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Seven Hats Consulting

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Commemorating International Women’s Day that asks for unity, equality, and the celebration of women’s mind blowing accomplishments, here comes a success story that shines a spotlight on how women have escalated to the decision making table. Our aim with this profile is to inspire future generations of women to dream big, break barriers, and pursue leadership roles with confidence.

Gracing our cover page, Neha Sundesha, the founder & CEO of Seven Hats Consulting, is all set to inspire women entrepreneurs with her enticing triumph tale. Her entrepreneurial voyage in the educational consulting realm is truly appreciated across the pervasive business world that brought her acclaim in several ways. In talks with us, she conversed on various aspects of her venture as well as her career trajectory so far.

The company profile

Neha Sundesha always held a deep fascination for De Bono’s 6 Hats of Thinking. There was a lingering sense of omission that led her to envision the addition of a seventh hat. This newfound hat transcends mere emotion, thoughtfulness, or analytical prowess.

In her view, the entire philosophy of Seven Hats is firmly grounded in the art of reflection—a delicate balance of not taking oneself too seriously while engaging in profound contemplation about the impact made and personal evolution. This philosophy extends beyond the realm of education clients, encompassing entrepreneurs, career switchers, and the corporate entities they collaborate with.

The term “Seven Hats” occurred in a seemingly ordinary moment when over 10 years ago she and her husband exited their car in a parking garage. It was then that she declared, “I’m going to call it ‘Seven Hats’ because this platform will start and stop with thoughtful introspection.”

Core values

What drives the organizational operations are the core values upholding respect for everyone in the company. Today, the management harbors a belief in the potential of the youth as the future and views education as the ultimate equalizer in society.

The core idea is to respect everyone’s unique story. And we know that only a select few get the opportunity to share it. Neha ensures to extend a genuine respect to all those who are in her contact expressing a sincere interest in people. She is focused on empowering others to contemplate, reflect, and take ownership of their stories, purpose, and intentions in the world.

She adds that the youth is the harbinger of the future and emphasizes on the role of a continuous turnover of intellectual capital for the betterment of society. Dismissing hierarchical structures as impediments to growth, the vision is to guide young minds towards meaningful pathways.

“Acknowledging the vulnerability of today’s youth, particularly in the era of social media saturation, our aim is to contribute to stabilizing this demographic. The goal is to instill self-belief while fostering intentional life paths that transcend societal pressures and prioritize mental well-being.

Our business goals are focused on further accelerating our 7 verticalsSeven College, Seven Masters, Seven MBA, Seven Careers, Seven Leadership, Seven Women and Seven Conservatory to make Seven Hats one of the leading mentorship platforms in the world,” asserts Neha.

How is e-learning making ripples?

Neha is determined by a steady mission.

“E-learning, even Artificial Intelligence for me, is ineffective if there’s no needle-moving impact on a person’s growth. There’s a point up to which you can use Chat GPT, without Fitting into a cookie cuttert there’s a point up to which your content can be great, but then you are found out as a person.

As long as tech is an enabler and helps sustainably bridge certain divides- it is simply great tech, not necessarily a great way for kids to learn, grow and evolve. Eventually you are going to be discovered for who you are. Let’s get kids to work on that potential. If the tech can help with that, well be my guest,” reveals her in the conversation.

Marking the authenticity of the educational programs

Authenticity is their success mantra. Neha explains that there are no formats, no templates, everything is built and customized for each individual. There is no monotonous flow of business operations. The concept is what works for one person may not work for the other.

The best learning has always been individualized and empathetic. That is what she tries to cater to all her programs. Even for the leadership and consulting program, there is a deeper understanding of the Business Unit’s aspirations, goals, abilities, temperament and curated to differentiate pathways for them. Seven Hats stands firmly on meaningful and soulful differentiation.

Insights on entrepreneurshipIt’s abysmal. Like, actually shockingly abysmal. Because it’s tough. Entrepreneurship is the toughest job you’ll ever do,”  states Neha in reference to entrepreneurship. In expressing her views, Neha highlights a set of challenges faced by women in the Indian context when navigating the entrepreneurial landscape.

