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Silverzone Foundation

Silverzone Foundation
The SilverZone foundation is a registered Trust dedicated to improving and promoting competitive awareness of academics in school children in India and abroad. It promotes learning beyond the school curriculum among the school children (K-12), in an ingenious way, thereby to realise their potential and nurture their skills for a bright and radiant future.

We at SilverZone believe that students, who dream big, achieve big. They are the makers and shakers of coming tomorrow. Targeting the young learners, we facilitate budding stars with the opportunity to recognise their true potential and sharpen it by the way of Olympiads at national as well as at an international level. The Olympiads provide them the necessary exposure, an insight of challenges ahead, capacity and character building, thereby leading them towards excellence.

Education being the centre of thought, every activity of the organisation is woven around the aim of unmasking hurdles for students to brace the challenges ahead. The Olympiads are conducted for the students from the earliest learning stage of Class I, thereby inculcating the habit of broadening their knowledge span, outside school curriculum. It improves aptitude and competitive spirit amongst students showcasing scholastic expertise. Also, enabling them to critic their likes and dislikes for a particular subject.
SilverZone offers wide range of Educational Olympiads, namely, iiO , iOM, iOS, iOEL, iFLO, ABHO, SKGKO, iTHO, iSSO and iRAO. These are conducted at National and International level, every year. Some of these Olympiads are divided into further 3 levels testing. The syllabus comprises of CBSE/ICSE and various state boards. For level 1, all the students of class 1st to 12th are eligible. Level 2 is conducted among selected Olympiad rank holders of the 1st level from each class compete for top positions. For level 3, Olympiad 1st rank holders of class 6th to 12th from 2nd level will be eligible for level 3. It is conducted at New Delhi, India.
For reference and unmatchable guidance, there are diverse books and sample papers published by the organisation itself providing conceptual questions within the prescribed syllabus to let them brainstorm and enhance analytical thinking and power of reasoning.

Given below is a brief vision of Olympiads conducted by Silverzone.
1. International Information Olympiad (iiO) endeavours to assess the competency and proficiency of the students in the field of computer science. It imparts the knowledge of software systems.
2. International Olympiad of Mathematics (iOM) is a test of competence and knowledge in the subject of Mathematics. Grip over mathematics skills enables students pace with day to day calculations required.
3. International Olympiad of Science (iOS) tests expertise in science subject. Apart from syllabus, a part of test paper is based on the applied science. iOS promotes science talents from school to National and higher level by recognising their merits and awarding them.
4. International Olympiad of English Language (iOEL) is a test of competence and knowledge of English language. English language being universal and most widely spoken in almost all the countries ignites inquisitiveness among the students for future endeavours.
5. International French Language Olympiad (iFLO) is Olympiad dealing in French language. French is the second most widely taught language in the world after English. Learning a foreign language and more specifically French, enhances one’s resume and helps to build and develop one’s career in long run and also enriches one’s personality. Objective of iFLO is therefore, to make French learning an interesting and interactive process in which a learner is actually able to put his/her skills, memory, talent and knowledge to test.
6. Smart Kid General Knowledge Olympiad (SKGKO) is a test of competence and proficiency in general knowledge (based on subjects like history, geography, general science, current affairs and sports etc.) General awareness prepares one for social interactions and provides knowledge of happenings in and around the world. iTHO is a test of science, Maths and Mental ability combined, focusing on overall development of reasoning capabilities of a student.
7. The International Talent Hunt Olympiad (iTHO) is test of competence and proficiency in science, maths and mental ability. Apart from syllabus, a part of test paper is based on the application of knowledge.
8. International Social Student Olympiad (iSSO) deals in history, geography and civics preparing students with the insight of societies.
9. International Reasoning and Aptitude Olympiad (iRAO) is test of competence and proficiency in Reasoning and Aptitude. It focuses on enhancement of skills to apply basics to solve complex situations.
10. Akhil Bhartiya Hindi Olympiad (ABHO) focuses on development of students’ grammatical base in the subject, which is a must to establish a grip over the language. Also, Hindi being national language should be studied religiously to grasp apt cultural knowledge.

Silverzone Foundation understands the need of motivation to drive students’ interest into the subject knowledge, therefore rankers and winners are awarded with suitable prizes, education excursion abroad and scholarships etc. We wish students all the best!

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