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Shiash Info Solutions –  A reliable choice for multiple IT needs

Shiash Info Solutions –  A reliable choice for multiple IT needs

IT industry is one of the rapidly growing industries in India. Over the past years, it has secured a fundamentally robust and staunch mark where a continuous flow of ideas has led to the multi-dimensional growth of IT firms in the country. With the burgeoning business opportunities in this sector, multiple enterprises are foraying to make their name in the game. Shiash Info Solutions is one such emerging startup that has made a mark in the industry within a short period.

Company overview
Shiash Info Solutions is a highly-esteemed name particularized in IT services, Digital and Business solutions rendering customised Software Development, Web Application Development, Mobile Application Development and IT consulting services. The company is one of the leading Desktop and Web-based software solution provider, launching contemporary and technologically advanced software for its customers.

Leading the organization at the forefront as the Head of Operations, Shivin S is taking it to greater heights. As a seasoned HR professional with 10+ years of experience in designing exemplary policies and overseeing customer services, he is an adept Talent Acquisition professional with a demonstrated history of working in the IT sector. His fortes lie in Coaching, Performance Management, employee relations, talent management and customer services. Moreover, he primarily supervises companies’ product strategy and product marketing and management.

Driving force behind the inception
Oftentimes, the youth entering into IT sector has only amassed the academic knowledge of the industry. When it comes to the field erudition, there is a lack of insights and expertise. At Shiash Info Solutions, the IT graduates are indexed to an exemplary training program conducted online to provide them with a precise model of the entire IT sector and trending technologies. This was their core motivating drive behind the incorporation of the firm.

The company acquires an RPO (Recruitment Process Outsourcing) segment, to succour quality training to the aspiring students, forming a future in the IT industry. They provide training sessions to the graduates until they are well-groomed to serve the professional world, deploying them to the company’s clientele eventually.

Furthermore, Shivin states sustaining the top-notch quality in the products and services is pre-eminent for the company. The team firmly believes in analyzing the market requisites and deliver the product relevantly without haggling the quality standards. Their mission is to expand the venture as PAN-India establishing a prestige all over the nation.

Insights on the significance of R&D
Shivin elucidates that R&D is instrumental in the growth of a company. Shortly, the venture is about to invade the Medical Coding segment. With this exemplary vision for the next two years,  they have been investing the time in a continual R&D to ensure the steadfast maximization of the outputs upon entering into the segment. The company runs a diverse R&D department where the employees are efficiently working to keep abreast of the current market trends.

Shivin Info Solutions has tied-up with major Multi-national IT companies that hire trained candidates on a methodical basis. Those enterprises are highly-regarded and suppositious, thereby, bestowing a kick-start to the career ladder of the employees with tremendous employment opportunities.

A cohesive work culture
Shiah Info Solutions is an employee-friendly organization. They reckon on maintaining a jubilant work environment for their employees, lifting interest and work-efficiency. The management plans a yearly team trip to ensure a refreshed and serene mindset at some exotic destinations across the nation. At its core, the company ensures the holistic development of its workforce by offering numerous opportunities for personal as well as professional growth.

The organization foresees a bright and blazing future ahead as we enter the tech-dominant era. When asked about the future outlooks for Shiash, Shivin conveys that he aspires to make an international presence for Shiash Online Educational Products by the year 2022 and will soon emerge out as a leading player in the relevant industry at the global level.



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