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STK Food Processing Pvt. Ltd

Written by: Rashi Saral

Scrumptious Snacks with sprinkles of Health Consciousness

Delicious cuisines across varied parts of our nation set an exemplary example across the globe, food which is mouth-watery, prepared with a variety of spices in which love and warmth are the essential ingredients given it an edge. We have come to win the market for the assortment of our delish food and there is no doubt about it. However, we are lacking in maintaining the quality of food-related products. Health and hygiene become of secondary value in comparison to the taste and brand. This is a major concern; health of the consumers shouldn’t be compromised.

STK Food Processing Pvt. Ltd is a fantabulous venture that has embarked the journey to provide the masses with qualitative snacks at a reasonable cost price without sacrificing the health factor. Let’s take a tour of the vision of Sangita Thkur, Director, STK Food Processing Pvt. Ltd. and the splendid enterprise,

Insights of STK Food

The commencement of STK Food Processing Pvt. Ltd. was in 2012 in Pune. The business type is Food Processing, more specifically, they produce Healthy Snacks. Currently, the number of employees is 45. A seed has grown into a number of branches with the proper organization, functioning, manpower, and intellect. Initially, they had started with 2 SKU’s, now the number has reached to 14 SKU’s. It’s in itself the biggest achievement and boon for the company.

They are the pioneers of Roasted Makhana Snacks. Sangita Thkur, 36 years young, is the co-founder & director of STK Food Processing Pvt. Ltd. She has revolutionized the enterprise with sheer wisdom and hard work.

Understanding the Purpose

The fundamental purpose is to render the best quality product and customer service. Clearly, the prime focus is to deliver the qualitative product with the jarring customer service. The definition of BEST PRODUCT QUALITY and CUSTOMER SERVICE cover the aspects like a great taste, reasonable price, using the best quality of ingredients, and astounding delivering and availability to the customers.

“Our sole purpose is to serve the best possible product and service to our customers. Honesty is the best policy.” Adds Sangita Thkur.

A “Strict No”, to Some of the controversial and Unhealthy Ingredients

They do not use controversial ingredients for the manufacturing of food/snacks like other established food industries which are just compromising the quality for the sake of money. STKs topmost priority is Quality. They don’t use any controversial food additives like E627, E631, Malto dextrin, HVP, dairy content wherever possible. No usage of artificial ingredients. STK has a category called POPMAK Freedom that is made in natural salts and is sugar-free. The sodium content per serving as per the USFDA falls under the “LOW SODIUM SNACK” category. They have recently launched “POPMAK: MAKHANA MUESLI” with super healthy ingredients that the Indian society has been using since ancient times.

In this modern era, where the modernization and influence of west have created a profound impact on our food making and ingestion; STK, in these times, is successfully serving its customers with food items; they are blended with ancient ingredients.

STK’s uniqueness from its competitors

STK has a deep faith in Ethics; they deal with the clients by following core values and principles. ‘Ethics’ and ‘Integrity’ are the very basis of their foundation. These core values should not be suppressed, this quintessential quality leaves a glorifying mark on the hearts of buyers.

Despite boosting demand for cheese Makhanas, they are not into manufacturing any of them; Cheese products are quite unhealthy to the body. They are loaded with harmful ingredients and maltodextrin. Initially, they produced one flavor ‘Cream n Onion’, but right now they are very much into producing a dairy-free version of it as Veganism is the future.

Mantra for Success

STK’s mantra for success is their zealous passion for their work. Their continuous thriving efforts turn into ecstatic success. Hard work coated with passion and determination has made STK a trustworthy and leading brand in terms of quality. During an initial phase, the major obstacle was finance; however, they overcame all of the challenges with a positive attitude. Numerous efforts coated with passion and determination has made STK a trustworthy and leading brand in terms of quality. Challenges were seen as portals to opportunities and growth. STK has reached the pinnacle of success by facing a lot of hurdles midway.

Engaging clients

The potent customers of STK are health conscious people; they get their desired healthy products at STK. Apparently, the best quality health products have created a remarkable trust among the consumers. The category of customers includes mothers, fitness freaks, dieticians, diabetics, sportspersons, kids, etc.

Impact of R&D

The role of R&D in ensuring the quality of any firm’s products is ultra-important. STK goes with a rigorous process of Research and Development for polishing the quality and uplifting the brand value of the products. As already mentioned above, their core value is Quality, so extreme heed is channeled to R&D. This leads to innovation and growth of the enterprise.

They are upgrading the food products according to the varying tastes of the consumers. With time, they are progressing in what they offer without compromising on QUALITY. “Healthy” is the everlasting trend. Soon they would be launching 3 more healthy products under the umbrella brand POPMAK.

 Leaving the crowd behind with the everlasting Triumphs and Achievements

“When you put thy soul into the work you adore; surely thou will receive the reward.”

POPMAK has been awarded the “PUNE Best Brands” awards; the event was organized by Dr. RL Bhatia, Founder World of CSR Day and World Sustainability. From this, the sense of gratitude towards consumers becomes quadrupled and they strive so hard to match their expectations and trust. They receive a zillion of calls from mothers, kids, dieticians for POPMAK, which for them are sacred blessings.

Future Goals

Their future goal is to create different product baskets that are extremely safe and healthy for consumers, be a multi-national organization that offers these products while maintaining the QUALITY.


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