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While buying a new house or building one, we envision safety. It’s not just about building 4 walls and a roof, but feeling safe both inside and out. Likewise, in a large factory or corporate office, people envision a fully organized and integrated workflow without fear of unnecessary hassle. In both of these scenarios, electrical appliances and fittings play an important role.

Especially electrical wiring, which otherwise can also be called the circulatory system of a structure. Proper wiring allows us to utilize light, heat and air conditioning for greater comfort, as well as access to many other applications. In a corporate ecosystem, it powers the computers, keeps people connected to the outside world, powers alarms, servers and security systems. Putting it simply, electrical wiring is a necessary part of our life in the 21st Century.

Despite its importance, we often take electrical wiring for granted. We sit on cheap materials for cost-cutting, which has terrible outcomes. Such electrical systems may function well for many years to come, but wear and tear take its toll, raising concerns over time. While the dangers can be mitigated by advancements like circuit breakers and proper insulations, poor quality still arises problems. Overloaded circuits will continue to trip circuit breakers to cut power to that part of the room; faulty connectors will also cut power while frayed wires can cause a fire.

The situation demands a promising company with assured products in terms of quality and safety. RR Global is a revered name in the pantheon. With an extensive portfolio of more than 900 sophisticated products, RR Global ensures safety and protection against all types of electrical hazards in your office or home.

Headquartered in Worli, Mumbai, RR Global is a USD 850+ Mn manufacturing conglomerate in the electrical industry. Its meteoric growth is shaped by technological adaptations, which birthed a wide range of product categories, including cables & wires, led lighting, fans, switches, switchgear, busducts, pumps & motors, winding wires, conduit & pipes, electrical accessories, automated multilevel car parking systems and more.

RR Global has burgeoned over the last four decades, establishing a forceful presence in 85+ countries and catering to a global audience through an international office in Dubai, as well as a 65,000-square-foot central distribution facility in the UAE.

The prime catalyst of this growth is its range of wires and cables under its brand, RR Kabel, which has huge traction because of its international quality. Its consistency and commitment to innovation to achieve success have earned it incredible acclaim, particularly for RR Kabel. The brand is one of the top three retail wire makers in India, and it is the country’s largest copper user.

The portfolio and international recognition also have a deep impact on the country’s economy. The electrical and industrial electronics business is growing at a breakneck pace, and it’s only going to expand in the future. Despite being influenced by imports and government and industry policy changes, India’s electrical market is growing at a CAGR of 12% and will continue to rise.

The Wire and Cable Market is the key driver of this expansion. Being one of the pioneers in the market, RR Global has led several changes that stimulate this growth. With its vanguard brand RR Kabel, the company has set benchmarks in wires and cables. The brand has received national and international certifications, and its products complement its ongoing commitment to technology trends.

Established in 1995, RR Kabel has been the backbone of RR Global’s international presence. The brand offers over 20+ categories of wires and cables, such as HT Power Cables, Construction & Building range, Flexible Cables, Power Cables, Fire Survival cables and much more.

Amongst the vast range FIREX LOSH, UNILAY HR FR, FLAMEX FR-LSH and SUPEREX FR stands out with a benchmarked quality. All the products are built using the latest wire design and development technologies and cater to various purposes in the residential, commercial, and industrial sectors.

RR Kabel has a total 34 product certifications, including 4 system certifications, such as IEC, CE, CB, Intertek, to name a few. It is also the first Indian company to comply with RoHS and REACH. Also, its products are certified by BASIC (UK), UL (USA), CSA (Canada), VDE (Germany), and TUV Rhineland (Germany).

The brand also excels in its manufacturing setup and practices. It has state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities spread across 1.5 Mn sq. m. The units are infrastructures with the finest machinery imported from European Union. RR Kabel is one of the rarest Indian conglomerates to have a 450001:2018 Occupational Health & Safety Management System – in manufacturing practices.

It’s also one of the firsts in India, with rooftop solar panels generating 1.2 Megawatt of power. The vast range of products, innovative technology, and international quality positions it at the forefront of its domain. It is continually creating reliable environments with secure electricity conductions.

