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There is a rising tide of successful women entrepreneurs who are making a difference in their industries and beyond. Such women have shattered the glass ceiling and overcome numerous obstacles to achieve great success in their respective fields. Through their hard work, innovation, and determination, they have not only achieved their own personal goals, but have also paved the way for future generations of women to follow in their footsteps.

In this article, we will explore the story of one such trailblazing woman entrepreneur- Ms Aditi Gupta. She began her entrepreneurial journey from scratch by establishing TechTip24– an innovative and interactive platform to offer new-age courses to build better careers in tech space. Today, she has been able to change thousands of lives with her cost-effective courses available at the platform that strives to deliver high educational quality to the tech enthusiasts.

We arranged a virtual meeting with Aditi to get to know about her leadership style and in-depth understanding of the industry she is functional in and we were left amazed by the insights shared by her. We hope our global aficionado would be able to get valuable takeaways from this exclusive narrative based on the excerpts of conversations held with the inspiring ‘shentrepreneur’.


Aditi started with unveiling her insights into the growing startups scenario in the Data Analytics which is her area of expertise. She explains that the data analytics space is quite promising, as more and more companies recognize the value of using data-driven insights to inform their business decisions. There are a growing number of startups focused on data analytics, offering a range of products and services that cater to different industries and business needs.

Some startups are focused on developing data analytics platforms and software that can help companies collect, process, and analyze large amounts of data more efficiently. Others are focused on providing consulting and advisory services to help companies make sense of their data and use it to drive business growth.

Overall, the startup scene in the data analytics space is characterized by innovation and disruption, as entrepreneurs and investors recognize the enormous potential of data-driven insights to transform businesses across industries.


The company profile

TechTip24 offers Live Interactive Sessions and Live Consultancy Services for individuals aspiring to build their careers in the field of Data Analytics, Business Analysis, Business Intelligence, and Data Science using multiple tools and technologies. The sessions are conducted via online meeting apps with open mic permissions, providing learners with the opportunity to engage in open doubt discussions and screen sharing, in case they face any technical or installation issues.

At TechTip24, they offer one-on-one consultancy assistance to help clarify doubts related to career paths, job profiles, after-graduation options, certification assistance, job assistance, resume building, and more. Our flexible scheduling options enable you to fill in your specific needs and expectations as per your availability.

As a platform that connects experienced professionals in Data and Business Analytics with aspirants, TechTip24 provides opportunities for individuals with 6+ years of experience as Data Analysts, Business Analysts, Business Intelligence, or Data Science professionals to register as consultants. Standing firm on the remote learning business module, the platform has managed to expand its reach across a considerable number of learners.

The USPs

When asked to reveal the major distinguishing features of the platform, Aditi explained that not just one but many aspects of their offerings help them get a competitive edge in the space. To help people get better access to her knowledge, she has also outsourced the development of an application that is easy to use and effortless to interact with.

Also, Aditi emphasizes a lot on updating the LinkedIn profile to grab the best job opportunity. For this, she ensures to guide the students to improve their LinkedIn profile. Her platform stands out from the peers owing to her 45+ hours of educational content on Power BI that comes at a budget friendly price. To everyone’s surprise, the Data Analytics Program only costs 8999/- and facilitates lifetime access.

“Our USP is to ensure student quality, not the quantity. I am inspired to share my acumen based on the student’s dedication. Hence, my master class is offered to those who outstandingly completed my workshop for beginners,” she added. A few of the worthy mentions that sets her platform apart are-

• Live interactive sessions to address any doubts
• Open Mic feature
• Screen sharing
• Whatsapp and mail support to clarify any query
• Practical industry oriented projects
• Live one-to-one consultancy

The motivation behind the venture Aditi remarked that many factors led her to start the organization. The industry demand was the very first of the list. Then, the dearth of relevant and reliable content present on various sources was also the reason that inspired her to enter the field. She says that Data is the future and people are interested in pursuing great employment opportunities in this field but lack the substantial information to start with.

With her venture, learners are offered with the needful consultancy as well as courses to embark on the journey to their desired career. No doubt, under her guidance dispensed via conducting more than 90 live sessions, hundreds of learners have managed to make the desired shift in their career. The growth witnessed by her venture is purely organic that proves her unwavering commitment to reach the pinnacle of success as a business lady in the training and consulting industry.

Thoughts on women entrepreneurship

Women entrepreneurship in India has been on the rise in recent years, with more and more women starting their own businesses and making significant contributions to the economy. Aditi is known as a self-made entrepreneur who began her business from scratch and now the annual turnover of her venture is over 2Cr. She also shared her thoughts on women’s participation in the entrepreneurial ecosystem, “Despite this progress, however, women entrepreneurs in India still face a number of challenges and obstacles that can make it difficult to succeed.

One major challenge is the societal mindset and cultural norms that tend to limit women’s access to resources and opportunities. This can include limited access to funding, education, and mentorship, as well as biased and discrimination from both within and outside their communities. Another challenge is the lack of infrastructure and support systems for women entrepreneurs, including inadequate government policies and programs, and limited access to networks and markets. This can make it difficult for women to scale their businesses and compete in the global marketplace.”

Defining the leadership style

Women leadership can help to promote gender equality and break down barriers to advancement for women in the workplace. By seeing women in leadership positions, other women are more likely to be inspired and encouraged to pursue leadership roles themselves. It is important because it helps to promote diversity and inclusion in leadership positions. When women are included in leadership roles, they bring a different perspective and set of experiences to the table, which can help to drive innovation and creativity in problem-solving.

“For me, leadership is about maintaining a team and giving all of your efforts to team building at first. I believe that a leader should have a ‘servant-like attitude’ where serving others for their holistic growth should be his/her foremost priority,” quoted the dynamic leader.

The noteworthy accomplishments

The daring plunge made by Aditi to call off her high-heeled job to become a business owner paid off very well. She is one of the youngest women entrepreneurs in India, aged 23. It brought her fame and fortune in no time and drew global attention to what she has been offering the masses with. The list of all her considerable accomplishments goes as follows-

• Aditi has received Edupreneur of the Year award by Global Startup Summit 2023
• Aditi has bagged India’s Leading Tech Coach 2022 by Pepper Content.
• The Govt. of India has also certified and acknowledged Aditi’s ceaseless efforts to spread the knowledge and untapped potential of Data Science across the Indian territory in the year 2022.
• Aditi has collaborated with ClassPlus to outsource the maintenance of her special application, website and launching of her course.
• Aditi has been a keynote speaker and hosted many seminars at many eminent Universities abroad.
• A remarkable presence has been ensured by her on Instagram and Linkedin where her followers are increasing day by day.

The future endeavours

Aditi announced that she has envisioned expanding her reach to over 2 Million students in five years down the line. So far, she has successfully trained and consulted over 30 thousand students and helped them scale the ladder of success. As this market has a huge unexplored potential, she believes this future vision is achievable.

Also, in terms of headcount, she wishes to grow her 12 member team into 50 membered assemblage to bring efficiency in her business operations as her venture is expanding its reach day by day. Soon, she would start a recruitment drive to bring the outperforming trainers in this market to join her platform and prove their prowess in the Data Science training industry.

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