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Unilumin Group Co. ltd

Unilumin Group Co. ltd

Pioneering the launch of state-of-the-art active LED solutions…

The LED display market is expanding across various industrial segments, offering tailored solutions for control rooms, broadcasting, commercial spaces, retail outlets, entertainment venues, sports facilities, and landscape lighting, among numerous other applications.

All of these versatile displays and solutions serve a multitude of purposes, ranging from providing real-time information in control rooms to captivating audiences in entertainment settings. And who can deny the use of LED displays in the retail and commercial spaces, offering dynamic advertising opportunities and enhancing brand visibility.

In view of the above premise, Unilumin Group comes with the cutting edge tech and customer centric service that has revamped this industry in the most unexpected ways. The administration of the company deeply cherishes their partnerships,  industry, and commitment to societal betterment, advocating inherent human values that foster unity, harmony, and global happiness.

There is so much more to explore about this amazing company. Therefore, dive into this exclusive narrative formed based on the excerpts of conversation held with Vineet Mahajan who is the Director of the establishment.

A brief of the ‘protagonist’

Vineet Mahajan is spearheading the group to greater heights. He boasts off  two decades of professional expertise that revolutionized the realms of Consumer Electronics, Professional AV, and Professional Display industries. His impactful career spanned across renowned brands such as Panasonic, LG, Unilumin, Samsung, Videocon, among others.

Mahajan’s journey stands out for his pivotal role in spearheading the inception and growth of Professional Display and LED Display businesses from their nascent stages. He played a pivotal role in nurturing these ventures from their inception, propelling them to leadership positions within the industry. Notably, his tenure also entailed collaborating with top-tier AV partners and industry leaders, an honor that added depth and experience to his professional repertoire.

His contributions to these industries underscore his visionary leadership, strategic acumen, and the ability to navigate emerging markets. Mahajan’s success in elevating businesses from ground zero to industry pinnacles, coupled with his collaborations with key industry figures, exemplifies his knack for pioneering endeavors and fostering successful partnerships within the competitive landscape of Consumer Electronics and Professional AV sectors.

The company brief

Unilumin is a frontrunner in the LED Displays industry that offers cutting-edge LED displays and solutions catering to a diverse array of sectors such as control rooms, broadcast, enterprise solutions, smart cities, commercial spaces, retail, entertainment venues, sports stadiums, landscape lighting, and various other applications. Headquartered in Shenzhen, China, the company boasts a market capitalization of 1.3 billion USD and operates across more than 110 countries through a robust sales and service network.

Distinguished as the owner of the world’s largest manufacturing site spanning 400,000 square meters, Unilumin stands out as the largest producer of LED displays globally. As enterprises explore avenues for digital transformation, the integration of display technology and digital signage emerges as a pivotal consideration in their strategic endeavors.

Amidst the buzz surrounding emerging technologies like artificial intelligence, intelligent apps, and blockchain, the significance of superior audiovisual (AV) solutions remains steadfast. Unilumin reiterates the profound impact of AV technology in streamlining operations, fostering collaboration, and facilitating effective communication. Its innovative AV solutions not only optimize functionality but also enhance customer experiences, showcasing the enduring power of audiovisual technology in modern business environments.

Tech advances in the past years

As per Vineet, in the last five years, there has been rapid advancement in display technology, introducing smart, interconnected, interactive, and highly immersive solutions. This progress indicates a promising era ahead, offering new avenues for innovation across diverse industries, particularly in display and digital signage technology.

Unilumin, an established leader in LED display technology, remains dedicated to providing custom-tailored display solutions to its esteemed clientele. These solutions cater to a wide spectrum of applications such as Outdoor and Indoor LED displays, spanning areas like DOOH, Smart city initiatives, Control rooms, Corporate meeting rooms/Training rooms, Auditoriums, Transportation, Retail, and more.

The leadership style

Vineet’s leadership philosophy centers on collective success, valuing both victories and setbacks as shared experiences. He places utmost importance on individuals, considering them as vital stakeholders, whether they are Partners (Channel partners) or Colleagues. Additionally, Vineet prioritizes the significance of clear and efficient communication, considering it fundamental to establishing and maintaining successful relationships.

