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A 2008 Founded Endvour by Sandip Patil, Offering Turnkey -based Project Solutions in the field of Bio Fuel and Distillation Industries at Excellent Quality

Incepted in 2008, Shri Parth Petrochem began its journey as a petroleum product manufacturer under the dynamic leadership of Sandip Patil, the founder of the company. Since its beginnings, the global corporation has grown because of its dedication to never compromising on the quality of its services and its passion for constant innovation.

With over 15 years of continually offering top-notch services, Shri Parth has become a renowned manufacturer and supplier of oil refinery plants with its headquarters in Vadodara. Its extensive list of top-notch services includes turnkey-based project solutions for petroleum products, bioethanol, bio-diesel, biofuels, aromatic solvents, waste oil, used motor oil, essential oils, aroma products, agriculture products like bamboo oil, and many more in a variety of industries, including automotive, paints, textiles, ink, varnish, and resins, pesticides, lubricating, aluminium foils, grease, additives, and fuel. There are a series of products as per Industrial needs.

Their teamwork and undivided attention to quality control help them achieve customer appreciation and growth.


Shri Parth Petrochem aims to provide its clients with an end-to-end solution, assisting with all important aspects from production to sales, purchase to marketing, and license to manpower resources. This includes raw materials, processes, manpower, liaisoning, sales, and quality control and checks. Their ambitious plan calls for reaching out to and assisting every firm in order to significantly boost the Indian economy. Because of its performance, quality, and safety standards for managing several organizations in various industries, Shri Parth stands out from its competitors.

They can handle all grades of petroleum products because they have all the latest machinery. They have been given status as a “Mini Refinery” with the most up-to-date technology to handle all types of Products by the Central Government. With the belief in quality products, quality commitment, and a timely delivery schedule, Shri Parth assures that all ranges of products are passed through quality tests and the clients get the optimum quality at par.


Shri Parth Petrochem has undertaken projects in many locations both inside and outside of India, including Bahrain and Nigeria, to assist clients with biodiesel manufacturing units, bioethanol manufacturing units, crude distillation units, multi-product distillation refineries, used oil and waste oil refineries, and essential oil and perfume aroma manufacturing units.

In addition to having an in-house production facility that is 1,20,000 square feet in size, the company also makes its own machinery. Furthermore, it has an independent testing facility where the machinery it produces is put to the test. The machinery’s outputs are also constructed in a highly scientific manner to guarantee dependability and improved performance.


Shri Parth, an acknowledged supplier of turnkey biofuel projects in the nation, has actively participated in the research to better understand the product. They import cutting-edge technological solutions from Germany for the Indian market. They first employ them in their own plants before incorporating them into the designs of client plants. R&D is the key driving force behind the company’s success. They develop new products in their laboratory, and as per that new product, they design the machinery plants and biofuel-related new products.


Under Sandip Patil’s proactive leadership, the Shri Parth team has expanded significantly due to its flexible work environment and highly qualified team. The company had a humble start as a producer of petroleum products, but today it has mostly succeeded in fusing quality, sustainability, and innovation. Transparency, a professional approach toward quality, familiar conduct, nurturing, connection, happiness, flexibility, motivation, and fun are some of the major components of Shri Parth’s work culture.


Shri Parth has been flourishing in two directions from the very beginning.

The company successfully produces and sells large quantities of its own biodiesel to IOCL, HPCL, and BPCL. Second, it provides large quantities of turnkey base refineries for biodiesel, bioethanol, biofuel, distillation units, and other products. So far, Shri Parth has installed more than 20 refinery Units in a single year, which is the highest by any company. In the future, Shri Parth aspires to expand both the number of products in the basket and the production line to gain an advantage over rivals.

More raw materials are being added for the biofuel side, and new oils made from algae and black soldier flies as well as cashew nut shells are also being developed. Shri Parth Petrochem is developing innovative breakthroughs in the ethanol sector that have the potential to revolutionize the market. In addition, the business aims to expits geographic reach, diversify its portfolio with additional machines and refineries, and enter new markets. More significantly, Shri Parth Petrochem plans to launch its first public offering in the near future as well and take the company to a new level.

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