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Advancing Excellence in BPO Services…

Business owners have become aware of the fact that BPO as well as KPO service providers are playing a substantial role in today’s business landscape due to their ability to offer costeffective solutions, access to specialized skills, and expertise.

They allow budding ventures to focus on their core activities by handling non-core functions, while handling their accepted tasks in professional ways. These providers bring years of expertise, advanced technologies, and global reach, enabling your businesses to improve operational efficiency, maintain quality, and provide 24/7 services while mitigating risks associated with compliance and fluctuations in workload.

Adding heavy value to this industry comes Square Business Services Pvt. Ltd. which is being spearheaded by Mr. Ravi Banda who is the MD & CEO. Our team wanted to explore the length and breadth of the company’s overall portfolio, for which, we organized a freewheeling interview with Mr Banda where we talked about various aspects of the venture. Let’s dive in:


In the year 2012, the company commenced its journey as a manpower sourcing organization. With time, a major evolution took place, leading it to emerge as a distinguished BPM (Business Process Management) service provider by the year 2021.

At present, the organization boasts a robust workforce comprising 1500 individuals, strategically engaged in both domestic and offshore operations. This dedicated team serves a portfolio of six esteemed customers, reflecting the success of the entrepreneurial venture’s growth and development.


The company initiated its venture as a skill development organization in collaboration with the then Andhra Pradesh Government. The initial transformation occurred in 2014 when Square transitioned into a manpower sourcing organization, extending its services to top corporates across India.

By 2018, Square further evolved into a staffing organization, delivering manpower and HR shared services to diverse customers at PAN India level. With a workforce of 1200 professionals spread across 32 locations in 22 states, Square’s services encompassed industries such as telecom, BFSI, and healthcare.

In 2021, Square yet again went through a significant transformation, shifting from a manpower sourcing/staffing organization to a pure-play BPM service provider. The journey commenced with 40 full-time equivalents (FTEs) and one customer, growing exponentially to 1500 FTEs serving six customers, including international (offshore) business.

This spectacular expansion signifies a year-over-year growth of 40X. For now, their mission is deeply rooted in achieving service excellence through a people-first and solution-driven approach, facilitated by effective technology utilization.


The company’s USPs highly speak of its commitment to flexibility, agility, tailored solutions, and cost-effective services, all designed to benefit its customers in various ways. Flexibility stands as a fundamental principle in the company’s approach. It emphasizes the ability to adapt swiftly to changing circumstances and diverse customer needs.

This adaptability allows the company to remain responsive to evolving market trends, customer preferences, and industry shifts. Agility plays a pivotal role, enabling the company to navigate complexities swiftly and efficiently. This agility ensures quick decision-making, streamlined processes, and the capability to pivot strategies promptly when necessary. It allows the company to stay ahead in a dynamic and competitive business environment.


Also, their commitment to innovative services stand as a testament to their position as one of the industry leaders and experts in market solutions and innovation. The hallmark of their approach stems from their strategic investment in capabilities tailored for both current challenges and the evolving complexities of the industry.

They recognize that fostering innovation requires a forward-thinking mindset, and they actively seek and implement innovative solutions to create an environment that accommodates diversity and addresses the dynamic needs of its industry. Through their dedication to staying at the forefront of market trends and pioneering advancements, Square Business Services continues to shape the narrative of better innovation within the business landscape.


Mr Banda explained about what it is that drives them to create the difference. When asked to share their fortes which stand as a core value at Square Business Services, he says there are many values that are seamlessly integrated into the organization’s brand promise.

This foundational principle has consistently proven its resilience, particularly during the challenges posed by the pandemic. The steady focus on flexibility, coupled with scalability, remains a constant aspect of Square Business Services, reflecting its core DNA. The organization is dedicated to aiding businesses in achieving scalability through its comprehensive manpower services.


When it comes to establishing successful clientele specially with India’s largest and foremost Third Party Administrator (TPA) in the healthcare industry, they have created unique marvels. The collaboration has yielded positive outcomes on both Customer Satisfaction (C-sat) metrics and cost-to-serve parameters. Square Business Services implemented a strategic approach by deploying intuitive dialers, chatbots, and an omnichannel conversation framework, effectively enhancing the overall customer experience.

Moreover, in terms of addressing customer and internal pain points, Square Business Services has demonstrated innovation and efficiency by seamlessly integrating Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Machine Learning (ML). This integration has not only alleviated existing challenges but has also positioned them as a pioneer in leveraging advanced technologies to deliver enhanced services to both customers and internal stakeholders.


Square Business Services places a high priority on recognizing and addressing cultural and language differences while delivering BPO services to a diverse global clientele. The organization’s commitment to handling these variations is underscored by its emphasis on fostering effective cross-cultural communication.

Through the integration of these comprehensive measures, Square Business Services is dedicated to cultivating an inclusive and culturally aware environment. This approach enables the organization to provide BPO services that align with the unique needs and expectations of clients across the globe.


What also allows them to stand out in the market is their work culture and its foundation in a set of fundamental core values that function as guiding principles for the entire team. The core pillars of their culture speaks Scalability, Quality, Unstoppable, Agile, Respect, and Empathy, collectively contributing to shaping the distinctive character of Square.

The organization is committed to fostering a work culture that not only aligns with its overarching goals but also cultivates a positive and dynamic environment for the entire team.


Square has stepped forward to aid the unsung heroes within the Indian Army – the devoted housewives of Army personnel. Acknowledging their indispensable role on the home front, the company aims at empowering these remarkable women through skill development, corporate training, and preparedness programs.

Comprehending the distinctive challenges faced by military families, Square has designed programs specifically tailored to augment the skill sets and capabilities of these housewives. Ranging from extensive skill development courses to specialized corporate training sessions, the objective is to furnish them with the necessary tools for success across diverse professional domains.

This initiative fosters a sense of community and unity among these exceptional women. The senior executives firmly believe that by investing in their personal and professional growth, it not only contributes to the welfare of individual families but also fortifies the backbone of Indian armed forces.

Owing to an array of workshops, seminars, and personalized training modules, Square is steadfast in ensuring that these housewives are well-prepared for varied roles, both within and beyond the military community. The programs encompass an extensive spectrum of skills, encompassing leadership development, effective communication, time management, and other crucial corporate proficiencies.

The administration takes great pride in supporting one of the most esteemed battalions in the Indian Army, acknowledging their sacrifices and the pivotal role they play in bolstering our nation’s defenders. By equipping them with the tools to excel in diverse facets of life, Square reaffirms its commitment to making a positive impact on the lives of those silently contributing to our country’s security.


Before signing off, he wanted to convey that one can achieve success by forging a resilient and sustainable global brand that embodies agility and trust, delivering unparalleled value to the customers, employees, partners, and shareholders.

Uphold a steadfast commitment to consistency, demonstrating unwavering perseverance, simplifying complexities, and setting our sights on the North goal. This strategic approach not only ensures the establishment of a trusted and enduring global brand but also cultivates enduring relationships with all stakeholders.

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