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Shoubii Consulting

Shoubii Consulting

“Empowering Shopfloor Success in the Digital Age: Your Partner for Industry 4.0 Transformation.”

Digital transformation has become paramount in the current business landscape across diverse industries to operate with: Enhanced Efficiency: Digital technologies enable automation, streamlined processes, and real-time data access, leading to improved operational efficiency and productivity. Competitive Advantage: Adopting digital transformation allows businesses to stay competitive in a rapidly evolving market.

It enables the development of new business models, innovative products/services, and improved customer experiences. Agility and Adaptability: Digital transformation enables organizations to be agile and responsive to changing market conditions. It helps businesses adapt to disruptive trends, customer demands, and industry shifts more effectively.

Data-driven Decision Making: With digital transformation, businesses can collect, analyze, and leverage large amounts of data to make informed decisions. This enables better strategic planning, personalized marketing, and proactive risk management. Customer Experience: Digital technologies enable businesses to engage with customers through multiple digital channels, provide personalized experiences, and address their needs promptly.

This enhances customer satisfaction and loyalty. Innovation and Growth: Digital transformation fosters a culture of innovation within organizations. It encourages experimentation, collaboration, and the adoption of emerging technologies, driving business growth, and opening new avenues for revenue. Resilience and Future Readiness: Digital transformation equips businesses with the ability to navigate disruptions, such as the recent COVID-19 pandemic.

Organizations that have embraced digital technologies were better prepared to operate remotely, ensure business continuity, and adapt to changing circumstances. In summary, digital transformation is critical for businesses to thrive in today’s digital age. It offers numerous benefits, ranging from increased efficiency and competitiveness to improved customer experiences and future resilience. Embracing digital transformation is key to staying relevant, capturing new opportunities, and driving sustainable growth in the long run.

From its inception in India in 2010 and in the US in 2013, Shoubii has been dedicated to identifying top talents, building in-house capabilities, developing templates, refining methodologies, and enhancing rapid deployment abilities. Over time, the company has expanded its offerings to deliver a comprehensive suite of world-class services. With a strong customer base in the US, Canada, and the Gulf countries, Shoubii serves as a trusted partner to market-leading manufacturing companies in their respective domains.

The core purpose of Shoubii is to establish trust with its clients, resolve their business challenges, and empower organizations with a diverse range of capabilities for faster problem-solving and value realization. ABOUT THE CEO, Rajeswaran C Sababathy has over 25+ years of experience in a variety of Manufacturing Industries including Chemicals, Pharmaceuticals, Medical devices, Textiles, Steel, Hi-Tech, Security devices, Energy, Automobiles, Contract Manufacturing & Packaging materials.


Over the years, Shoubii has mastered the art of exceeding client expectations, by delivering customized manufacturing solutions to the clients. Its resources are spread in different geographical locations to conveniently work in the required time zones. It deploys the traditional offshore/onshore delivery models with most of the developments being carried out in its own offshore delivery center. The company provides various services to the manufacturing industry. Some of them are briefly described below:

• Digital Manufacturing Solutions Shoubii helps businesses unleash the power of factory intelligence by offering: SAP® MES, SAP® DMC, GE Proficy®, SIEMENS®.
• SAP® Solutions Shoubii helps its clients unlock the value of their SAP® solutions with the power of Harmonization, Intelligence & Optimization. Some of the SAP® solutions provided by Shoubii are in IS Retail, SAP® Fiori, SAP® HANA, SAP® EWM.
• Oracle® Cloud Solutions Shoubii helps businesses unlock the value of Oracle® Cloud solutions with these offerings ERP Cloud, HCM Cloud, SCM Cloud, Analytics Cloud, IoT Cloud.


Shoubii builds trust through the quality of solutions it provides. Ontime delivery is the guaranteed outcome. Understanding the importance of adapting solutions to the dynamic business situations of its clients, Shoubii has made some significant client relationships. Some of its recent success stories are with the below mentioned clients:

• Market leader in Floor covering products in North America
• Major steel manufacturer in the Gulf
• Rapidly growing security camera manufacturer in North America
• Major Infrastructure manufacturer in North America
• Leading American corporation specializing in motion and control technologies.
• Major American supplier of tooling and industrial materials
• Major consulting firms across the globe

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