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Real Dream Achievers

Real Dream Achievers: Setting a Benchmark In The Field Of Direct Selling & Referral Marketing

There’s a technological boom all around. In this era of online community connection, customer expectations have grown multifold. The thrive is to build a seamless experience. For a lot of businesses, customer satisfaction is the new battlefield. To gain and retain a competitive advantage is the crux of all marketing campaigns.

When wholesale producers sell via retail distributors, they hardly have a say on how the product is sold. They rely heavily on the distributor that the customer is satisfied with. With Direct Selling, organizations can visualize the customer journey and plan the tactics needed to make that vision a reality.

Well planned direct selling campaigns focus on promoting a product or a service and invite the customers to visit your website, act, receive further information, book a demo or purchase a product.

Direct marketing allows you to market your products and services directly to the target customers. A well structured direct selling campaign will:

  • assist you in creating a relationship with new customers
  • dip checks the utility and demand of your product or service
  • a direct approach is direct feedback. It’s a feedback for you in understanding which advertising approach reaches your target audience
  • increase sales

However, direct selling campaigns need to be carefully planned and a clear understanding of direct campaigning practice. Being well informed of the advantages and challenges of direct marketing will help your business use direct marketing effectively.

Meet the team of ‘Real Dream Achievers’ who have already set a benchmark in the field of Direct Selling & Referral Marketing with experience of a decade and a visionary outlook of the founders. With their strong dedication, these leaders are reasons behind the smile of thousands of families across the world. 

‘Real Dream Achievers’ is growing at a significant rate. The growth rate is a testimony about the quality of the services, the campaigning plan and the team that has been able to commit to such a rewarding and sustainable system.

The team is committed to making world leaders in direct selling business by providing opportunities to organize your own profitable and stable business.

Their motto ‘Reach your goal with us’

In our mission to make India Healthy & Wealthy, we have developed a range of daily consumable products. The dream of the founder of Real Dream Achievers is to transform lives followed by a very holistic approach to developing each and every product. We want to be known for our Values, Development, Teachings, Reliability, Flexibility, Responsiveness& Innovative Services. We aim to make your dreams come true with the help of the most talented and versatile leaders with a youthful exuberance and human trainer, motivational and eminent speakers says Mr. Pobitra Das (Founder, CEO & MD) of Real Dream Achievers. 

Have the Drive to Reach Your Goals: Join the Team

You do not need an educational or professional prerequisite to step into the direct selling industry. This is the reason it is a fantastic industry for students, a person without a college, recent college graduates, high school diploma, stay-at-home parents. The only precondition for success in the field of direct selling is the drive to reach your goals.

Multi-Level Marketing: 

The firm considers the effort of all its representatives by rewarding the representatives for their sales and gives them a percentage of their sales income as commission. Associating with the direct selling campaigns requires the representatives to converse with a lot of people. This facet of the job makes it a delightful way to socialize with people of all demographics. Therefore, besides commission, ‘Real Dream Achievers’ is true to its name. The firm helps all its representatives by training them on personality development and skills that help in excelling in the job market. This personal growth training helps individuals gain a life long skill to live, earn and support their families. The team provides all such training for free. Additionally, whoever excels and shows the leadership drive is taken for a national and international tour. The firm strongly supports the empowerment of its representatives to lead their lives on their own terms by upgrading their life skills.

Want to know more about this promising company? We had a conversation with the founder to bring you some exclusive insights. Here’s a quick glimpse. 

Please mention some of your fortes.

We provide National & International Tour to all representatives who have the desire to grow, learn and prove themselves. We also provide skills and personal development. This is extremely essential for one’s growth. Our products are the best genuine organic products at a very affordable rate.

What message do you want to give to other startups in the entrepreneurial world?

I believe this is one of the best platforms to fulfill your dream. If you can work smart, have the willpower to succeed, then no one can stop you.

What are the efforts made by you not to lag in the race of having the latest technology?

The current technologies we have are Tally ERP 9, Photoshop, After effects, Filmora 9, Premiere Pro, Lightroom, 3D max and so on.

Concluding Thoughts

Direct selling has adapted to the digital retail space. It remains relevant, unique and continues to grow, even when there’s a tough competition with e-commerce and in-store retailers. It continues to build personal connections and help consumers to get the best of products and services for themselves and their families.

Founder, CEO & MD Mr.Pobitra das Enterpreneur Traits 

Real dream achievers Pvt Ltd founder, CEO & MD, MrPobitra Das is the brainchild with 12 years of experience in the direct selling industry.

Skills and Abilities

He is a motivational speaker,personality developer and life coach.He also helps people to be a successful businessman and achieve their goals


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