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Rare Super Blue Moon to Illuminate the Skies Today: Here’s What to Know

Rare Super Blue Moon to Illuminate the Skies Today: Here’s What to Know

Written by Sanjay Kumar

News Highlights

  • A “blue supermoon” will grace the night sky on August 30.
  • This particular full moon will be the second to occur in the month of August 2023.
  • India is expected to get a good view since the supermoon will rise very early in the morning.

Get ready to witness a celestial spectacle as a unique event known as the ‘Blue Moon’ graces the night sky today (August 30). Adding to its allure is the phenomenon of the ‘Super Moon,’ causing the Moon to appear larger and brighter. This event becomes even more exceptional as the Moon aligns itself in proximity to the planet Saturn.


  • Radius: 1,737.4 km
  • Gravity: 1.62 m/s²
  • Orbital period: 27 days
  • Distance to Earth: 384,400 km
  • Surface area: 3.793×107 km2; (0.074 of Earth’s)
  • Surface pressure: 10−7 Pa (1 picobar) (day); 10−10 Pa (1 femtobar); (night);

The term ‘supermoon’ refers to the point in the Moon’s elliptical orbit when it comes closest to Earth. At its farthest distance, known as apogee, the Moon is approximately 405,500 kilometers away.

Reports from The Guardian indicate that this will be the most prominent among the four supermoons to grace this year’s skies. The Moon will be positioned at a mere 357,344 kilometers from Earth, resulting in an appearance larger than the average full moon.

It’s important to clarify that the term ‘blue moon’ refers to the occurrence of two full moons within a single calendar month, rather than indicating the Moon’s color.

Sky & Telescope magazine reveals that a full blue moon event takes place approximately every 2.7 years on average. However, the term ‘blue’ is misleading, as the Moon’s hue changes only in extremely rare circumstances, such as when volcanic eruptions or forest fires release copious amounts of smoke and fine dust into the atmosphere.

For those in India eager to catch a glimpse of this cosmic display, the Blue Moon will reach its peak brightness around 9:30 pm (Indian time), while the Blue Super Moon will reach its zenith around 7:30 am on August 31.

To optimize your viewing experience, experts recommend observing the Moon shortly after sunset during the dusk hours. The Super Blue Moon will be visible on August 30, starting around 8:37 PM EDT.

This extraordinary celestial event promises a breathtaking sight, reminding us of the wonders of the universe and the mysteries that continue to captivate humanity’s imagination.

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