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In this era of constant transition, technology plays a crucial role. Technology is the platform that creates a dynamic portrait of any organization. However, technology is of no use if not operated properly. With the development in digital technology, The 21st century has seen the rise of cloud-based advancements such as Big Data Analytics, IoT, and much more. To operate these platforms companies require individuals who can ensure competency  practically. Uphunter Solutions Inc. is one such firm in the USA, which delivers the choicest employees for the IT-sphere.


Uphunter Solutions Inc. is a technology-focused staffing firm that source talents from the IT arena to many foreign countries like US, UK, Europe, India and Australia. Uphunter Solutions, was established in Houston, Texas, USA. The company is fortified with an adept workforce, whose knowledge, skills and combined experience helps the company fathom the needs of its clients and provide the best talents to elevate their growth. Uphunter focuses on the areas of cloud-based technology, mainly Mulesoft, SAP, Oracle, Anaplan and Pega.


The company is led by – Mr. Paramaguru Devendran (Dev) (COO), Shankar Sree (CSO) and Casey Romero (CEO). Mr. Dev was born and brought up in Trichy, Tamilnadu, is a well-versed leader, with 15 years of exposure in SAP as an SAP Data Lead and served to several clients in the US. Apart from Uphunter Solutions, he is also the cofounder of Proxima Centauri solutions, an IT Staffing firm. He is a very passionate leader who aims at handholding people, especially women, with a breakthrough career. For his approach towards helping women find good jobs, he was honoured with a Doctorate in Social work Women Empowerment, in 2019.

Shankar Sree: He was born and brought up in Mysore
and he moved to London for work 10 years back and has garnered 17+ years of experience in the IT industry, working in various environments in vivid roles and locations.

Along with Dev, he is also the co-founder of Uphunter Solutions and Proxima Centauri. Shankar possesses an ardent interest in environmental protection and children’s education. As an entrepreneur and individual, he wills to make a difference by empowering children’s education in society.

Casey Romeo: She was born and brought up in Texas, U.S. and has incurred over a decade of experience in the healthcare industry. Known for her leadership and management skills, she has played an instrumental role in co-founding Uphunter Solutions. The persona is well acquainted with working in various designations and has closely worked with executive leadership in the health care arena, putting an impact in the daily lives of patients and families. She shows a positive enthusiasm towards nurturing people to live and work at the foremost potential.


The idea of conceiving Uphunter dates back to a very tragic story faced by Mr. Dev. During his professional period in Houston, he once met a single mother, whose husband was in prison. She had no source of income to take care of herself or her toddler at home. “She was worried about how both of them are going to survive without any income. I felt pity all I offered to her was my empathy and listening”. Mr. Dev asserts regretfully. The following month he again met her near a bus stand and she said she had no home and had no money to care for her child and she was struggling to find a job. The encounter formed an air of melancholy around him and haunted him for the entire week as he couldn’t help her. This incident laid down the idea of creating a firm that provides Jobs for single moms and homemakers who wanted to restart the career. Mr. Devendran had also endured many unconventional challenges that further made him bring Uphunter in the spotlight. Around 2017, he lost his contracting job and was in the void. He was drenched of hope and self-esteem. However, in a few years, he was able to see the light at the end of the tunnel after creating Uphunter with his associates; but at that point, he had no idea of the outcome and how it’ll be accountable for several people’s paycheck and impacting several people life. “Many times we had the conversation of Giving up and quitting; but, whenever we had this conversation to our surprise, some good deals open up,” says Mr. Dev. Soon after its inception, Uphunter Solutions has seen progressive growth and has acquired a multinational clientele from verticals like Oil and Gas, pharmaceuticals, Healthcare, Media, Automotive, Banking and Finance, which proves their sustainability.


“Integrity”, “Aliveness”, “Generosity”, “Perseverance” and “Fun”, these are elements, helping Uphunter stay ahead of their peers. They pay attention to every single need of their clients and ensure a sustainable partnership. The company has a strong R&D team that proffers an in-depth analysis of the market to churn out the most competent candidates and advanced resources to satisfy clients. Another USP that keeps them competent is their strong leadership and industrial expertise. Every one of them has garnered enormous technical and functional expertise and mentored 100’s of people around the globe. Their  strong leadership and understanding of market demand help them source the right candidate.


“ We are the source of freedom and aliveness for people across the globe through IT Staffing solutions”, this is the possibility of our company says the leadership team. Employees are the true reflection of  acompany. Uphunter has incorporated a well-nourished workforce, where every individual holds a noteworthy journey in the industry and has built the muscle to perform on their accountability very effectively. To ensure the sustainability of this team, the upper echelons keep them grooming and mentoring. This helps in the employees stay competent all the time and handle any kind of circumstances. The company maintains an open communication channel and integrity with its employees, acknowledging their efforts and empowering them parallelly.


Within a year of its establishment, Uphunter has acquired an incremental position in the industry. By the end of 2021, they are aiming to grow employment by 200% and furnish jobs for more than 200 people. By the end of 2023, they wish to facilitate jobs to more than 1000 candidates and ensure a $15 Million yearly revenue. By Dec 2026, they are looking forward to becoming a big company that lives up to the trust of providing efficient jobs in foreign countries. In addition to employment, the company is also aiming for sponsorship for children’s primary education. By 2023, they are aiming to sponsor 300 children in the region and further raise it to 10,000 by Dec 2026, in the developing nations. Furthermore, they are looking forward to providing quality food, for unprivileged children – 1000 children every day by 2023 and 3000 by 2026.ENLIGHTENMENT


• “Relationship building is the mantra for success and there is no replacement to it.
• Team and teamwork can cause powerful results. Without a strong team, you cannot play big games in life.
• Always focus on the Context of your company rather
than focusing on the contents or operations, as it is the key to your success.
• Even in dearth conditions, have faith that your life can take a progressive turn. Just stay committed to your
• Try to find a good mentor on the way, having a good mentor is a cornerstone of success”.- Mr. Devendran

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