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The world has become digital and in this era of digitization, a multitude of brands are going online to sell and promote. But, a number of unscrupulous activities affect their identity and presence.

Right from planning a vacation to shopping – everything starts with an online search. The internet provides brands with digital platforms to showcase, market and sell products and services. In such a scenario, brands continually run the risk of counterfeits and brand infringements. headed by Apurva Babaria and Vikram Trivedi provides an end-to-end platform for brands to manage maintain and safeguard their brand identity.  Their in-house technology architecture collects data based on multiple parameters, processes the data and presents a transparent picture to brands. Their automated tools help them to save time and resources. The components of the platform are as follows:

BUSINESS INTELLIGENCE: Automated algorithms crawl the internet to extract, filter raw data elements and provide actionable insights regarding products/brands. An AI algorithm processes raw data to understand the tone/sentiment behind a purchase or a service. Data is presented in the form of dashboards, exportable reports and can be made even more specific through the use of data filters. This algorithm works natively on the cloud and can be scaled depending on the magnitude of data.

IDENTIFYING COUNTERFEITS: Applicable for brands listing the product’s on e-commerce platforms. Their algorithm combines brand intelligence (e.g. product branding, description, reviews, etc.) and customer sentiments to identify probable counterfeits. Datasets are then run through their proprietary ranking engine. The ranking engine is built with the combination of cloud AI technology and sophisticated algorithms and works in parallel with fuzzy logic for improving predictions.

LEGAL SERVICES AND ENFORCEMENT: They have a dedicated team dealing with IPR violations and taking enforcement action against infringers for infringement / passing off / sale of counterfeit goods and piracy. The team works closely with IP prosecution groups and their Attorneys use state of the art case law databases for research. Their enforcement teams can be deployed to initiate physical raids for search and seizure of the identified counterfeiters.

Adapting to the latest trends in the market, Save Your Brands’ technologies are designed to scale the needs of their clients. For example, their AI and BI algorithms are built to scale up or down depending on the need of the client. This ensures process transparency and costs savings for the clients.

Apurva Babaria says, “Transparency is a critical element for us, and we bring out the same attributes when dealing with clients. They have the foundation solidly built. In their conversations, they kept coming across how gathering business intelligence is a resource and time-intensive process for brands- big and small. Technology should be able to solve these problems in a more resourceful way. That prompted them to embark on this journey.”

From the latest trends to the services of the Company, let’s cover what makes them different from the crowd? First is Technology. From data collection to making sense of data, their platform uses the most contemporary technology architecture.

Second is the legal and enforcement arm. Research indicated that typically brands would engage with different vendors to manage these two pieces. With Save Your Brands, everything is under one umbrella. Vertical stacking of their technology, legal and enforcement teams ensure seamless communication within and with the clients.

Technology is the most important trend in the market. So, how the Company can lag in it.


Their technology stack runs on the cloud AI and data mining technology which improves over time. The tools become more sophisticated with more data. Their monitoring and testing teams ensure the correctness and precision of the algorithm and make the necessary amendments to improve the precision ratio.

Their teams of legal and enforcement have a collective experience of many decades. They are always on top of the current laws and legislatures.

FROM TECHNOLOGY, let’s traverse through the struggles of the Company

There were a plethora of detours in the trajectory. Initially, they had to understand the actual pain points of their clients. The magic of Save Your Brands platform is of interdisciplinary nature. Brands can utilize the entire platform to manage product portfolios and brand protection. Market research companies can use the platform to quickly collect data and understand market sentiment at scale. They had to accommodate the expectations of varying client segments even before starting to write a single line of code. That process took time.

Secondly, they are 100% bootstrapped. In the beginning, raising capital to develop infrastructure was a big challenge. Eventually, they figured their way out.

Thirdly, collecting data at scale is not an easy task. Collecting big data that can really provide intelligent actionable insights was a big challenge.

Vikram Trivedi says, “We asked ourselves this question, “If I were a client, would I trust Save Your Brands?” We’ve written code, then re-written, then re-written to get it to a point where the answer to that question is a “yes” for us.”

An intention to do the right thing is the most essential thing, and this is the lesson learnt by Save Your Brands from complex situations. There were curveballs along the way during the development phase.

Apurva Babaria says, “And there were times when we would think was it even worth it. We always reflected on the intent that we are here to help brands to maintain and manage their brands. That way we are benefitting not only brands but the customers also.”

Moving from the struggling period to the future, they have designed.

Now that they have their product ready, the entire focus is on closing the ‘ongoing conversations’ and ‘demonstrate value’ for the clients. Secondly, they want to position the company as the go-to resource for anything to do with data. They foresee multiple brands using their platform to effectively manage their brands.


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