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The upsurge of businesses across results in the requirement of working spaces, which are organized and well-maintained. Pune is regarded as one of the major educational spots, which have a large number of co-working spaces. These spaces are built around the concept of exchange of ideas from people belonging to different backgrounds, professions, and cultures coming together and building a platform for healthy co-working. But in the process of building the spaces, one major shortcoming is that it becomes difficult for a person to instantly locate and rent a co-working space in the desired area. This is where the idea of unifying the platforms comes into play.

Timelee space is a concept that allows the user to surf through a variety of options, weigh the pros and cons of each, adjust the parameters of convenience and then make an informed choice about renting the best-suited co-working space on an hourly basis. Starting with a strong inventory of 80 co-working spaces in the city, their aim is to build a network throughout the city with one space per pin code. They plan to launch this unified platform throughout the country and build a community through it.

Fardeen Hirji, a young entrepreneur of ,19 years, is the Managing Director of Timelee Spaces.

Hourly accommodations than to book the spaces for the entire day provides an edge over the peers. 


Each client is equally important to the Company. But their main focus is on the people who are startups and wanting to take office spaces for meetings on an hourly basis, which actually does not create any liability for a startup like renting/buying an office space just for a meeting. For the travelers, providing them accommodation at hotels and residential properties on an hourly basis which should be the next phase of Timelee Spaces, in which they pay for what they use and not for what they don’t.

For the residential accommodation, giving people earnings who own properties or otherwise by allowing them to list their property on Timelee Spaces on an hourly & Daily basis as well. They give them the liberty to choose the people or tenants that they are comfortable with such as individuals, corporates, bachelors.

Ensuring the faith of clients over the Company, they promise only those things which they have the capability to fulfil.

Fardeen Hirji says, “Over time the market’s demands become more specific and their model helps them to work accordingly because the market is full of potential clients, and the client is God, and God is great.”

On the subject of future holds for entrepreneurs’, the Managing Director states, “The market is always open, and there will always be one new growing or upcoming tycoon in the market. It’s just like how you can’t stop time, you can’t stop entrepreneurs coming up. Subject to education, the market will only give a chance to those who are educated tomorrow. Today always turns into history.”

There is always a saying that “Take care of your employees and your employees will take care of your company.” And Timelee Spaces stand by that stringently. The Company encourages the team to make decisions,which are in their favour. Based on the team members’ capabilities, they always give chances to grow people, that show development and encourage the person who’s not that much efficient till the time it is not too late.


Fardeen follows the footsteps of Ratan Tata. He’s a man who says “Take the stones people throw at you. And use them to build a monument.”


The Company is successfully convincing people to give their properties on rent or accommodation on an hourly basis. Possessing a reliable team of employees who have the capability to prove themselves in the market is itself to boast of.

Nobody has the capability to look into how the future looks. But still, forecasting in a positive way, the company will be a worldwide platform soon, which will provide opportunities for jobs to many people.

To inspire the readers of Business Connect, the Managing Director speaks,

“Never stop learning. And never stop implementing what you learn because the market is a funny place, getting people who are shrewd, polite, positive, and many more… But then again, always think like a client and also if you are an owner or a director of a company, never stop taking challenges as an entrepreneur, because in the market an entrepreneur is not only a person who is just doing business, but is a warrior.
To become a leader, it is very important to never get shy and start taking initiatives and walk with people, not without them


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