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Shizen Energy India Pvt. Ltd.

Shizen Energy India Pvt. Ltd.

Shizen Energy India Innovative Smart Energy Storage Solutions

As the world’s population is projected to reach 9 billion people by the year 2050, it is now vital to plan and prepare for a safe energy future. The best course of action seems to be to move to technology-driven, sustainable energy solutions. Shizen Energy India Private Limited, with a vision of accelerating the worldwide transition to sustainable energy, has already positioned itself strongly among the market leaders as a prominent player in the production of lithium battery packs in India.

The man behind creating this Pioneering India’s lithium battery solutions is none other than Indra Kumar Bagri, an influential leader with a visionary approach who brought Shizen Energy into the spotlight as a valuable opportunity to set expectations and make a mark in providing innovative products, catering especially to electric vehicles (EVs), energy storage systems (ESS), and material handling equipment (MHE). Shizen Energy’s leadership has been consistently innovating and evolving owing to a strong client base, strategic alliances, and expansion into significant locations like Chennai, Kolkata, Delhi, and Chandigarh.

Shizen employs a client-focused model, supported by a thorough comprehension of their needs and committed R&D to go above and beyond client expectations. A cornerstone of their business is their manufacturing facility, which combines development, design, and production to ensure optimal product quality and innovation while maintaining stringent standards such as ICAT, BIS, ISO certifications, and CE marking.


Shizen’s relentless commitment to quality and performance has always been at the heart of their solutions in India’s price-competitive market, and this is what sets the organization apart. Indra Kumar has a unique strategy, as opposed to many manufacturers who try to meet demand by switching suppliers frequently in order to offer the lowest price. They place a high priority on providing OEMs with specialized solutions that address specific problems in India’s battery ecosystem.

Their adherence to careful product development as well as dedicated customer service has greatly contributed to the expansion of their clientele. This includes esteemed companies like Reliance, Taj, and ITC. Their objective is to give value that goes beyond price competition by delivering solutions that have an impact on the sector.


The man behind the idea, Indra Kumar Bagri, comes up with an impeccable track record of professional accomplishment in the domain and actively draws on decades of experience in guiding the company toward success. Despite his humble upbringing in both Chennai and Kolkata, he excelled in school and received the top honours in B-Com from Chennai’s D.G. Vaishnav College.

He used the strength of Chinese manufacturing throughout his more than 20 years in China to quickly develop new items and export them around the world. He was able to foresee the potential in the Indian lithium battery business much before most others in the field because of his nimble and intuitive personality. His innovative, client-centered, and strategic management has played a critical role in directing Shizen’s expansion and success.


Shizen came into existence in 2019 in response to the growing demand for effective lithium battery technology in the midst of the hegemonic lead-acid battery market. Shizen aimed to offer dependable, long-lasting, and high-performing lithium batteries to aid India in its move toward cleaner and renewable energy sources after observing the rising use of EVs and ESSs and realizing the superior efficiency of lithium technology. They were among the first to establish a facility with a 100 Mwh capacity to serve the market after seeing the potential for domestic production of lithium battery packs.

Shizen is still steadfast in its objective to lead the world’s transition to sustainable energy, with a focus on providing excellent, cutting-edge lithium battery packs and collaborating with renowned battery manufacturers throughout the world.


Due to its numerous advantages over traditional lead-acid batteries, the battery industry has witnessed an evident movement towards lithium technology over the years. The acceptance and demand for lithium batteries have been directly boosted by the growth of the EV and ESS businesses. Shizen anticipated this shift and positioned itself in an advantageous spot to meet the increased demand, securing its position within the sector.


Shizen must always strike a balance between innovation and dependability as it navigates through obstacles, including technological improvements, preserving product quality, and ensuring safety compliance. The leadership places a strong emphasis on a client-centric strategy while making sure that this process benefits all parties involved. Shizen Energy strongly encourages openness and honesty about their issues, which enables people to collaborate to overcome any obstacles that may arise.


Shizen Energy’s distinctive strategy is focused on collaborating with and learning from some of the world’s leading lithium battery companies. They continually enhance and adapt their products to fulfill the specific demands of the Indian market by utilizing the expertise they have gained from these relationships. They are now acknowledged as industry innovators in India’s lithium battery sector as a result of their actions. Shizen’s management is not only commended by its competitors in the battery manufacturing industry, but it also work hard to position India as a global market leader.


Every inventive project always has the realm of research and development as its main focus. Shizen Energy’s R&D division reached new heights under the capable leadership of the company’s CEO, Indra Kumar Bagri. Shizen’s research and development (R&D) department is essential to making sure that its goods reliably meet both consumer needs and modern technical breakthroughs.

Products like the Tow Truck Lithium Battery Packs (TT-80V500AH) and 3-Phase UPS Lithium Battery Packs (ESS-384V230AH) demonstrate their commitment to offering cutting-edge solutions without sacrificing quality or safety. They are consistently integrating their batteries and striving to electrify India with some of the biggest OEMs and EPC businesses in India!


Shizen Energy places a high priority on implementing cutting-edge innovations and technologies in every aspect of its business. By keeping technology at the core of its solutions, Shizen Energy makes sure that clients can easily access battery analytics to get a comprehensive picture of the battery’s performance. Shizen is committed to being a leader in technological innovation, consistently providing solutions that can address the needs of the client. Additionally, they adopt new technologies in their internal business processes, automating manufacturing lines and leveraging SaaS apps to streamline departmental interactions.


Shizen has advanced significantly in India since its launch in 2019. The team is celebrating its fourth anniversary with a committed group of more than 60 highly qualified professionals, truly operating as a close-knit family. They persevered despite experiencing a setback because of the difficulties caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

The operations were disrupted for two years by the epidemic as the world struggled to cope with the virus’ effects. Despite these difficulties, their efforts have been appreciated. Shizen received recognition as one of India’s top 10 battery manufacturers in 2022. Overall, Shizen Energy has grown quickly, maintaining steady revenue growth and steadily expanding its clientele, highlighting their strong presence in the sector.


Shizen Energy strives to expand its footprint in the lithium battery solutions market on a global scale. Their approach entails extensive attempts to seize markets, boost sales, expand their operations in a strategic manner, and continuously improve their technology. To fulfill the soaring global demand for lithium batteries, they are in the final phases of planning a new production facility with a capacity of 2 GWH.

In order to build a strong global presence for Shizen Energy India, the firm is also actively involved in discussions with potential clients for the export of their battery.

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