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Revolutionizing Ed-Tech and Upskilling for a Better Future

In our quest to bring you the success stories of the most impactful and innovative business ventures, we stumbled upon the profile of TechBairn. The company was established by Ashutosh Kumar Shandilya with an intrinsic vision to revamp the educational dynamics across the globe. And in line with his vision, the venture has created innumerable learning opportunities for the global student community. He shed light on the overall portfolio of TechBairn’s portfolio.

“Basically, it is a pioneering venture in the Ed-Tech industry and has emerged as the fastest-growing educational and upskilling platform in the country. With a mission to enable affordable tech education and internships, the company has been instrumental in bridging the gap between academia and industry.

Backed by renowned entities such as Microsoft, Amazon, MongoDB, and StartupIndia, TechBairn has garnered recognition and accolades for its exceptional contributions. Let’s delve deeper into the vision, journey, and future plans of this pioneering startup,” he stated in reference to what TechBairn is all about. Let’s explore more about this new-age edtech platform:

Bridging the Gap and Empowering Students

TechBairn envisions itself as the foremost Ed-Tech startup in the country, with a global reach and a student base spread across the globe. The company aims to completely bridge the gap between academia and the industry by offering internship and placement opportunities to deserving students who have upskilled themselves through TechBairn’s training programs. Additionally, TechBairn is committed to introducing exciting and trendy programs that cater to the evolving requirements of both students and the industry.

Evolution and Growth

Over the years, TechBairn has undergone significant transformation and growth. Learning from their failures and mistakes, the company has placed customer satisfaction at the core of its success. With an impressive track record, TechBairn’s growth can be witnessed through its achievements, including 50,000+ learners, collaborations with 250+ colleges and universities, 50+ hiring partners, and the development of 15+ comprehensive learning modules.

From Offline Skill Development to Global Impact

TechBairn embarked on its entrepreneurial journey in September 2019 in Bhubaneswar, offering offline skill development programs primarily focused on the electronics sector. These programs encompassed domains like embedded systems, robotics, and IoT. As the demand grew, TechBairn expanded its offerings to include placement preparation, competitive programming, full stack development, data science, entrepreneurship, and other in-demand industry domains.

To ensure high-quality education, the company has maintained a team of instructors from prestigious institutions such as IITs and NITs, as well as experienced professionals in specific domains. Today, TechBairn boasts a strong network of alumni working in top MNCs and startups globally.

Meet the man at the helm- Avik Sikder

As per Ashutosh, there is one teammate whom he attributes a major portion of TechBairn’s success i.e. Avik Sikder who is a respected founding team member of the company. Avik is one of the top pioneers in his field owing to his outstanding gift for design. His knowledge goes well beyond his position as a design whiz, as he also handles duties related to our growth strategy and B2B market.

Avik expertly negotiates the challenging business environment due to his great knack for market research and preference for strategic planning. Within the organization, Avik is affectionately referred to as the “Captain Cool.” This moniker aptly captures his remarkable ability to handle multifaceted tasks with a calm and composed demeanor. Regardless of the challenges that arise, Avik maintains a steady hand and effortlessly steers our team towards success, ensuring smooth operations and seamless collaboration.

The leader’s invaluable skills go beyond design; he is instrumental in moving the company ahead. Avik’s broad skill set and steady focus greatly contribute to TechBairn’s overall growth and success, whether it is via the creation of creative solutions or the development of strategic collaborations.

Revolutionizing Technical Education

TechBairn’s primary goal is to impart skills and knowledge to as many enthusiastic learners as possible. The company has priced its programs at a significantly lower rate compared to competitors in the market, without compromising on quality. With exceptional program content and trainers selected from esteemed institutions, TechBairn is dedicated to revolutionizing the technical education sector. By providing affordable, top-notch education and services, TechBairn aims to contribute to the skill of India’s youth in different technologies, ensuring the nation’s competitive edge for the next two decades.

Motivational words by the dynamo

“Starting a business is a challenging and unpredictable endeavor. To succeed, it’s crucial to approach it with a positive mindset and a willingness to learn and adapt along the way. Identifying a problem or need in the market and developing a solution that adds value to people’s lives is key.”

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