She quips that the absence of set hours or a supervisor places entire responsibility squarely on the individual. Considering the myriad daily challenges that women in India grapple with, including familial responsibilities and childcare issues, Neha acknowledges the formidable task of balancing the act.

Recognizing the resilience of Indian women who have, over generations, successfully managed small-scale businesses despite the odds, Neha believes that society can play a crucial role in enhancing their journey. She advocates for providing women with increased financial freedom, access to training tools, bolstered selfconfidence, platforms for interaction, and, notably, mental health support. The arduous nature of this entrepreneurial journey makes it crucial to ensure that fewer women contemplate giving up at each stage.

Neha expresses a deep-seated passion for championing the cause of women in business, driven by her belief that a healthy and content woman serves as the core propeller of a healthy society.

In the face of existing challenges, she poses the question of how society can collectively work towards creating an environment where fewer women feel compelled to step back from their entrepreneurial pursuits. Neha introduces the Seven Women program as a flagship initiative designed to retain women in the workforce, emphasizing its significance as an opportunity not to be missed.

What makes her a leader with difference?

Neha is indeed a woman of substance. Her success narrative defines individuality and a profound respect for people’s journeys. So far, she is truly grateful to her unparalleled support system rooted in the core values instilled by her family. In the face of challenges, Neha emerges as a tenacious fighter, committed to excellence in every endeavor.

Her deep emotional nature fuels a compassionate drive to help others, with love standing as the central motivating force in her life. Neha’s self-awareness guides her to identify profound passions and act upon them with diligence and passion.

Also, she is focused on balancing between her personal and professional life, underscoring the significance of returning home to those who matter most and embracing authenticity daily. In her journey, Neha encapsulates resilience, compassion, and a holistic approach to life, where personal values harmonize seamlessly with professional pursuits.

Supporting the women entrepreneurs

In the view of sharing her thoughts on supporting women entrepreneurs, Neha shared some tips to foster an inclusive environment for women entrepreneurs. She affirms that we all have come a long way but there is so much more to contribute to this for better growth and development. She unfolds that women shouldn’t let perpetual guilt undermine their confidence.

It’s time for them to release societal expectations and emerge as their authentic selves. Business leaders need to encourage economic empowerment, as a happier and healthier woman benefits relationships, homes, businesses, and society. It facilitates access to capital for women that recognize that failures are part of growth.

Women supporting each other is essential; avoid stereotypes and empower each other to thrive. Create female-friendly workplaces with innovative policies, adapting to redefine traditional work structures. Stay tuned for ‘Seven Women,’ a platform for women’s retraining and sustained workforce participation. Embrace a future of work that breaks from outdated post-World War II norms.

What inspires her to pursue her goals?

I look up to my family who always told me if I could dream it, I could do it. From a very young age I have had very open and honest conversations with my parents, especially on gender roles in society.

They always told me to be myself. And I think that’s such a relief in today’s day and age. Just be yourself. Outside my family, I admire people who invest in genuine relationships and friendships. I am not starstruck by any one person- but people who have strong belief systems, a strong sense of loyalty, and are very clear about their moral compass in life, claims Neha.

Glimpses of the received laurels

Since her business voyage, Neha bagged numerous accolades that testify her prowess in the business realm. From being honored as the Woman Entrepreneur of The Year by Business Connect to securing a coveted spot in Times 40 under 40 and earning the prestigious title of Champion of Change in Maharashtra, Neha never failed to demonstrate her efficient leadership.

Her recognition as Times Women Icon of the Year further solidifies her impact and influence in the business realm. On top of that, Fortune’s acknowledgment of her venture as the Most Trusted Brand in Education adds another layer to her impressive list of accolades.

A memo shared by the ‘wompreneur’ “Stay authentic. Don’t get swept away with this valuation and that unicorn. Stay focused on where is the impact, what are we changing, will this make our society better off? Go behind the writing on the wall, and know where you will find your purpose. And find your true self there.”

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