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Royalbliss Holidays

Royalbliss Holidays

Royalbliss Holidays is on an Unprecedented Journey of Offering Incredible Travel Solutions with Dr. Rahulkumar at Helm

Whether you are an individual looking for your next family travel adventure or a manager booking a corporate retreat, the intricacies involved in booking and organizing a tour can feel daunting.

With so many moving parts, how to ensure that everything is up to the mark, from reservations to transportation planning, and that the trip will go stress-free without any issue?

Royalbliss Holidays, one of the emerging names in the travel landscape, offers an array of agile, flexible, and affordable services. Incorporated in 2009, Royalbliss Holidays continues to quickly adapt to market demand and growth with its innovative approach, thereby strengthening the entirety of the global travel industry under the hegemony of Dr. Rahulkumar Gandhi.

A perfectionist at heart, Dr. Rahulkumar Gandhi is a PHD holder in tourism with a focus on India’s tourism and its effects on the global economy. He decided to explore the travel and tourism industry and established his firm, ‘Royalbliss Holidays’, as a proprietorship firm. In 2017, it was converted to a Private Limited Company.

For the past 18 years, he has successfully led the Royalbliss Holidays . Throughout the process, he gained a lot of insight and excelled at all times. With the support of his team’s relentless efforts and dedication, he managed to reach key areas around the globe. Thailand, Singapore, Dubai, and Oman are the current nations where Royalbliss Holidays is firmly established. Now, they are planning to enter London as well.


In contrast with other travel agencies, Royalbliss Holidays sends a team to each new destination to personally see and gain firsthand knowledge of its specifics. It is one of the company’s primary points of differentiation.

The second key feature that sets Royalbliss Holidays apart is that it employs local staff. For instance, if a client plans a tour of Thailand, a local Staff from Thailand will entertain them. It is among the primary benefits that set the company apart.

They have even begun operating bus services in Europe. Clients are served by bilingual European staff members who are also fluent in Hindi.


Dr. Rahulkumar Gandhi laid the foundation for Royalbliss Holidays and Hospitality Pvt. Ltd. in 2009. Once, he planned a trip and contacted different companies for the same purpose. However, he discovered that their service charge was high. He thus organized it himself, and at this point, he got the idea to form his own travel agency. Initially, there were a lot of challenges, such as the products’ declining prices. Additionally, a few suppliers had cheated. They could not be relied upon. They kept on making changes and finally Royalbliss Holidays moved towards growth.

Today, with an expert team & 150+ Strong Travel Agent Network , Royalbliss Holidays has established itself as a renowned travel agency in the market. They are still on their way to flourish and set new benchmarks in the industry.


The work atmosphere at Royalbliss Holidays is quite friendly and flexible. Employees are free to raise their voice and come up with suggestions and new ideas to make the process or service better.

The company’s operations are structured in a way that ensures the best service delivery. There is a specific team involved in different processes, like the service management team, the package building team, the marketing team, the international tour management team, and the domestic tour management team. The purpose is to make sure customers get quick solutions to their problems without any hassle.

There is an established training process to educate and empower the newcomers and make them industry-ready. Employees are trained on how to handle clients, how to negotiate, and how to deal with different situations. How to communicate with travel agents. Dealing with the COVID

The COVID pandemic impacted every small to big business. But the tour and travel segment had an adverse effect. At that time, the majority of Royalbliss Holidays’ tour packages were canceled. It had a very detrimental effect on the entire company. It was challenging to provide consumers with a refund and persuade them to change to the following travel itinerary.

Overseeing a 80-person team, paying them on schedule, and providing for them was a significant problem. In addition, twenty of their employee passed away due to COVID; this made it extremely difficult for them to care for their families and maintain themselves financially, especially when the company doesn’t often have any business. But with Rahul Kumar’s outstanding leadership, the team handled the crisis and made it through the epidemic.


The team of professionals at Royalbliss Holidays leads innovation and inventiveness in the sector with years of groundbreaking firsts. The company plans to launch India’s first website powered by artificial intelligence soon. It already has one website, that can effectively manage the job of 30–40 staff on its own.

Customers and travel agents no longer need to come into the office to carry out any necessary tasks, thanks to this new website. They can quickly build their travel package, check the costs, and even make their reservation via the internet. The customer only needs to fill out a form to receive a list of destinations to investigate, even if he is unaware of his destination.


Royalbliss Holidays has worked with many well-known corporations and enterprises throughout the world and has a varied industry portfolio. Many individuals and corporations trust Royalbliss Holidays for their excellent service, dedicated team, and affordable range, setting new benchmarks in the industry.

The team at Royalbliss Holidays do not believe in making fake commitments; they always tell the truth. They believe in maintaining complete transparency throughout the process, from booking service to payment to tour completion. The team support clients at every stage and assure their availability 24 hours a day.


Royalbliss Holidays is strongly focused on word-of-mouth marketing to build their brand and increase their footprint. The company’s in-house team strategically creates offers and discounts on their packages to attract more and more clients. The renowned travel brand ‘Royalbliss Holidays’ has a distinctive approach in terms of marketing; instead of investing in advertising or promotion, they focus on keeping their clients happy and content.


Royalbliss Holidays, thriving on its wealth of business knowledge, has been proactively exploring the market. Along the way, it has received numerous awards and recognitions. The World Tourism Organization awarded the company the “Best Tour Operator Award” in 2014–16. The company was awarded “Best Travel Enterprise of the Year” by the MSME, GOI, last year. In addition, Royalbliss Holidays holds a license from Thailand’s Tourism Authority.


Royalbliss Holidays has taken a customer-centric approach coupled with its transparency in providing the best tour packages. Over the years, the company has successfully expanded its reach to a global standard. Now, they are planning to establish themselves as primary consultants in both the B2C and B2B segments through the latest technological advancements.

Royalbliss Holidays is able to soon come up with a fullyfeatured technology platform that will connect clients, suppliers, and the in-house team into one line and work collaboratively. Customers can easily understand the booking process and take their actions—book a hotel, book a flight, rent a ship, and a lot more.


Focus on a client-oriented approach; provide what clients exactly want. If you understand what customers want, your company will start flourishing. Embrace the latest technologies to do your market research, customize your plan as per your clients’ demands, and take care of their satisfaction.

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