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Sushanth IT Law Associates

Sushanth IT Law Associates

The maverick of Cyber Legal Services

Sushanth IT Law Associates is an exclusive Cyber Laws Consulting Firm offering techno legal solutions. Mr. Sushanth has turned his interest in Cyber Laws into a successful specialized area of legal practice. He founded Sushanth IT Law Associates in 2012 as a sole practitioner focusing on Cyber Law and Technology Related Legal Matters and ever since then the firm has grown to become highly regarded in the niche area of legal practice. It delivers legal solutions required for today’s technology-oriented world and provides flexibility for tomorrow.

Sushanth IT Law Associates provides quality legal solutions for cutting edge technologies. The firm establishes a client-centered experience from first to last touch redefining the Client- Attorney relationship. All interactions and communication with Clients are branded with consistent and simple terms laying down what it’s like to work with a full-service Cyber Laws Consulting firm. Further, such consistency increases the Client’s confidence and comfort level with the firm. Sushanth IT Law Associates has built its legal practice with mobility in mind reducing the time constraints. Clients no longer needto wait for an appointment and pay a physical visit to the firm’s office just for the sake of a legal advice or solution.The firm apart from sending a Proposal with array of figures also explains important information like how a legal retainer functions and how the firm accounts for its time and steps of work-flow. This narrative shows that the associates and the firm are truly investing in creating an incredible Client experience. Mr. Sushanth adds that taking care of regular work in an efficient manner translates to more time to devote that yields creative Techno Legal problem solving. Moreover, educating Clients on multi-dimensional aspects like legal aspects, legal remedies, techno legal tips, simultaneously establishes credibility and trust of the firm.

Having the exact know-how of clients need

Mr. Sai Sushanth believes that Sushanth IT Law Associates, due to its agile size and management, Sushanth IT Law Associates was ideally positioned to put his principles into action quickly. Mr. Sushanth trains the associates to foster focused initial conversations to get a glimpse of the nature of Client’s business. Further, under the able and expert leadership of its CEO, the associates of the firm formulate a checklist and the same is shared with the Clients within a very short span of time. The checklist helps the firm in maximizing the time spent with Clients that further helps to reduce cost and time restraints. The firm also tailors processes closely to each individual Client by means of data collected from such Checklist to fine tune and customize the legal documents, agreements and policies, etc.

Sushanth IT Law Associates uses metrics to identify the key points in Cyber Legal and Technology related Legal Aspects thereby demystifying the legal process for the Clients.

The Firm also provides blueprint on the various steps a Client needs to be aware and put them to practical implementation from a legal perspective.

An ocean of clientele

Sushanth IT Law Associates represents a diverse clientele ranging from Startups, SME’s to Fortune 500 Companies and serves a client roster of companies across more than 25+ states in US, UK, EU, Australia, Middle East, Singapore, Malaysia, Australia, New Zeeland, Mauritius to name a few.Some of its clients include Technology Companies like E-Commerce, M-Commerce, Social Commerce, Social Media, IT Health Care, Edu-tech, Agro-tech, Fin-tech, IOT, Cloud, Big Data Analytics, Artificial Intelligence, Block-Chain, 3D Printing, Over the Top (OTT) Platforms, Mobile Apps, Web & Mobile Platforms, IT Products, IT Services etc. and Non-Technology Companies etc. It considers “Law First, Technology Next” approach in providing services and support to the Clients. “In simple sense, any individual, entity or organization using a Computer, Computer System, Computer Resource, Computer Network, Communication Device, Data or Information in Digital or Electronic Form, Internet is our Client” asserts Mr. Sushanth.

A Tech-wiz Law Firm

With an impressive list of client and history of success, Sushanth IT Law Associates considered all the significant impacts of Technology and turned to technology from its inception. Mr. Sai Sushanth made a logical choice by moving Sushanth IT Law Associates to Cloud. The firm has built its own Cloud based management tool which automatically makes a back-up upon saving a document. Further, the tool also enables seamless yet secure mobile access of all information and data on the Cloud to the CEO regardless of location and/or device. With the adoption of technology, the firm has improved its productivity and can easily track the work progress of the associates.

The firm’s CEO Mr. Sai Sushanth has devised an in-house strategy to ensure that all offices are versed in broadest possible cross sections of law and technology. Further, such in-house strategy enables the associates to respond rapidly to regulatory changes and share innovative approaches to emerging legal issues. Such in-house strategy involves improving, increasing communications effectiveness to streamline knowledge transfer of latest legal developments and best practices among associates resulting in better prepared associates. The firm sets a clear point of difference by constantly motivating the associates and encouraging them through its strategies. It does not forget to outline the responsibilities of each associate and makes them feel empowered to so that they can consider themselves true resource and asset.


The firm ensures protection to the intellectual property of the firm and its Clients by authenticating multi-level security to all the records, information, documents, emails, data exchanges. Sushanth IT Law Associates has migrated to a paper-less approach and its in-house management tools and strategies ensure transparency at all stages of work. The firm also prohibits associates and support staff from bringing their own devices (BYOD) and has disabled the storage device options in all its IT infrastructure for maintaining confidentiality. The firm constantly focusses on protecting privacy and updates itself to offer a secure environment as practical as possible.

Major Achievements

  • Sushanth IT Law Associates was recognized among “The 10 Most Essential Business Services Provider in 2018” by a popular Business Magazine
  • It was recognized among the “Top 10 Admired Companies to watch in 2018” by another Business Magazine
  • It was awarded the “Most Innovative Cloud Based Cyber Law Firm of 2018” by a Business Magazine.
  • Sushanth IT Law Associates was recognized among the “Top 10 Most Valuable Law Firms in 2017” by a yet another well-known Magazine.

Sushanth IT Law intends to fuel its legal practice with emerging technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Block Chain beyond moving into a paper-less law firm. The firm is currently evaluating various AI based legal tools to enhance its productivity, scalability, flexibility. Further, the firm is also testing waters with “Smart Contracts” making it easy for Clients across the globe to get a professionally drafted customized contracts at a click of a button.

The Erudite CEO

Mr. Sai Sushanth speaks extensively on technology related legal matters, keynoting various Cyber Legal Issues. His experience includes advising Clients on multi-dimensional aspects of technology laws, drafting various IT & Non-IT agreements, contract negotiations, performing cyber due-diligence, formulating policies etc. He holds a Masters in Cyber Law and Information Security from National Law University, Jodhpur along with BA LLB and 15 Certifications in various subjects including Cyber Crime Investigation, Cyber Crime Analysis, Information Security Essentials, Cyber Crime Prosecution & Defense, Cyber Security & Incident Response, Network Penetration Testing, Intellectual Property, Digital Evidence Analysis etc. He is also a Certified Sec 43A IT Act Compliance Auditor and one of the 45 Cyber Law Auditors in India. He constantly develops innovative solutions to increase efficiency within the firm and improve Client engagement transforming Sushanth IT Law Associates into a fast-growing global Cyber Laws Consulting Firm.

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