Addressing the Recurring challenges
The Indian wire & cable industry is widely unorganized – with hundreds of local operators who have manipulated & interpreted the standards at will and catered to a huge unsuspecting client base. This downslides awareness on quality and safety, followed by price sensitivity while choosing electrical products. Contractors settle for low-cost, substandard cables, which increase the probability and incidents of electrical short circuits.

This is one of the prevailing challenges RR Kabel is striving to address. ‘Safety’, ‘Trust’ and ‘Quality’ lives in the heart of operations and reflects in all of its technological marvels. Through its sales force and on-ground meets, it makes consistent efforts and uses multiple means to educate its consumers while campaigning its products on the field and television. It’s constantly addressing the evolving demands and needs of its customers while addressing the challenges that come along.

The fundamental approaches towards customers have been powering its pioneering momentum, along with technical expertise, innovations and the ability to achieve new landmarks. Its offerings adhere to the market and promises performance and enhanced value to consumers, stakeholders, and the society at large. With this consistency, RR Global aims to drive meaningful change in its communities across the globe.

The flair quality and other intrinsic standards speak of RR Global’s investment in R&D. It propels new research that complements new ideas and innovations. And since technology is its forte, R&D creates new channels for welcoming technological breakthroughs. R&D also propels new thought strategies, techniques and marketing trends that pave the way for futuristic growth and increase the geographical footing.

RR Global’s MD & Group President, Mr. Shreegopal Kabra, adds to this, “With constant R&D and innovation along with providing international quality products, we have been able to represent India on the global map.”

Customer feedback plays an important role in this. Every feedback is treated with equal respect and implemented in its operations accordingly. For instance, to create products like automated parking systems (RR Parkon) and Busduct (RR Busduct), RR Global first heeded its customer’s views to customize the product’s development.

The congregation of extensive R&D, safety & security, globally certified practices and machinery ensures every deliverable is up to the mark. Its steadfastness in developing breakthrough items has long been a criterion. Not only because international organisations have certified its quality but also because it strives to provide the highest quality items at a competitive price.

Its R&D team comprises experts from various backgrounds, working collaboratively on a common purpose. And they are given complete freedom to think out of the box and present ideas for improvement. This keeps the workforce engaged in diverse research work and ensures that quality & safety is monitored at every checkpoint of the production lifecycle.

RR Global has a strong team of over 4500 employees, including 500 Marketing professionals working across the globe. With such a sizeable workforce, the company strives to maintain a transparent culture. This is where its leadership panel comes in.

RR Global has an astute panel – of business maestros hailing from different corners of the industry. Leveraging their experience, they have imbibed promptness and transparency with partners, customers and other stakeholders. It nurtures teams through intensive training in communication skills to develop a better engagement with the market. RR Kabel has loyalty programs for its electricians that upholds a constant touch with them.

The company’s commitment to employees’ growth speaks for Mrs. Kirti Kabra’s (Director) passion to see people develop and grow. With her proven skills in multi-tasking across social work, health and education, she has been a true inspiration to RR Global. Her vision and concepts are a guiding force for all its umbrella ventures. She holds the epithet, ‘Savvy women of the Year’ and empowers the thought – Learning never stops.

Sustaining and mushrooming consistently, RR Global has overpowered many storms that hurdled its progress. So, when COVID-19 knocked on its door, it overcame with sheer will and commitment to purpose. It activated the ‘Work From Home’ model to ensure its employees’ safety without pausing operations.

Also, all payments were made in due dates to every stakeholder so that everyone upholds their responsibilities. While it took time getting used to a new business framework, everyone collaborated and stayed connected and maintained workflow through digital channels.

The company also invested in upskilling its people. It developed internal training programmes to be used by team leaders to nurture team members. To sum up, COVID-19 directed RR Global’s focus on well-being and strengthening relations. Mr. Kabra, who was the force of optimism, says that the COVID 19 has been more of an eye-opener for all – and the lockdown isn’t lockdown per see, rather a lock opener for people to look beyond materialistic wealth.

