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The greatest roadblock in the smooth functioning of a company or any business is the lack of a skilled workforce. Corporations undergo a serious crisis of the right people with adequate knowledge and experience. RADAR TALENT SEARCH acts as a beacon and aims to provide the required talent for varied corporations and organizations as per the requirements.

Based in Bangalore, Radar Talent Search was incubated in 2013. Rohith Eshwarappa and Ratan Shetty are the founders of Radar. Under his ace stewardship, the Company propels in the Recruitment arena with a great impulse and provides the eligible candidates.

Mostly, this Recruitment Company covers the clients of IT and Analytics.  Their focal areas include startups as there is a paramount requirement of the workforce, domestic firms, established MNCs, etc. From startups they gather knowledge and information related to a multitude of domains; try to identify the new skill set requirements by the Hiring Managers.

People at Radar Talent Search try to understand the need of the clients, what are their requirements? What are the skills required? How much experience does an individual possess? After a full-fledged analysis and Research, they present the profile of the candidates as per the needs. De facto, each skill desired by the recruiter can’t be present in the candidates. Around 80 percent of the client’s expectations on the basis of the Job Descriptions and the requirements of Hiring Managers are met by Radar’s team. In this way, a great rapport is formed between the clients and the Company.

On keeping abreast of the hottest trends in the Recruitment space, the enthusiast Rohith states, “On a daily basis we met obstacles in the alley, sometimes in terms of technology and other in terms of finding right candidates. With arising challenges, we come up with solutions also. What we have learnt from the journey of 6 years is to be adaptive.”

Team Of Radar Talent Search

The team size of Radar Talent Search is of 12 people who incessantly hone their skills as per the requirements of the clientele. There are separate teams handling the sections of IT, Analytics and Banking respectively. They intrigue to garner the knowledge and information in the areas of IT and Analytics to understand the demands. By polishing their skills, they understand the client’s needs quite lucidly. Consequently, their functional expertise and knowledge upsurge greatly. A team of skilled professionals adds great value and guarantees success.

They offer a good salary structure and also bonuses if the employees perform outstandingly well as per the expectations of the Company.

Walking on the trajectory of ethics and values, Radar Talent Search ensures the integrity on the professional fronts. Let’s say if a candidate is looking for a job only for monetary benefits, RADAR checks and put a hold on such candidates until they make the candidate understand the importance of skills and knowing what the client is expecting from them. Because in the present times, companies are looking for skills and strengths in the candidate. So, Radar focusses more on providing the candidates who want to grow both the aspects i.e. monetary and skills and to serve in future companies.


Avenues that offer a great platform to learn and gain information, Radar Talent Search always tries to cross them. The Company majorly focuses on the quality of recruitment and focuses on finding opportunities to learn something new every day. Monthly or on a daily basis, they seek new clients so that they can learn about the new technologies and the latest trends.

Learning new every day offers incredible motivation and gears them up for expanding their horizons.

This also boosts the cordial relationship between the clients and the company because they are aware of their requirements pretty well and that is appreciable.


Erstwhile nobody knew Radar Talent Search in Bangalore. As the city is a hub of IT, RADAR has closed the positions for topnotch IT firms. It has given a tough competition to the well-established Recruitment firms or agencies.

The Company is looking to expand its dimensions and wants to get along with the companies from which RADAR can learn and grow.

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