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Synergeze Consultants

Synergeze Consultants

A Promise To Help You Succeed

Synergeze Consultants, an independent, end-to-end execution-based logistics and supply chain consultancy, is the foremost choice of companies and entrepreneurs when it comes to supply chain strategy, improvement, outsourcing and recruitment. Synergeze, in its three years of operations, has become synonymous to successful operations management with increased revenues and low costs. It covers the entire gamut of end-to-end supply chain, from Compliance to all the way to Commercials.

Since its inception, Synergeze has been delivering innovative and pragmatic solutions in multi-modal logistics, imports and exports, warehouse management, and packaging, in a way that has never failed to satisfy its clientele. The experienced in-house experts in supply chain and logistics specialize in all aspects of supply chain management and focus on practical outcomes that add value, build revenues and cut costs for their clients.

“Not only do we guarantee logistics solutions that work, we also provide ongoing logistics and supply chain consultancy support by offering our services for day-to-day operations management for their implementation.”

Some of the unique services that the end-to-end execution-based operations management consulting firm provides are:

  • Complete Logistics Operations (Domestic & EXIM) Management
  • Optimizing the Logistics Cost and Processes
  • Consulting & Execution for First time Exporters & Importers
  • Process Re-Engineering

The consultancy’s unmatched services are enhanced by its customized assessment tools that mark all the minute elements of cost and processes in the current setup. They keep abreast of all the latest developments around the globe in terms of technology, innovations, compliances and laws of the land, new service domains, etc. They ensure their clients have a competitive edge over others in the field by taking care of everything, from compliance to documentation to execution.

They also help redefine the processes in the client’s operations and back-office domain and optimize them to achieve greater efficiency. Synergeze Consultancy has worked with clients in diverse industry verticals like Chemical, Toys, Premium Sunglasses, Manufacturers in domains of Engineering Goods, Plastic Products, Electronics, Machines, Rubber Products and many more.

“We Promise, We Deliver.”

Synergeze works on this principle to ensure that they understand their client’s expectations and pain areas and work accordingly. Challenges like ever-changing regulations, increased focus on compliance, transactional costs, and lack of experience in the domain are addressed by Synergeze right from day one.

The compliance team keeps the clients updated on regulation changes, and the commercials and operations teamwork with the best service providers to ensure efficient service at optimized costs. The Synergeze team works in tandem to grant the client the peace of mind thatcomes with knowing that their company’s operations are in good hands. They enable the clients to focus on the core domains of the business and work towards its success and growth.

Synergeze provides execution-based consulting and acts as a single window from Compliance to Commercials for its clients. Their consulting services in the end-to-end supply chain domain are reliable and deliver superior outcomes. The company has also branched out to providing advisory roles to entrepreneurs in resource optimization, efficiency improvement and seamless operations.

Synergeze has started corporate training around processes, operations and individual assessments, and guidance for all levels of employees in the organization to equip and align them with the organizational goals.

The company has a large network of the best service providers across the globe at its disposal, which ensures that the consulting they provide in the domain of EXIM is up to the mark and exemplary. They ensure highest efficiency levels and cutting across the stakeholders of the organization, thus bringing in overall operational effectiveness

Synergeze Consultants has evolved with the rapidly changing technology, and is a shining beacon in the virtual world of consulting and training. It helped its clientele shift to the online platform timely and seamlessly. Its virtual presence and services enabled it to reach out to more and more people and help them manage their supply chain instantaneously.

The consultancy has integrated automated MIS systems to keep ahead of their tasks. The clients can avoid spending time and resources on reviews, follow-ups and such non-value-added activities. Synergeze offers them all they need without fail in set frequencies and in a self-explanatory manner.

“A serial entrepreneur, consultant, networker, advisor & speaker, and most importantly, a human being on a mission to create a small dent in the world.”

Mr. Gunjan Choudhary is the Founder and Director of Synergeze Consultants Private Limited. An experience of nearly two decades in various positions has equipped him with an unrivalled expertise in the field. He has worked at lower to top management positions in two of the largest automotive companies in the domain.

GC is acquainted with the major pain areas and gaps that need to be bridged in the industry, and founded Synergeze to help MSMEs acquire best services available for the same at affordable prices. He ensures that Synergeze provides the clients with features that make the operations run smoothly such as the speed of execution, quest for precision, and the ability to manage operations at all scales.

GC has developed his knowledge base through business networks, his engagements as a speaker on various forums and his interaction with his clientele. For him, every client in his entrepreneurial journey has added to his understanding and handling capabilities of the situations and their variances that arise.

The guiding force in GC’s journey has been his coach Ms. Vinda Bal, whose charismatic personality and mentorship have been instrumental in his overall development as an entrepreneur and networker. Her support has been, in GC’s words, a major factor in driving him

“from hopeless end to endless hopes.” He states, “My association with her has always revolved around the knowledge she possesses and the continuous learnings that keep coming my way in every interaction, thus enriching my professional journey with new enthusiasm.”

Synergeze achieved its first milestone in its second year of operations, where the company showed a 200% jump in revenues.

Synergeze Consultants has been adjudged as one of the Top 10 Import Export Consultant in India for 2021 by the Industry Outlook Magazine in their April ‘21 edition.

GC also gives back to the industry and the society in the form of a not-for-profit organization wherein he is a co-founder along with Ms. Vinda Bal. Perspicere – The Revolving Perspectives Foundation is a platform for entrepreneurs to learn, connect and collaborate with people across the globe, and enhance their personal and professional image and grow together.

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