the collective goal.

Furthermore, we are witnessing an exciting time where India is emerging as a frontrunner in the global technology landscape. The country’s rich demographic dividend and diverse talent pool in product engineering and technology is not just a national asset, but a global advantage. It’s inspiring to see India’s growing influence and leadership in these areas, contributing significantly to the global digital landscape. Let us invest and also lead the growth of India in the coming decades. The future is ours.”

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