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Sushi Animal Nutrition Pvt. Ltd

Sushi Animal Nutrition Pvt. Ltd

A 2013 Endeavour Manufacturing and Marketing Quality Animal Feed & Pet Food Ingredients

Incorporated in 2013 in Secunderabad, Telangana, Sushi Animal Nutrition Pvt. Ltd. (SANPL) remains at the forefront of animal feed & pet food ingredients with its quality products, remarkable milestones, and commitment to the welfare of animals.

With the core vision to provide reliable, innovative, and value-for-money products, SANPL manufactures and markets feed and pet food ingredients to meet the growing demand for animal proteins, vegetable proteins and other value-added products to satisfy the ever-increasing need for safe and high-quality ingredient requirements in both animal feed and pet food segments

Spearheaded by K. Pavan Kumar, Managing Director, and Sumit Banerjee, CEO and Technical Director, the company has established itself as a pioneer in building a manufacturing facility for the production of poultry protein meal and poultry fat from poultry processing byproducts. As of now, it is the only facility in the subcontinent that produces refined low-FFA “pet food grade” poultry fat.

They have a constant and continued endeavor to develop an extensive variety of specialized ingredients for the expanding “pet food” market in India, such as the region’s first liquid pet food Palatant for both dog and cat food and collagen peptides which are naturally rich in glycine and proline amino acids and are essential for the development of healthy bones, muscles, and skin in animals. The team has been working tirelessly to create new “functional ingredients” while maintaining a consistent and laser-sharp focus on the pet food segment.

Creating Value as a Global Enterprise
“Our constant aim is to support different pet food and animal feed manufacturers not only in refining their recipes and achieving the highest levels of quality and performance but also reducing the cost of formulation. We at Sushi Animal Nutrition Pvt. Ltd. are concerned with the food that animals consume” , said Sumit Banerjee.

The year 2018 witnessed a landmark as the company signed a trade agreement with Symrise Aqua Feed (formerly Diana Aqua), a German MNC that deals in many specialized aquafeed ingredients and has a core competency in a range of marine hydrolysates, for which SANPL is the authorized Pan India Distributor of their range of products.

The Tale of Inception & the Journey so Far
From inception to its current position, SANPL has gone through a long journey with a lot of passion and grit!

The man behind the idea, K. Pavan Kumar, had a humble beginning from a small agro-chemical shop in the Karimnagar district near Hyderabad in Telangana almost two decades ago to where they are today as a group with four state-of-the-art manufacturing set-ups in two states, with three in Telangana and one in Kerala.

With a capacity of more than 3000 metric tonnes of Poultry Meal & around 500 Tons of Poultry Fat per month they are the Largest producers in this category with two State of the art units (one nearby in Hyderabad and one that is currently under construction in Kannur, Kerala). They also have a unit in Hyderabad that process agricultural products like wheat, broken rice, and maize for pet food companies like MARS International (Pedigree brand of dog food) and other Pet food & animal feed companies.

“Today, the group conglomerate holds a business turnover of close to 200 crore, which showcases our long, challenging, but exciting entrepreneurial journey since the last two decades, starting from that small shop, where the strenuous effort of our excellent team has helped us make it look with a lot of hope that helps us strive for more success not only for today but also for tomorrow and years to come,” Pavan Kumar shared with pride.

With Next Generation on board, Mr. K. Surya Teja (Director) & with Support from Mr. Raj Manohar Thota (Director) along with key Management Team members, the group is ready to take on the future challenges ahead & help create opportunities for a Sustainable growth.

SANLP’s Innovation Hub: The Research and Development Endeavours
They firmly believe that a focus on innovation is essential for having a sustainable, cyclable, and “ever competitive” business model. As a result, they continuously invest around 3 percent of their earnings in R&D, with investments in process technologies, process efficiency and product development and delivery.

Sumit Banerjee’s Take on Leadership
Leadership, according to me, is a character where people love to be around him or her, where they can freely express their ideas and where they can flourish and grow. “Rise Your Abilities to the height of your Goals” leadership quote from Swami Vivekananda is what drives us. I believe leadership is a nice “Bouquet of Responsibilities” where one Hold tight to one’s company’s principles and philosophies, Integrity, People Centric approach, Stakeholders’ confidence & be challenged and focused on the business vision and mission.

K. Pavan Kumar’s take on SANPL’s Work Culture: A Blend of Respect, Trust, and Empathy
Engaged employees, happy customers, enhanced and content communities, environmental preservation and safety, and profitable expansion have been the primary performance indicators of SANPL’s success.

The well-being of employees is always a priority here. The leadership team supports all levels of employees, and rules that promote respect, trust, empathy, and support are in place.

Walking towards a Bright Future
The company plans to focus on two significant market segments: the Aqua feed category, which will provide them with good volume/Value growth ( More to keep a healthy Top Line) as the category grows at a CAGR of 5% and Second & the key focus for this Decade will be on the Pet food category, with a CAGR of about 14-15% ,

we hope shall significantly contribute to enhance our bottom line health. With numerous MNCs anticipated to get on board & numerous large Indian business houses entering this pet food market segment, there is a great possibility for the company to expand in the years to come.

A Never-ending Struggle for Excellence
The unwavering commitment and dedication towards growth have empowered SANPL to sustain 2 decades of journey through highs and lows and uncertainties.

The company has recently entered the Biotechnology sector with M/s Helixion Biosciences Pvt. Ltd, which has been Co-Founded & Lead by Mr. Sumit Banerjee along with Mr. K. Pavan Kumar, where they are concentrating on developing distinctive biomolecules from food processing by-products catering to the personal care, health care and nutraceuticals categories with their R&D set up in Lucknow Biotech Park and it is expected that by the second quarter of this year they shall be ready with their first Pilot Unit in the same facility in Lucknow.

Accomplishments and Milestones Along the Way
With almost 2 Decades of experience, expansion and a reliable team, SANPL has achieved numerous milestones and still continues to scale the success ladder. A few of the worthy mentions are as follows:

  • SANPL is a pioneer in putting up India’s first poultry meal plant and the only refinery in India that produces poultry fat for feed and pet food grades.
  • It was the first and the only company in the Subcontinent to manufacture pet food Palatants.
  • The first company in India to have a Facility coming up in the state of Kerala which will be Subcontinent’s first Integrated facility where poultry waste is not only processed to produce Poultry Protein Meal & fat, but also further integrating with an animal feed unit & to use Fat to derive biodiesel.

Words of Wisdom
Choose a problem that presently our society or environment is facing and focus on finding a solution to it. If you have a solution and you are convinced about it, then just go for it; the market will follow.

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