With impressive prospects throughout its history, RR Global has pushed boundaries and has had a notable impact on social responsibility. The company has launched ‘Mission Roshni’, an integrated CSR program for education reforms, disaster relief, skill development, women empowerment and sustainable solutions.

On each purchase of RR Kabel’s products, one rupee is contributed to social welfare. It provided aid during Kerala Flood Relief as well. Under this mission, RR Global has conducted blood donation camps, supports orphanages and Juvenile homes and distributes lighting essentials in the surrounding community.

The company has also accomplished environmental initiatives. Its focal length stretches from tree plantation, solar power, water management (water recycling, groundwater management and rainwater harvesting), and energy conservation in its factories. The brand has also announced several initiatives during COVID19 to protect its employees and secure its operating ecosystem.

RR Global also works with other CSR foundations under ‘Mission RRoshni’ in various states with its various initiatives like:

  • ONE TEACHER SCHOOL IN COLLABORATION WITH FRIENDS OF TRIBAL SOCIETY (FTS): It’s an NGO dedicated to the upliftment of tribals and works in 35 places. FTS runs a One Teacher School (OTS) or Ekal Vidyalaya for non-formal primary education to children (6 – 14 years).
  • EKAL GRAMOTHAN FOUNDATION: Ekal has over 8 Gramothan Resource Centres (GRCs) in remote places of Jharkhand, Odisha, West Bengal, U.P, Tamilnadu and Maharashtra and serves about 100 villages in its surrounding. The GRCs focus on making the villages self-sustainable and centres of economic development.
  • BARODA YOUNG TRUNKS ROUNDTABLE: Launched under the initiative ‘Freedom through Education’, the roundtable undertakes projects dedicated to improving education through infrastructure and opportunities from Govt. and private banners to underprivileged sections.
  • NANDHGHAR GOVT. SCHOOL, SILVASSA: It’s a Govt. School dedicated to imparting modern education to the underprivileged section of the region.

‘Mission RRoshini’ has already touched the lives of 2.5 lakh children by setting up more than 1400 schools in remote areas. The brand is launching a scholarship programme, ‘Kabel Star,’ to help the children of electricians across India in fulfilling their educational dreams.

RR Global’s achievements and growth – can’t be scaled with only accolades; it’s the perpetual landmarks that it has set over the 4 decades. Following is a chronological structure of their notable moments: 1986 Launched a SE Wires manufacturing unit in Vadodara, Gujrat 1991 Established a Govt. sanctioned export house, Ram Ratna International 1999 Established RR Kabel Facility in Silvassa,

the most advanced wire and cable manufacturing unit in Gujrat 2001 Launched RR Parkon in India, introducing the concept of electromechanical multi-level car parking system 2008 Launched the Busbars & Tapes product category 2010 Established RR Kabel Facility in Waghodia.

Also, it introduced a complete range of wiring devices, including customized switches under RR Switches 2011 Introduced SE Wires & LV Cables Facility at Bangladesh and acquired a 1 MnSq.Mt. land to develop a world electrical hub 2012 Introduced a wide range of domestic & industrial fans under RR Fans 2013 Established RR Electrical Middle East Facility at UAE for manufacturing and distribution of lightings,

switches, fans and switchgear in the Middle East, GCC and Africa 2014 Introduced a range of switch gears (Circuit breakers, distribution boards and low transmission switch gears) 2016 Created a unified identity, RR Global, from an umbrella of identities. Launched RR Busduct product category in UAE 2018 Launched Air Coolers 2020 Launched HT cables. And acquired Arraystorm, an LED Lighting brand 2021 RR Parkon completed 20 years in the industry

This trajectory is a testament to the years of hard work and tireless efforts of a widespread workforce and excelling leadership of its management. Even now that COVID-19 is a concern – not to assume lightly, RR Global seeks to expand its galleries of products, along with its overall manufacturing capability.

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