In sync with emerging trends

By 2026, the global LED display market is projected to reach a value of USD 13 Billion, experiencing a remarkable 22% growth from the previous year. The substantial growth, particularly in the narrow pixel pitch range of 1 mm-2.5mm, resulted in a 65% increase, driven by demands from control rooms, boardrooms, premium retail spaces, and home cinema applications worldwide.

In India, a gradual transition to Active LED technology has been observed, although the market remains in its early stages with an organized value estimated at USD 100 million. Anticipating considerable growth potential, the active LED market in India is expected to progress at a rate of 30% Year-Over-Year. The market shift from LCD-based Video Walls, Cubes, and high-end projectors to active LED technology is underway.

Unilumin offers Active LED solutions tailored for both indoor and outdoor settings, catering to a diverse range of applications such as boardrooms, conference halls, control rooms, NOCs & SOCs, auditoriums, home cinemas, retail spaces, rentals, building facades, stadiums, sports complexes, OOH (Out-of-Home) displays, and transparent LED screens.

Recently, the company introduced plug-and-play 176” and 136” LED TVs (UTV Series) for corporate meeting rooms and home cinema applications. Unilumin follows a vertical strategy, providing customized solutions for various industry verticals as following:

◆ Meeting Rooms

Control Room

◆ Broadcast

◆ Lobby’s and Open Spaces

◆ Leisure and Entertainment

◆ Transport

◆ Retail and Advertising

◆ House of Worship

◆ Visualization and Simulation

◆ Home cinema

◆ Sports & Stadiums

Investing in tech inclusivity

Vineet explained that allocating 7% of its sales revenue to Research and Development reflects a substantial commitment for the company. This investment drives continuous innovation, ensuring the development of cutting-edge products that maintain a considerable lead over competitors.

Six months ago, the company introduced the unparalleled 0.4 pixel pitch LED, setting a new benchmark in the industry. Moreover, being the pioneers, they have also successfully launched 0.5 and 0.7 pixel pitch LEDs.

The company boasts the world’s largest manufacturing facility situated in Daya Bay, SZ, China, with a staggering production capacity of 700,000 Sqm of LED displays annually. Utilizing smart automated production facilities enhances both production quality and efficiency, resulting in expedited delivery schedules and reduced costs.

Creating a distinct mark

Unilumin stands as a trailblazer in the active LED industry, consistently holding the top position globally for the past three years. The company specializes in providing cutting-edge LED displays and solutions across diverse sectors such as corporate, public security, broadcast, commercial enterprises, entertainment, sports, and landscape lighting.

Boasting an impressive portfolio of 1113 patents, Unilumin’s heavy investment in Research and Development underscores its commitment to innovation. The company operates the world’s largest LED display manufacturing base, sprawling over a 400,000 sqm industrial park in Shenzen, capable of producing 700,000 sqm/year. Notably, Unilumin initiated mass production of 0.5, 0.7, and 0.9mm pixel pitch LED Panels.

Their competitive edge lies in offering state-of-the-art LED solutions with the latest technology, customized options, and top-notch service at competitive prices. With a wide array of models available in various pixel pitches for both indoor and outdoor categories, Unilumin caters comprehensively to the diverse needs of its clientele across different sectors.

Keeping up with customer’s trust

Customers seek three fundamental aspects: a superior product at an optimal price point, durability, and exceptional after-sales service. As OEMs and a prominent brand in the industry, we hold a distinctive advantage in technological advancements offered at competitive prices.

Our approach involves crafting bespoke solutions that seamlessly align with our clients’ specific requirements. Within the active LED industry, precision during installation and impeccable after-sales support are paramount. To address these needs effectively, we operate a fully equipped repair center in India, ensuring local repairs for LED modules.

Words of wisdom by the phenomenal leader

Before putting an end to the conversation, Vineet conveyed some motivational words to our readers, “Be honest in your approach , Keep the communication as clear and transparent as possible. In business, everything revolves around the End customer. So all the strategies, related to product, pricing, marketing, services should be customer centric.

The business strategies should be for a longer term keeping end customer in mind. One customer won will lead to ten new customers. In life, Do not let the fear of loosing be greater than the excitement of winning..Keep trying, keep experimenting ,Keep gaining new experiences. Life is a beautiful journey of experiences and exposures. You don’t lose till you stop trying.”

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