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Roots Cyber Law Firm

Roots Cyber Law Firm

Pioneers in Cybercrime Legal Solutions, Fostering A Legally Safe Environment For All…

The emergence of the digital revolution has brought about notable changes in various industries, including the legal sector. The demand for lawyers with specific knowledge in the area of cyber law has increased in line with the rapid growth of the cyberspace domain. India, as a prominent participant in the information technology industry, has experienced a sharp rise in cybercrimes, hence highlighting the need for an expert team of lawyers with a focus on cyber law.

A pioneer in cybercrime legal solutions that has been able to seize these opportunities and add value to its clients is Bengaluru-based Roots Cyber Law Firm. Roots Cyber strives to protect individuals and businesses from online threats.

With roots dating back to 2017, this firm has been dedicated to protecting individuals and businesses from online threats. The firm offers effective, innovative, and comprehensive legal services to its clients, coupled with extensive experience and an unprecedented level of professionalism. Their extensive portfolio includes:

• Legal: Cyber Laws, Data Privacy, IT Act Compliance, Recovery, Complaints, and Grievances
• Contracts: MSA, SOW, NDA
• Compliance: IT Act, Data Privacy, HR Policy, Policy Procedure Manual, Desk Procedure

With an illustrious 6+ year history, Roots Cyber suggests secure coding, privacy by design, raising awareness among a larger community to keep people safe, and many other things. It is a result-oriented firm with members and associates having extensive legal knowledge, practical experience in their respective fields, and passion for each stream of operation.


Adv. Ranganath, a qualified and seasoned professional, brings over two decades of diverse and significant experience. He has a great passion for science fiction and law and has always wanted to explore software technology and bring the two together. When the legal domain was expanded to include cyberspace, privacy laws about the internet developed.

This is why the leading man decided to follow his passion for law and kickstarted his new journey to practice full-time as an advocate in Cyberspace. Roots Cyber’s inception stems from Adv. Ranganath’s passion for law, with the belief that “prevention is better than cure in cyberspace.” The word “roots” emerged, telling the clients they would fix issues or provide legal solutions at the root of the issue(s).

Partner Adv. Chinmayee Sahoo brings a multifaceted education in BA, LL.B, MBA, and PGDCA to the leadership team. With six years of industry experience and specialisation in Cyber Laws from the National Law School of India University, she has played a pivotal role in shaping the firm’s growth trajectory.

Together, they have achieved significant milestones, winning India’s first Cyber Civil Case at Madras High Court and the first Cyber Civil Case in Karnataka. Their expertise extends to providing crucial opinions for Fortune 500 companies on cybercrime matters, solidifying their reputation as industry leaders.


Prioritizing adaptability, innovation, and client service while protecting all its clients to be compliant in their day-to-day operations and adhere to compliance makes Roots Cyber stand out in a competitive market.

The firm maintains its uniqueness, is competitively advanced with an in-depth understanding of the technical aspects involved in cyberspace, adopts management tools to cut turnaround time, has stand-up calls and workshops, and implements agile to reduce turnaround time by breaking down tasks.

Additionally, Roots Cyber holds workshops for everyone to stay up-to-date on changes in laws and regulations. They also monitor a number of web portals for the most recent updates in laws and regulations. Additionally, interns at the company perform research, and seniors provide guidance to junior employees throughout.


The company currently represents a broad range of high-profile clients both in India and outside; among the key industries they have recently served are the IT, banking, healthcare, and retail sectors.

Sharing how they maintain trust among the clients, Adv. Ranganath stated, “We have periodic stand-up calls with our clients at every stage of the case; we are good listeners; we listen to our clients completely and ask necessary questions so that we are clear on what the requirements of the client are; then we educate them on the need for compliance or gap and tell them the issue and truth about the matter or case, the pro’s and con’s.”


They use encrypted files and secure channels for communication. The team only shares information that is necessary, and their systems are encrypted. Their CRM is divided into roles to restrict access, and private documents are locked and secured while unnecessary ones are destroyed.


At Roots Cyber, there is a strong team-oriented atmosphere. The team feels inspired, appreciated, and driven. They also like a flexible work-life schedule, regular training on cutting-edge technology, and management techniques like utilizing online platforms, breaking down assignments into smaller chunks, and minimizing client travel.

A Distinctive Approach to Educating and Empowering People This company’s distinctive strategies include educating the public through educational films posted on social media, repositioning the brand on occasion, maintaining a client retention rate of over 95%, and being flexible with pricing so that they can change it in accordance with needs. Additionally, every member of the Roots Cyber team picks up the newest developments in the industry quickly.


Roots Cyber has won multiple cases astonishingly owing to skill, ethics, swift turn-around, and practical approach. They successfully argued India’s first civil cyber case in the Madras High Court (S. Umashankar vs. ICICI Bank Ltd.). In a different case, they successfully argued the first civil cyber case in Karnataka, Srikanth Subramani v. IndusInd Bank, before the adjudicator of Karnataka. It has handled numerous cases related to cyber and corporate matters. Further, the firm has been honored with “Most Trusted Law Firms in India 2022.”.

In addition, Roots Cyber has trained

• Police Officers at Police Training School, Hassan.
• A&B Class officers at the Administrative Training Institute, Mysuru.
• A&B Class officers at the Auditor General Office, Bengaluru.


The team is actively using technology and trying new ways of working with advancements in artificial intelligence. They are taking advantage of AI to reduce redundant and repetitive tasks. Already, a few law firms in the USA are using AI for research work, and templates are available online for the redundant and repetitive task of preparing drafts. With this, most of the legal jobs for minor work or research work may not be seen in the near future.

They harness CRM to organize their tasks, make use of a variety of resources for legal research, and consult experts as necessary to ensure the efficacy of the services. They prioritize ongoing learning and development and employ an agile approach to task division. From a corporate social responsibility perspective, they offer free legal awareness and education, as well as free services to customers in need.


Roots Cyber envisions reducing overall turnaround time by adopting technological advancements, using technology, promoting online arbitration wherever feasible, and going global.


The leading man wraps up the discussion by saying, The Internet has connected people around the globe without any borders, and certain crimes are common throughout the world, like financial fraud using cyberspace, child pornography, etc.

Cybercrime fraud is accounted for at 1 crore per day in cities like Bangalore alone; when accounted for all over India, it is accounted for at 1000 crores. Prevention is always better than cure; therefore, please educate yourself with the various online awareness programs that are available and learns about the latest techniques of deception to safeguard your loved ones from cybercrime. If you become aware of any online fraud, report it to the police right away.

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