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Coloration is in great demand in a multitude of industries; be it clothes or food and beverages, the presence of colors makes the appearance more attractive and distinctive. ROHA DYECHEM PVT. LTD. is a giant manufacturer of Food Colors and Ingredients. Founded in 1972, for over 45 years, Roha has been bringing changes to the color industry; first in synthetic colors, next in the space of natural colors and today in the space of high-quality ingredients.

The Company walks on the pedestal of innovation that has helped Roha Dyechem to grow into the global behemoth that it is today. Roha Dyechem is an essential part of every industry that uses color – from food to pharmaceuticals, nutraceuticals to heavy industry and cosmetics to home products.

Roha Dyechem is a culmination of all the experiences and dreams of those associated with it. Headquartered in India, Roha currently has 22 offices across the globe, 14 application labs and 14 manufacturing units.

Roha Dyechem is a pioneer in the production of natural food colours and completely clean label products.  Their experienced scientists, with the help of a state-of-the-art research facility, design and formulate the natural pigments in such a way that it caters to the large spectrum of customers with different needs. Natural pigments have generally faced usage challenges due to stability issues against light or heat. To solve this, Roha has developed many new and specialized products based on carotenes, anthocyanins and curcumin for example, which overcome these stability issues in food colour applications.

Roha Dyechem firmly believes in the values of partnership and relationship-building. Whether it is a customer, partner or collaborator, they always support all those associated with them. Their customer base is segmented; no single customer segment contributes greater than the other segment to their revenue. They adapt to all their customer segment needs by investing in new technology and focusing on market trends.


Brijesh Tibrewala says “The innovations are signs of hard work and research which are essential to meet the demands of time and consumers.”Roha Dyechem has several R&D teams across the globe to meet particular market requirements. In terms of innovations, over the past 12 months they have launched a heat stable red beet product capable of matching the long demanded carmine shade whilst maintaining a vegetarian or vegan claim. Red beet is known to degrade under heat treatment, however, Natracol Cerise has increased stability and works even in bakery applications. Furthermore, the need for Natural colours, which can be used in high fat based applications, is something that has been sought after. To answer this, Roha Dyechem developed the Infusion Range of natural food colours which are clean labels and give bright vibrant shades in applications such as chocolate coatings or cookie cremes. The technology that is used allows water soluble pigments to become oil dispersible, and therefore opens the door to multiple new applications while maintaining the natural claim.

Mahesh Tibrewala says, “The food and beverage industry is an ever changing landscape, and therefore, we need to ensure that we are at the forefront of consumer trends.” In order to do this they utilize their good relationships with their customers who manufacture the finished products but also do consumer research by themselves using tools like Mintel to gather information on product trends, claims and even new flavor types. This information together gives them the data they need to ensure that they can keep up with the market and provide innovative, exciting solutions quickly to the market.


At Roha Dyechem quality testing is not merely protocol but a determination to provide safe products. Several actions taken to reduce the quality risks, which include survey and factory audits to ensure high-quality products, manufacturing process control systems, quality control methods and identifying non-conforming materials.

Finished products and raw material specifications are prepared to understand the starting material and finished goods, this helps to reduce batch to batch quality differences. The product specifications include relevant physiochemical properties and other instrumental analysis data.

Test methods are developed and validated with relevant standards. Raw materials and final products are tested to determine if the respective specifications being met. R&D labs are equipped with all desired analytical instruments as well as lab model machinery to develop new products.

Instruments are checked for optimum performance at notified intervals. Quality checks are performed during the production cycle which reduces the risk and cost. Special care is taken while packaging the finished products.


Roha Dyechem believes in giving back to the community and works to make the world a better place. The JJT Foundation undertakes several initiatives to help society.

The foundation provides nutritious meals to several people every day for free, and provides subsidized or free healthcare across hospitals and tuberculosis centers. The foundation also runs ambulances to aid those in need.

The JJT foundation supports the education of physically challenged and under-privileged children. It also extends support to schools like Shri Jhabarmal Tibrewala Aadarsh Vidya Mandir and Asha Ka Jharna and JJT University in Rajasthan, India, overall helping to build several schools & education institutes.

There has been contribution to several other social initiatives like the Rajasthani Mandal office construction, Hare Rama temple donations, built the Khemi Sati Mandir, extended support to gaushalas, helped construct Agarwal Bhavan (Lonavala), the renovation of crematoriums, Puri temple and Neev Sanskriti Centre.

The trust has initiated rain water harvesting projects, afforestation activities, and farmer education programs to ensure the need of the hour is met by building a sustainable future.


Roha Dyechem has expanded to emerging markets such as Vietnam & Mexico, and will continue to help develop important new markets. A manufacturing unit at Dahej and a laboratory in Europe are the start of makingRoha Dyechem even more relevant.Roha Dyechem will continue to develop emerging markets while making existing ones more sustainable. The Dahej plant will give Roha Dyechem a fillip in the synthetic colors market; both in the foods & non-foods category. In today’s fast paced world, there is a growing demand for processed and preserved foods, which bring convenience to the life of the consumer. Roha Dyechem has expanded its product range to include dehydrated natural, savory and sweet ingredients without additives. Roha Dyechem has stepped into production and marketing of natural flavors and extracts, including organic and highly concentrated aromatic bases


With a strong position in the color market, the Company aims to build the same reputation in Natural color market. Food ingredients and Pigments will be the areas of focus in future. Acquisition and strengthening their position in EU and Africa, while in the Middle East synthetic colors will continue to remain on priority. The global food colour market estimated in 2016 was 1.8 Billion USD and its CAGR being 5-7 %. Roha dyechem is fully equipped to grab this market with its decade’s experience in the food color industry and existing product portfolio. These products cover range of food applications like beverage, confectionary, bakery and dairy application to name a few.


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