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Skyislimit Technologies: Serving as a platform for inspiring the innovation

Skyislimit Technologies: Serving as a platform for inspiring the innovation

Owing to the tons of conflicting information in the respective domain, the corporate team becomes puzzled that decreases the profitability of the organisations. Seeking assistance from the professionals can help a company to dodge this scenario effectively. One such Company, that offers end-to-end solutions in this respect is Skyislimit Technologies.

Bridging all the differences in sales and communication, Salesfokuz has ensured the trust of 10000+ Customers and CRM Experts with their exclusive services. The Customer-driven features by them are offering multiple configurable features that empower the sales team effortlessly. This online platform is an exclusionary extension of the registered firm – Skyislimit Technologies Private Limited, which is a Mumbai based company.  But, the entire development team performs the business operations from Cochin, Kerala.

Salesfokuz is an absolute collection of Sales Productivity tools that has a web-based control panel and mobile-based platform. Considering the web-based control panel(Dashboard), it is regulated by the Managers that allows the end-user to conduct his business operations systematically. This allows automating sales and operational functionalities with ease.

On the other hand, the mobile-based application helps the sales executive to enlist, assist and update all the ongoing marketing activities with a simple click.

The exclusive clientele of the Company includes SBI DFHI Ltd, Saraswat Bank, DCB Bank, CSB Bank, Godrej Industries, etc. Salesfokuz has been serving the domain for over a year. The Company has launched its own video application, well-known as Fokuz. Presently, Skyislimit is thriving well in the market due to these two outstanding and innovative products i.e. Salesfokuz and Fokuz. The development team has converged the focus on the formation of a fresh- innovative product. The HRs of the Fortune 50 companies have conducted job interviews and group discussion via Fokuz only. Over more than 3000 interviewees attended this program and numerous were benefitted out of it.

Salesfokuz is an industry-specific platform that offers out of the box solutions to unlock the pain points and accelerate the sales velocity. It assures empowerment to different industries with the specificity of the relevant domain.

The light bulb moment
Hailing from the non-technical background, the Managing Director and CEO, Manodh Mohan nurtured his brainchild in four complete years. The unstable financial condition in the family motivated him to commence this business venture from his home only. He owned a website from where he received a considerable amount of money. At that point in time, he was enlightened with the plethora of opportunities that can be considered in this domain to scale up the heights of success.

Till 2012, he worked as a freelancer and the very next year he incorporated his first business venture that was converged on software development, bank portals development, etc. He started to develop Salesfokuz in the year 2015. According to Mr Manodh, his entrepreneurial journey was not a cakewalk. It took him diligent efforts to scale up in the domain as he had no technical knowledge that was the foremost priority for this industry.

Today, Skyislimit is a team of over more than 60 passion-driven individuals who are unwaveringly striving to create great innovations around every turn. The efforts of the team are inclined towards dealing with new challenges and acquiring greater heights accordingly.

Dodging the obstacles
Amid the COVID- 19 crisis, the Company forged ahead with the same pace that can be credited to the exclusive strategies of Mr Manodh only. Whenever he finds himself stuck in an unforeseen situation, he converges his wholesome efforts towards making the best out of it efficiently. He keeps himself self-motivated to get over the hurdles. He states that being a ‘Non-Technical guy’, his friends and family steadfastly told him to quit on his pursuits. But, he kept forging ahead with the high spirits to chisel his own identity in the domain.

Even the COVID-19 pandemic couldn’t make him waver from his utmost determination. He received a significant amount of investment for his venture, launched a creative product 4 months ago and much more. Every problem has a solution– is the deep-rooted philosophy in his actions. For him, perseverance, patience, and sole determination are the key factors of excelling success.

Differentiating factor
The Development team acknowledged the gap between the user and the software that occurs during interfacing. The software offered by them is effortless to use. According to Mr Manodh, the platform is as easy as using any social media application like Facebook.

He asserts that as a leader, he would like to hire an employee who knows his wavelength. At times, if he has promised a deal with the client then the employee must synchronise with that agreement by the dedicated efforts from every aspect. The strength of the Company lies on the ‘8 pillars’ which are the main representatives of the workforce. These 8 operators hold exclusive expertise in different fields such as R&D, Designing, UI, Frigid Management, Development, Handling clients, Supporting customers, and Content Writing.

A glance at the Work Culture
Mr Manodh is an avid believer in the saying-  learning is the key to success. He motivates his workforce to be a curious learner as this could bestow one with immense knowledge and help scale up any domain, effortlessly. Management ensures to make the employees get the hang of the latest technology in the market. Apart from this, the referral vouchers as offered to the existing employees for assisting in new hiring in the Company. They also ensure the on-time delivery of each propounded solution.

A brief about the achievements and accolades
Since January 2019, the dynamic Company has bagged some National and International awards. Their excellence in delivering the solutions has been well-acknowledged in the respective domain. They have bagged a gold medal by Malaysia TechExpo and another award- the Bizz Awards by World Confederation of Businesses (WORLDCOB), 2019, held in San Francisco.  In India, they have grabbed – India’s Most Innovative Start-up by DCB Bank, New Delhi. Mr Manodh also received a token of appreciation for being an excelling leader, in the form of Phoenix Award 2019.

Skyslimit has also been honoured with the “Top 20 Most Promising CRM Solution Providers of 2019” appreciation award hosted by CIO review. Alongside this, they have also been shortlisted among 10,000 start-ups by NASSCOM. Their startup ‘Fokuz’, has been featured in the eighth edition of Inc42 Plus’, ‘30 startups to watch’. Fokuz is also, one of the two startups from Kerala featured, by CNBC TV 18.

Future endeavours
Skyislimit Technologies foresees a blazing future ahead. Mr Manodh aspires to enlist his company in Wall Street by the end of 2025. He will be heading to the USA soon, to scale up this company as ‘the central MNC Company’. The Key Officials have planned a policy to offer the employees, who have been associated with Skyislimit for around 3 years, with the partnership in the shares of the Company.

A token of advice to the aspiring entrepreneurs
Mr Manodh asserts the notion that one must never follow the ‘Mob Mentality’, instead one must chase one’s passion only. He states that for attaining greater heights in terms of career prospects, it is crucial to possess utmost patience and perseverance. For him, getting the knack of every mistake can bestow any entrepreneur with unimaginable success. According to him, the entrepreneurial ventures should be enriched with passion, sustainability and patience. But, while focussing on these aspects, don’t overlook to infuse the innovative idea in the conduction of the business operations. At last, he states one must not feel the cold feet while competing with the well-established competitors in the relevant domain and forge ahead with utmost confidence to excel the domain.


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