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The Three C’s behind Admirable Leadership

Written By: Yashika Sabharwal

The three C’s behind Admirable Leadership

Leadership is a skill that is learned, practiced, developed and refined over time. We all can become better leaders by tapping into the undefined power of Connoisseur, Confidence, and Cooperative. These are the 3 Cs behind the great Leadership.

The real leadership is derived from the roots of sportsmanship. Our sports history is full of stories of underdogs rising to the occasion. Remember how Greece beat heavy favorites Portugal in the UEFA EURO final in 2004? Rewind even further in sports then you’ll recall the ‘Miracle on Ice’ by the U.S.

men’s hockey team, in winning gold at the 1980 Winter Olympics. This all undergoes from history, these teams manage to achieve the impossible. However in the arena of the business world, we always think about a common question that suggests, how do certain entrepreneurs build unicorn start-ups from scratch?

The answer lies in Good leadership. We will discuss the success by three Cs for leadership with all-star players to let you know about how Leadership led the foundation of the best business. You need a team of versatile talent and great leadership to tie it all together and steer the business team to success.


Connoisseur, a balanced leadership style takes practice on an individual level, but organizations need to learn, too. This means be an expert of all matters related to your business, Practice creates consistency and consistency gets you results to be a better connoisseur.

Why leadership development needs guidance by connoisseur?

Leadership development is a very essential part of many big and small businesses. But what is the real practice of development?

Real practice on leadership development is about to expand a person’s ability to perform as a leader. It is all about teaching a person about leadership and the skills and qualities required to be an effective leader. Therefore, the basic focus is on essential leadership skills and tasks such as the ability to communicate motivate and inspire yourself then others in your organization.


Confidence is the key basis in which leadership will grow and stand. The real leader should concentrate on the most basic ingredient for their leadership that is “Confidence”. A business leader is someone who is expected to deliver accurate and make decisions very confidently in the organization. Confidence is very important which is driving forces in the business arena.

The Role of Confidence in Leadership

Confidence is the mainspring of leadership. The role of a leader is to be an effective problem solver, more decisive in organizational matters, and better communication is also important in confidence. He/she should know how to coach a team with confidence, mentor and hold their team members accountable, and many other fundamentals of leadership.

Hereby, accept all this; a leader must be first believing in them, true leadership will exist only in title. A leader that is technically and officially qualified for their position, but lacks the confidence, will find it always difficult to lead others. Therefore, confidence is a key point in leadership.


Cooperative nature in strategic Leadership is defined as the ability to think and anticipate the future to maintain flexibility and work with others. The cooperative leader for any company always provides the right direction and facilitates changes that will create a viable future for the organization and he is consistent with cooperative principles. Being a cooperative leader for your organization will accomplish two essentials of leadership: It facilitates the direction-setting right goals and then moving toward that direction. To successfully act as Cooperative Leaders, they need a practical and robust approach.

The Importance of Cooperation to Leadership

Leaders can make the corporate workplace more welcoming by working together with team and management. The cooperation needs a better understanding of both sides and leads to foster cooperation between employees and management. It also reduces the problems that can affect to leave the employees dissatisfied or when they are eager to quit their jobs.

Cooperation also denotes the taking turns and helping each other out within the team. The two main key ingredients to get along in this world are sharing and taking turns. An effective leader takes time to take turns, but they work like taking care of each aspect of the business.

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