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With the commencement of 2020, the world has been attacked by the outbreak of a novel coronavirus. Being a communicable disease, it has caused a surge for innovative telemedicine technologies. Over the past six months, use of telemedicine, telehealth, and virtual healthcare have greatly expanded and promise to help move the healthcare industry into the digital realm. With the aid of camera-equipped smart devices, the Internet and artificial intelligence, people who do not want to risk contracting the virus by going to healthcare facilities can now easily have video face-to-face meetings with medical professionals and caregivers.

Telemedicine has been essential in helping lower the infectious curve of the ongoing pandemic crisis. It has helped doctors coordinate with patients in every step from diagnosing to prescribing medicine. In the same vein, Real Time Touch digital technology platform will be developed to proffer exemplary services like decentralized clinical vaccine trials using wireless remote-controlled dispensers. And, video-connected, remotely controlled anywhere based treatment and therapy devices. Led by “California’s Most Influential Leader in Healthcare Technology 2020”, RTT is aiming to integrate people with virtual healthcare services and collaborate with partners in addressing the needs of people in this pandemic.


Real Time Touch(RTT) is a tech-innovative platform that focuses on virtual care visits through remote-controlled anywhere- based treatment and medication control devices. The application enables video chatting between doctors, nurses, and patients through all kinds of smart devices for diagnosis, tests, prescriptions, treatments, and medical consultations around the world. People in rural areas have a hard time getting access to traditional healthcare services. Through its platform, RTT hopes to ensure they can get virtual access to quality healthcare at affordable prices. Their user-friendly platform will help people, including elderly people, people with mobility challenges, and people with transportation issues to virtually interact with medical practitioners for real-time medicine release, treatments, and therapies.

Real Time Touch(RTT) has an internationally pending patent for a wide array of devices for remotely guiding devices for therapies, treatments, and even exercise machines to be used at home, work, or as a wearable component. With the

FDA’s approval, Real Time Touch(RTT) is looking forward to integrating these instruments with existing virtual care providers, hospitals, and clinics. RTT strives to bring change in the sphere of telemedicine and virtual healthcare through its tele-treatment platform. Its technology surpasses the other telemedicine platforms by going the extra mile, ensuring a strong and stable connection to patients for remote monitoring, programming, and controlling of wearable, mobile, and home medical devices. Their technology will also be used by veterinarians and pet lovers, to remotely release medications and treatments to animals and pets.


In 1997, Craig Linden, Founder of RTT, started experimenting with remote medical treatment. Craig aimed to integrate the RTT platform with telemedicine services to provide physically augmented virtual health care to people in need. With this vision, he inaugurated Real Time Touch(RTT) in 1999. Craig is a graduate of San Diego State University with a specialization in business marketing and management. He has also garnered many years of experience by working in a variety of fields. Craig had to face several hurdles. “The journey has been long and difficult,” asserts Linden. Over the years, advancing technologies have helped RTT move closer to making its platform available to people everywhere. Notable examples of their tech-innovations are their planned Remote Controlled Medication Dispenser (RC Rx Dispensers), coming with a variety of qualities including medication release, video conferencing, vitals, and electronic health records.


“Today, millions of people don’t have access to proper healthcare, but many of them have a smartphone, laptop, or tablet,” explains Linden. Digital technology has become an integral part of our life. RTT is looking forward to establishing associations that will aid in inspiring the global healthcare industry by providing digitally controlled treatments, pain-relief devices, and medication release vaults. These devices will be equipped with sensors to monitor a patient’s vital signs. These wireless remote-controlled devices can be delivered to the patients by delivery companies, or even by drones. RTT’s planned remote release medication vaults are aimed at enabling pharmaceutical organizations to decentralize clinical trials by moving part of the clinic into the home, workplace, or field. This will consequently lead to more reliable, efficient, and cost-effective clinical drug trials.


Amid the illness and death caused by Covid-19, telemedicine is proving to be a suitable methodology for providing quality healthcare. Since visiting the healthcare center can add risks for both doctors and patients, telehealth visits and virtual diagnosis have proved to lower the transmission of disease. Real Time Touch(RTT) has taken this opportunity and is proffering a list of improved telehealth solutions, to address the current crisis:

  • Video-connected remotely controlled medication dispensers
  • Virtual face-to-face communication with AI assisting healthcare providers
  • Remote diagnosis and monitoring of patients at home, or in quarantine
  • Real time monitoring with wearable electronics
  • Virtual Reality with mechanical, pneumatic, electronic, and touch-interface technologies
  • Online mental health support from the home with telepsychology and other mental telehealth therapies, and remotely guided devices

As of now, RTT is looking for partners with whom it can structure these solutions for a global audience.


RTT has become a preferable global choice for its teletreatment platform. Last year in June ‘19, Linden was bestowed the prestigious “Top 100 Healthcare Leaders Award” by the International Forum on Advancements in Healthcare (IFAH) for his contribution to advancement in physically augmented telehealth. For his impeccable contribution, Linden is commended as the pioneer and advocate of advanced telehealth services. His prized RemoteRx dispenser is envisioned with advanced IoT, video conferencing, hardware, monitoring, biometric ID, cloud, and physically augmented capabilities backed by Linden’s intellectual property.


Real Time Touch(RTT) is progressing on a successful journey in the telemedicine sphere, conceiving remarkable innovations. In the following years, they are willing to establish licenses and partnerships with healthcare companies globally. RTT also intends to collaborate with IoT, communications, and medical device manufacturing companies to accomplish its mission to provide virtual care to all.


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