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Rego Food Products

Rego Food Products

Quit Trying To Be Culinary Smart, Choose Frozen Meat

Home to the largest cattle population in the world, India produces more than 6 million tons of meat, bagging the fifth position in the world. So the opportunities for development and scope in this sector is pretty high.

Cold cuts and frozen food have for long proven to be a boon for all the brown baggers who are looking for quick lunch solutions. It’ll come in easy to serve choices, perfect for gatherings, parties, simple and convenient fillings for your everyday routines. The young population today has adapted food habits that are absolutely contrary to that of the earlier generations, all thanks to the time crunch and demanding working hours. Hardly any time left to spend in preparations, the younger generations resort to easy methods of food, frozen products becoming the priority.

What has further pushed the growth in the e-commerce sector, is the virtual availability of the products in the age of this technologically driven population. The high visibility and easy reach have made it a suitable option to pick in comparison to other toiling platforms with not as many options in variety, bringing in market penetration for frozen meat products in India.

And with this growing demand and scarcity of freshness and variety, Tome Romualdo Rego, Founder, Rego Food Products, came up with a brilliant plan to start his venture of frozen food. The idea of frozen meat is already an established one for Rego Food, given that the Indian market has gained major traction because of the convenience it brings along of availability and easy to cook negating the culinary expertise required otherwise.

Tome Romualdo Rego, Founder, Rego Food Products, 

A fascinating personality with an array of talents is a genius brain. He has struggled and worked hard for what he is today. He has worked in diverse fields before launching this food products business. His Moto in life is “always aim high, struggle, work hard and achieve your goals” and ‘do what satisfies you’.

Business Connect: Please walk through your company profile and its offerings.

Mr. Rego: we offer authentic Goan food products along with delicious Goan sweets like Bebinca & Dodol

Business Connect: What gives you an edge over your peers? Please mention some of your fortes.

Mr. Rego: There always will be a healthy competition out there, but we try to deliver the best we can. We ensure that we maintain quality food and introducing some new products frequently in the market for the ease of our customers.

Business Connect: Did you face any obstacle during the initial days? How did you sail through them?

Mr. Rego: Yes, during our initial days we had faced some issues related to marketing, promotion, manpower etc. The experiences that I have gained from my past, moral support, and positive attitude have helped me sail through them easily.

Business Connect: What was your learning during struggling days so that our readers could prepare themselves for upcoming challenges?

Mr. Rego: There are some points which I would like to share with you which helped me in facing challenges and achieving success.

  1. a) Positive Thinking: You must always think positive in your difficult time and keep on trusting yourself.
  2. b) Hardworking: One must always keep on working hard to achieve the goal/ set target.
  3. c) Planning: This is one of the most important things in any organization. You must plan the work before executing which helps in saving a lot of time and resources.

Business Connect: Please tell us something about your clientele. Mention some well-recognized names.

Mr. Rego: We have linked up with all the major outlets in Goa who give us a lot of business, some of our main clients are:

  1. a) Magson’s Super Market
  2. b) Malakar Super Stores
  3. c) Borkar Super Market
  4. d) Delfino’s
  5. e) AJ’s Supermarkets
  6. f) Newtons
  7. g) Kadar Supermarket and many more…

Business Connect: How do you ensure the unbreakable faith of clients in your company?

Mr. Rego: Faith of our clients in our product is paramount and uncompromised at all levels and we ensure the same by maintaining good quality products and prompt services at any given time.

Business Connect: What are the efforts made by you not to lag behind in the race of having latest technology?

Mr. Rego: technology plays an important role for us, we have installed most of the well-equipped machinery and experienced staff to compete with our competitors.

Business Connect: Tell us something about your staff. How do you ensure their efficiency and positivity towards work in challenging times?

Mr. Rego: We are fortunate to have good, efficient and hardworking staff members working with an untiring smile on their face. Our staff put their heart and soul in completing the assigned task. We have Managers, who supervise and coordinate the workers to work in their respective departments to increase the productivity of the company.Every week we conduct staff meetings to get to know their views and suggestions and the necessary actions are taken accordingly.

Business Connect: Are you planning to establish the company as a global brand? How are you going to do that?

Mr. Rego: Yes, we are planning to establish this business as a global brand. We are coming up with some new products with the massive marketing team. We also get some offers to promote our brand in a major exhibition in and around the country.

Business Connect: How do see the initiatives of present government with respect to your industry? Have they helped you in any sense?

Mr. Rego: Yes, they have helped us in setting up the business, issuing permits and so on.

Business Connect: What are your short terms and long term future plans for the company?

Mr. Rego: For our plans ahead, as of now we are focusing more on the local market and making our base strong, yet looking for more opportunities to flourish in the local and global markets.

Focusing on his Moto he started this business along with Mr. Menino Fernandes, who is the strong pillar of this company, Accountant- Mr. Lucky Riyaz Sayed and a few of his other close friends who always supported and guided him through the journey.

Today, Rego Food Products successfully has a long list of offerings manufactured like Chicken products, pork products, beef products, fish products, and curry products. They also bring to the table Cold meat/frozen meat, canned meats, canned fish, canned curries canned Xacuti’s and a few bakery products Bibinca and Dodol which are purely authentic Goan. And many more products are yet to be added to the Rego’s production as the company flourish with time and grows in the coming years.

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