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SeekNShop Inc.

Are you interested to provide best buying experience to your customers? Then SeekNShop’s search is the best choice.

SeekNShop Inc. is a technology company that leverages Natural Language and Artificial Intelligence, first search -as- a service which can be used across the domains.

A Dynamic Leader

The company is led by S S V S Sarath, Chief Executive Officer who has about 13 years of experience in Machine Learning (ML), Data Science and Product Management and comes with a vast enterprise, consumer experience while working with Microsoft, Amazon, CA Technologies and few startups. He has a strong vision towards enhancing digital lives and improving discovery and decision-making needed in companies’ daily tasks leveraging Data and AI. Sarath currently holds 4 patents previously and filed 20+ patents for the company. Sarath primarily takes care of Product Vision, Strategy, Roadmap, Sales and Customer Engagement apart from defining all the cultural and corporate aspects of the company.

Redefining Shopping Verticals by Leveraging the Power of AI

To provide users with the capability of searching the way they explain in a physical store, the tech experts of SeekNShop came up with a Natural Language Search / Voice Search API (DeepSeek) which is available via chat / text / voice and is pluggable into any interfaces seamlessly with less than 2 days of integration. Furthermore, the promising e-commerce solutions provider company’s commitments to customers are to offer more than 98% Search Relevance/accuracy, 30% improvement in conversions for Specific searches, and 80% reduction in ‘NO’ result or ‘Bad’ result pages. This API is domain-agnostic and is applicable to any domain with customers spanning across e-commerce, car dealers/aggregators, finance, banking/insurance, fantasy gaming, car accessories, electrical and manufacturing parts, and online travel.

SeekNShop.IO’s product has won several awards, which includes Super Startup Asia award, HYSEA award for Top 10 Hottest Startups from the Vice President of India, Top 25 Hottest AI companies in APAC, Top 20 AI Providers in APAC, and IET Innovation Award Final 5 Nominees being the more prominent ones. The passionate entrepreneur and his team are also filing six US patents for this product. Its award-winning API product also provides the capabilities of auto suggest, search merchandizing, personalized search, and has self-learning mechanism to improve accuracy and ranking. During the process of building this product, Sarath and his skilled team had also built an Analytics Engine that can provide Inventory Intelligence giving detailed insights on user preferences and customer inventory.

Another remarkable product, Seeker from SeekNShop.IO’s solutions portfolio is a Cognitive Agent that works exactly like a real-world salesperson is currently in the Beta phase and will be filing for 18 patents in the US.

Identifying Existing Gaps and Building Intelligent Solutions

The motivation behind incepting SeekNShop.IO began when its team of Co-founders were working with Amazon and several other e-commerce companies, realized that discovery and decision making are the biggest problems when it comes to shopping, be it e-commerce, online travel, real-estate, automotive or even banking, insurance services or stocks. For end-consumers, the discovery and decision making activities take a lot of time, is very difficult as well as a frustrating process to go through, due to the number of clicks, page refreshes and information to go through. In the end, this causes shoppers to leave the website half way through, making the seller lose on conversion, average order value, besides capital spent in getting the user to the website in the first place.

This was a major loophole where Sarath and his team started by solving the problem of discovery first, where they wanted to provide the ability for users to search digitally the same way they explain their buying need in a store to a human. To solve this problem of decision-making, the tech team of SeekNShop.IO resorted to the exact scenario that happens in the real world at a physical store. In the physical store, the conversions are quite high as compared to online shopping.

Apart from the physical interaction with the product and instant delivery, the store salesperson plays a major role in increasing the conversions by engaging the customers in friendly conversations, providing them with a guided product discovery by understanding customer requirements, offering suggestions/recommendations when they are confused, and also provides a real-time discount to instigate them to complete the purchase. In addition to this, the sales representative constantly learns from customer conversations about the products he/she sells.

However, this becomes impossible to replicate in digital channels as it is cost-intensive, neither have the ROI nor can a human salesperson model be extended across millions of products and users. This seemed like a very challenging and interesting problem to solve, which was not only restricted for e-commerce, but also stood true about online travel, real estate, banking/insurance, finance, automotive etc. Coming from an AI/ML background, the founding team decided to establish SeekNShop.IO with the vision to solve a common problem that modern day individuals face with discovery and decision-making in the digital world.

What difference are you creating for your customers?

As described above, with the limitations of the current search technologies and lack of pre-purchase sales support, ecommerce businesses end up losing 20-25% of the traffic (high exit and bounce rates). By leveraging our products, businesses can improve the conversions and reduce bounce rates. Also we provide the above technologies through chat/voice/text across web/mobile/kiosk channels. We won several awards for our technology and also have 24 patents pending. Some of our awards include: Top 25 Hottest AI Companies in APAC 2018 Award, Super Startup Asia 2018 Award, Top 10 Multi-Disciplinary Data Science Providers in US 2018 Award, Top 20 AI providers in APAC 2018 Award from APACCIO Outlook, HYSEA Top 10 Hottest Startups 2018 Award from Vice President of India, IET Innovation Awards Top 5 for Information Technology for 2018, Top 10 Most Innovative Startups 2019 by Analytics Insight.

Global Expansion and New Vertical Offerings

Since inception, SeekNShop.IO started its foray by expanding into e-commerce verticals as a search and AI service provider, focusing on APAC and UAE markets, with e-commerce as the main segment for its operations. However, the dynamic CEO and his team have recently started endeavouring into US, UK, Australia and Canada as their focus markets for the next few years, with eyes on automotive, online travel, and finance sectors as their focus verticals apart from e-commerce. The skilled team also wants to keep expanding both horizontally and vertically in their area of operations and continue to build more data science / AI based products for these verticals in the areas of discovery, personalization and decision-making.


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